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Hope, Liam, Brooke, Ridge and Steffy are on the Forrester jet, heading to the wedding destination in Puglia, Italy. Steffy looks over at a dozing Liam and Hope. Bill’s words echo in Steffy’s mind, especially the ones about being at the altar in case something happens. Hope awakens and looks over at Liam. Liam asks Hope if she was able to sleep, but Hope says she’s too excited about getting married. Brooke intervenes that she doesn’t want Hope to be jet-lagged. Steffy announces she’ll be focused on work while in Italy. Brooke scolds Steffy, saying that Liam and Hope’s wedding isn’t a business trip. Steffy jokes it isn’t a vacation, either. Liam looks at his I Pad and begins recording Hope to document their pre-wedding activities. Steffy is amused by the video. Liam uses an app to take a picture of himself with a distorted face. Hope and Steffy laugh, with Brooke joining in, too. Ridge is using his I Pad to research Puglia’s olive trees. Brooke asks Ridge what he would do with giant olives. Ridge smiles and says they would work nicely in his martini. Liam pipes in that he’ll have a martini, as well. Brooke pulls Ridge aside and asks if he’s worried about Steffy. Both agree Steffy is strong and a survivor. Brooke thinks Steffy is doing a good job so far, but senses the actual wedding ceremony might be difficult for her.

Bill and Allison are flying to Genoa City, Wisconsin, to pick up Deacon Sharpe. Allison reassures Bill that Deacon will not change his mind about helping him. Bill hates dealing with criminals and wonders if Deacon can be trusted. Allison fears Bill’s actions could cause him to lose Liam. Bill stresses the point Hope will destroy Liam if they marry. Bill calls Hope an “albatross”, then raves about Steffy. Bill receives a phone call that they will be landing in Genoa City.

At the Wisconsin prison, the warden tells Deacon that he’s going to be released today. The warden reminds Deacon he should be thankful for Bill Spencer. Deacon smiles nervously, then comments he’ll never be free because Bill is pulling the strings.

Bill barges into the warden’s office. Bill wants to get the ball rolling in regards to Deacon’s release, but the warden insists procedures need to be followed. Bill reminds the warden that he has the dirt on the warden’s extra-marital affair. The warden sets Deacon’s personal belongings envelope on the desk. Bill refuses to look inside. Bill implies Deacon will be doing something bad for him. When Bill arrives in front of Deacon’s cell, he claps his hands and tells Deacon to get a move on. Bill warns Deacon not to try anything stupid since he can be put right back in prison. The doors open to cell number 403. Deacon looks at Bill and the warden. Bill says Deacon is free, then the warden hands Deacon the personal belongings envelope. Bill comments that Deacon’s release works for everyone involved. Deacon’s response – not for everyone. Bill says Deacon could be a little more cheerful. The warden watches as the two men walk away.

On the jet, Liam and Hope step aside to speak in private. Liam suggests watching a movie, but Hope wants to speak to Steffy. Liam says it isn’t a good idea, that Steffy needs some space. Hope is thankful Steffy is being supportive, but wonders about Bill. Liam promises his dad will come around to the idea of them being married. Hope is glad Steffy is here, then tells Liam it’s a pleasant surprise. Hope says she is going to change before they land. Liam walks over to Steffy and asks how she’s doing. Steffy jokes that she might need a parachute. Steffy admits the whole situation is strange, considering she is part of Liam and Hope’s wedding party. Liam thinks Hope and Steffy’s kind actions says a lot about the two of them.

On their way to Italy, Ridge speaks to Steffy about the wedding. Steffy admits it will be hard, but she can’t back out now. Ridge suggests Steffy skip the festivities and visit friends in London. Steffy is adamant that she’ll be at the wedding. Steffy tells Ridge she should be there, that it’s a chance for some closure. Nearby, Hope and Brooke are gushing over the pictures of Puglia. They agree the Adriatic coast is breathtaking. Hope wonders if Steffy will get restless if there are no nightclubs. The phone rings, alerting everyone to the fact they will be landing shortly. Hope walks up to Steffy and asks if she wants to be more involved in the wedding preparations. Steffy declines Hope’s offer, stating she will be lying low in the meantime. Hope thanks Steffy for being there. Steffy is happy to be at the wedding, but admits it will be weird. Steffy adds that her presence at Hope and Liam’s wedding is almost fitting in a way. Nevertheless, Steffy makes it clear she will always have a connection to Liam. Hope says they are all different because of this situation. Hope praises Steffy and Bill for standing up for her and Liam at the wedding. Hope thanks Steffy again. Steffy promises “no more games”. Steffy wants to support Hope and Liam. Liam thanks Steffy. Hugging Liam, it is obvious Hope is giddy with joy.

When Deacon leaves the prison, he smiles at the thought of freedom. Before Deacon can open his envelope, Bill demands that he get in the vehicle. Bill reminds Deacon he has to do what he says. Deacon assumes they are travelling to Los Angeles, but Bill says they’re going to Italy for Hope’s wedding. Deacon calls Bill “heartless”. Bill says Deacon should be grateful to him. Once they have boarded the plane, Allison replies that they can leave Genoa City. Bill hands Allison Deacon’s passport. Deacon asks Bill for money. Bill says Deacon will be provided for given Deacon does what he asks. Deacon wonders why Bill hates Hope so much. Bill says he hates the thought of Liam being married to Hope. Deacon believes Bill’s idea is going to blow up in his face. Bill says Deacon will crash the wedding with his presence.

The Forrester jet lands in Puglia, Italy. Liam and Hope drive around the city in a red Ferrari. When they arrive at the wedding locale, Hope can’t believe her eyes. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and flowers are in full bloom. Francesco greets the happy couple and welcomes them to Puglia. Hope blushes when Francesco calls her “beautiful”. Francesco suggests Hope and Liam take a tour around the premises. After looking around, Hope changes into a bikini and Liam into casual clothes. Liam keeps speaking in Italian, which makes Hope laugh. Unbeknownst to them, Brooke, Ridge and Steffy have just arrived by limo at Masseria San Domenico. Francesco tells the three that he just met Hope and Liam. Steffy smiles, then walks away to be alone. Steffy looks to her left and sees Hope and Liam kissing from a distance. When Steffy turns away, she has tears running down her face.

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