B&B Tuesday Update 6/5/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/5/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks what he did with Steffy and Liam explains that he let her go.

Steffy tells everyone that it was not meant to be.

Brooke wonders why Liam has not called Hope and tells Hope that Liam asked to see Steffy the night before. Brooke asks if Liam called at all today and Hope explains that she is not worried about him as nothing has changed but that everything will stay the same for her but change for Steffy.

Steffy tells everyone that she ended the relationship and explains how she saw Hope in her wedding dress and how happy she was that she knew it was time to just end it because Liam would never break his promise. She tells them of how she set Liam free. Taylor hugs Steffy.

Bill tries to figure out why Liam let Steffy go. Liam tells Bill Steffy left him and Bill does not believe it. Bill can’t believe he let Steffy end the marriage. Bill does not understand but Liam explains that Steffy understood he was always going to be with Hope. Bill wants Liam to tell him he really wants Hope. Liam does not think this is what Bill wants. Bill tries to explain that he loves Steffy more and that Steffy is more important to him than Hope is. Liam walks out of his house.

Taylor can’t understand how Liam allowed this. Stephanie asks if it is for sure over. Steffy tells them all that Liam is marrying Hope and tells Ridge she is not ready to move on but she will. Ridge hugs Steffy.

Bill storms in and Alison comes to the assumption that Liam has divorced. Bill explains that Liam does not know what he is talking about and he will get Deacon to help separate the two.

Hope tells Brooke that Liam will be their soon and asks Brooke to be her maid of honor. Brooke accepts the proposal and the two hug. Hope wants Brooke to be their next to her like they always are. Hope opens the door for Liam and kisses him. Hope smiles.

Bill refuses to give up on his plans and tells Alison how he released Deacon from jail. He explains Deacon will get lots of use out of breaking up Hope. Bill will do everything he can.

Ridge walks into Steffy’s office and she tells him she only did this for Liam and this was the only way to be true to himself by being with Hope and not her. Brooke walks into the office and she tells Steffy she is sorry and wishes something she could do. Steffy does to but knows there is not and walks out. Brooke and Ridge hug.

Hope wonders about last night but Hope tells him he does not have to say anything if he does not want to. Liam explains that Steffy saw Hope in the dress and that it most likely is the reason that Steffy decided to do what she did for them.

Steffy looks at her finger where her ring used to be and then at a picture of her and Liam and frowns.

Hope tells Liam she is sorry for what happened and Liam says it is ok. Hope can’t wait until they get to Italy. Hope is unbelievably happy. Hope wants to be less stressed by the planning and Liam wants to know what else is stressing her. Hope tells Liam about how she wishes she had a father because now Ridge is going to be supporting Steffy and not her but all she cares about right now is being with Liam although she wishes she had her father but their wedding will be the greatest.

Bill looks through a folder and gets a phone call from Brooke and Brooke asks if Bill is coming with them to Italy. Bill tells Brooke he would not miss it while staring at a picture of Deacon.

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