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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/4/12


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It is evening in Los Angeles. Steffy is at Liam’s place, wondering why he has asked her to stop by. Steffy reminds Liam their marriage will be officially over at midnight. Liam says he made a decision. Liam walks toward Steffy and stands face-to-face with her. Liam says that he and Steffy will never end, not even after their divorce is final. Liam says all the good memories he shared with Steffy will remain in his heart. Steffy says they are on the final countdown until midnight. Steffy waits impatiently for Liam to make his decision.

Hope and Brooke are talking in Rick’s office. Hope is looking forward to hearing from Liam. Hope tells her mom that Liam has to make a hard decision tonight. Brooke asks Hope if she plans on visiting Liam. Hope thinks it’s best that Liam be alone tonight, considering he has to let Steffy down. Hope and Brooke wonder if Steffy stopped by Liam’s home. Nevertheless, both believe Liam will do the right thing and let the marriage end. Hope makes a call about her wedding dress. Brooke asks if the dress is ready. Hope says Eric is still working on it, but suggests they take a look at the dress. Brooke is ecstatic about her daughter’s upcoming wedding in Italy. Hope blurts out that she wants Liam to see something before they get married.

Bill is in his office, patiently awaiting word about Steffy and Liam. Bill keeps looking at his computer screen, which is showing a picture of Deacon Sharpe and his criminal record. Bill pours himself a glass of liquor, then checks his phone. Bill is discouraged because Steffy hasn’t left a message.

Ridge, Taylor, and Stephanie are sitting quietly in Ridge’s office, wondering if Liam will end his marriage to Steffy tonight. Taylor wonders what happened to Brooke. Stephanie remains silent. Taylor says to Ridge that it must be difficult for him to be in this situation. Ridge admits it’s hard, but acknowledges either Steffy or Hope are going to be devastated. Taylor receives a phone call from Bill. Taylor informs Bill that the three of them are waiting in Ridge’s office to receive word about the divorce. Bill is happy when he learns Liam summoned Steffy to the house. Taylor reminds Bill that tonight is the last shot for Steffy and Liam. After saying goodbye to Taylor, Bill stares at Deacon’s photo.

Hope tries on her wedding dress in Rick’s office. Brooke tells her daughter she looks beautiful. Brooke loves the neckline, but Hope wonders if it should be altered in some way. Hope says she wants Liam to see her in the dress. Brooke asks if Hope is going to drive to the Malibu house. Hope has an idea to call Liam and take a video of herself in the dress. Hope calls Liam. Liam answers and Hope says she is working late. Hope asks Liam if he’s superstitious. Liam says he isn’t. Hope asks Brooke to hold the phone so she can pose in her wedding dress. Liam is astonished by the sight of Hope and says she is beautiful. Hope rambles on about Eric designing the dress. They flirt over the phone, then say goodbye. All this time, Steffy looks upset. When Liam turns, he notices how sad Steffy is.

In Rick’s office, Hope can’t stop staring at herself in the mirror. Hope’s glad Eric could fill in for Ridge to design the dress at the last minute, but still feels disappointed that Ridge couldn’t do it. Brooke says Ridge will walk Hope down the aisle if she wants. Brooke remembers she has to see Ridge about something, so she hugs Hope and leaves. Under her breath, Hope makes a comment that her own father should be giving her away. While looking in the mirror, Hope thinks back to happy memories of her and Liam.

From his office, Bill continues to become impatient as midnight approaches.

In Ridge’s office, Taylor suggests to Ridge and Stephanie that they leave and go to her place to wait for Steffy. Brooke returns to the office. Brooke wonders why the three are so quiet. Stephanie believes Liam and Steffy will work things out. Brooke is stunned when she finds out Liam asked Steffy over to the house. Brooke thinks Liam will be saying goodbye to Steffy once and for all. Ridge knows Liam is torn. All agree that Liam’s decision is a difficult one. Stephanie is convinced Liam will stop the divorce. Brooke isn’t sure if she should warn Hope or not. Ridge says that they’ll have an answer soon. Brooke relays that Hope talked to Liam tonight. Brooke is sickened to learn Steffy was at the house when Liam and Hope had their phone conversation. Brooke is scared Liam won’t do the right thing. However, Brooke knows Liam would never hurt her daughter.

At home, Liam stares at Steffy until she comments that Hope’s dress is nice. Steffy adds that the first one had to be destroyed because the chocolate couldn’t come out of it. Liam apologizes for Steffy having to bear witness to his talk with Hope. Liam doesn’t want to hurt Steffy. Steffy wishes Liam would be quiet. Steffy knows she had high hopes Liam would come back to her, but now she realizes how much Liam loves Hope. Steffy believes Hope will be good for Liam, that she’ll make him happy. Steffy tells Liam he can’t disappoint Hope. Liam feels terrible that he’s disappointing Steffy. Liam is shocked when Steffy takes off her wedding ring. Liam takes Steffy’s hand. Steffy asks Liam to hold her. They share a goodbye kiss. There are chimes coming from Steffy’s phone, indicating that it’s midnight. Steffy tells Liam “thanks for the memories”, grabs her purse, and walks out of Liam’s home. Liam is speechless.

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