B&B Wednesday Update 6/6/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/6/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill looks at the picture of Deacon on his laptop and makes a phone call.

Hope asks if Liam is able to speak Italian and Hope figures out that Liam is still thinking about Steffy.

Stephanie tells Steffy that it’s still not over and that Liam will come back.

Bill tells Deacon he knows what is at stake on the phone.

Ridge asks how the wedding plans are going and Brooke explains they are coming along and that everyone feels for Steffy. Brooke explains that Hope is having a problem with her father figure and wishes that Hope would not talk about Deacon at all. Brooke tells Ridge Deacon will never be back in her life.

Katie comes in and wonders how Bill is doing and Bill explains that he is doing fine and wonders how she is doing. Katie tells him she feels fine and that everything is going fine. Katie asks if Bill is ok about everything involving Steffy and Liam and Katie tells Bill there is nothing he can do about it.

Hope tells Liam she is sorry and at least it is finally over. Liam thinks Hope is still upset about Ridge and she wishes Ridge could walk her down the aisle but it will all work out. The two kiss.

Steffy tells Stephanie that Liam can’t disappoint Hope anymore and Stephanie thinks that it means that Steffy is still in love and so is Liam. Steffy does not think that Liam is going to let her down.

Brooke walks into Hope’s office and tells Hope she is proud of who she has become. Brooke tells Hope it is because Ridge helped raise her.

Liam walks into Bills office and Katie tells Liam how excited she is. She then tells Liam she is pregnant and Liam is worried if it will be ok for her hart and she claims she is ok whereas Bill tells Katie she is not going to Italy because of it. Katie decides its ok but Bill will go and accept the marriage. Liam thinks Bill has a change of attitude and Bill explains that things are just going ok in his life for him. Liam asks if Liam will stand up for him as his best man at the wedding. Bill explains that he will be there at his wedding by his side. Bill tells Liam that he was wrong not to take his side and that he will always be there for him.

Hope does not think that Ridge is not her real father and that she is not sure if Ridge should choose her over Steffy. Ridge over hears this and he comes in and tells her that he wants to be there. Ridge explains that she was his little girl just like he was at one time. Ridge wants to be there to share in there joy. Hope does not want to have to have Steffy go through anything and walks out.

Liam tells Bill that it is really hard for Hope to be unaware of her father and that it will all work out though. Bill then tells Liam that he will go by himself to Italy and tells him there is nothing more important. Liam explains he will be getting married to Hope after all of this.

Steffy has flash backs to times with Liam once again while she ponders around her office. She then looks at a picture and starts crying.

Liam walks into his office and Stephanie is there to talk to him about his choice and she tells him that marriage is a commitment for life time that must go on forever seeing he loves Steffy telling him he does not have to marry Hope.

Ridge thinks he is more of a father than Deacon is to Hope.

Hope walks into Bill’s office and says Dad.

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