B&B Tuesday Update 6/12/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/12/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy spots Hope and Liam kissing each other from across the street. Ridge and Brooke walk up and Brooke tells them both that it’s beautiful for the wedding. Ridge makes sure Steffy is ok and she answers yes. She then wonders to herself why she is there.

Deacon asks Bill on the air plane what he is supposed to do. Bill explains that he is making Liam realize he is making a bad choice and he will fix it.

Liam and Hope are excited about their hotel room and then Hope brings up the wedding and says thank you for being understanding. Liam tells Hope everything will turn out fine.

Deacon wonders if he is going to die if things don’t turn out well. Bill explains he is not a murderer but he better not screw with him because he will wish he was.

Ridge kisses Brooke passionately. Ridge looks at a book and tells Brooke he loves the history of Italy. Brooke talks about Italy jokingly. Ridge wonders why Brooke choose this place. Brooke thought it was romantic and thinks it would be great to get married here. Ridge thinks this is for her and not Hope. Brooke sort of agrees and explains Steffy is not doing well.

Steffy looks out her balcony and sees Hope and Liam kiss again by the pool and has a flash back to them on the beach being happy. She then walks away frowning and sighs she continues to have the flash backs of happy moments. Steffy starts to cry.

Brooke wonders what Ridge wants to do first. Ridge jokes about olives. Ridge and Brooke make witty small talk back and forth to one another.

Hope is so excited to be in Italy getting married. Hope tells Liam everything that went on in LA is not happening right now.

Bill walks in the town and into a building. He then walks into a room where Deacon and Alison are. Deacon does not think that this is any better than being at a prison. Deacon demands to know what he is doing.

Hope talks with a woman and Steffy walks up. Hope offers to go swimming with Steffy. Steffy explains she can’t go through with this.

Deacon does not want to destroy Hope’s life. Bill thinks this is fixing Hopes life and thinks that this will help. He does not want Hope in his family because of her baggage. Deacon does not know if he has it in him. Bill wonders if Deacon has it in him to go back to jail. Deacon agrees.

Ridge makes a fact about olives. Brooke jokes about the olives. The two kiss passionately.

Steffy tells Hope she wanted to stand up for her at the wedding but she does not need to be there. She explains that maybe at some point she will be comfortable but not now. Hope tells Steffy not to leave. Steffy says it’s too weird to be around them and then walks off mid-sentence. Seeing a car approach, Steffy asks for a ride to the airport, but Bill lowers the window and exclaims that she is not going anywhere.

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