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Steffy tells Liam he’s cutting it close and reminds him that their marriage ends tonight or not. Ridge says that Steffy’s marriage is at stake and so he had to do something. Brooke disapproves of Ridge’s seeing Liam but Ridge says that he couldn’t just stand by and let Steffy get hurt. Brooke says it is happening though and tells him Liam is committed to Hope. Ridge brings up that Liam is very much in love with Steffy too but Brooke says just like he still loves Taylor but chose her instead, Liam will pick Hope.

Brooke says that she knows a lot of people won’t like that like Stephanie and Taylor but Eric is supporting her. Ridge asks if she reached out to Eric to design Hope’s wedding dress and Brooke says yes. She tells him that Eric’s support means a lot to Hope. Hope tells Eric how much his support means to her and says it means a lot more because Ridge didn’t come through for her. She says she understands though because she’s not his real daughter. Eric looks concerned.

Hope tells Eric she wants Deacon to walk her down the isle. Eric reminds Hope that Deacon has never been a part of her life and asks if she didn’t say she wanted Ridge to do that. Hope says she did but now she’s not sure. She says it would hurt Steffy. She tells Eric that she didn’t think Steffy even loved Liam but now she knows she does so this must hurt. Eric says it’s good that she sees that. Hope says Steffy did make Liam happy, not as happy as she will but happy. Eric tells Hope she’s beautiful and will make a beautiful bride. Hope says well she’ll be wearing an Eric Forrester original. Eric and Hope share a laugh.

Ridge tells Brooke to remember the position he’s in. Brooke says he doesn’t want Steffy to think he’s taking sides but Ridge says he doesn’t want Hope or Steffy to think he’s taking sides. Brooke says he did try to talk to Liam though. Ridge defends himself by saying he wanted Liam to make up his mind. Brooke says Liam has and asks Ridge if he’s going to walk Hope down the isle or not.

She tells Ridge that Hope has been thinking of reaching out to Deacon. Ridge says that she can’t be serious but Brooke says she is. She says that she doesn’t want Deacon anywhere near Hope and calls him toxic. She then tells Ridge that she feels bad for Steffy but it’s time she move on. She says she needs closure and tells Ridge maybe she already has found it. Ridge doesn’t look convinced.

While drinking champagne, Steffy tells Liam that he knows how much she loves him and tells him it will be hard on her if this marriage ends. Seeing his hesitant face she says she’s sensing it’s the same for him too.

Eric tells Hope that Ridge is in a bad position right now. He says he wants what’s best for both his girls. Hope says but he feels what Liam and Steffy had was special. Eric says the point is that Liam is marrying her and says Ridge won’t do anything to undermine that. Hope nods and smiles. Ridge tells Brooke that they don’t know what is going to happen tonight.

Brooke says she knows Hope and Liam have waited a long time for this and he won’t ruin it for them now. Brooke leaves and Ridge asks her where she is going. Brooke says to remind Hope of that. When she leaves, Ridge looks at Steffy’s photograph sadly. Taylor and Stephanie enter and tell him they need to talk. Ridge says let me guess and says they are wondering if anything he said to Liam made a difference. Taylor looks surprised.

Steffy tells Liam she knows he didn’t call her over here for a friendly glass of wine. Liam laughs and tells her he was actually thinking about all the fun they had together in Aspen and even right here in Malibu. He tells her ever since they said their I do’s she’s been like a whirlpool that just swept him away. Liam says he didn’t always know where he was going to end up but says it’s been one hell of a ride. He says that includes the tough times and says he wouldn’t even trade those for the world. Liam says how many people can say that. Steffy smiles and looks hopeful.

Ridge talks about how he went to see Liam and says how he holds both Hope and Steffy’s futures in his hands. Stephanie interrupts him and tells him that Liam called Steffy and asked to see her. She says she doesn’t know what Ridge said to Liam but it seems to have more of an effect on him that he thought. Ridge says or maybe there is another reason why he called her.

Taylor says she doesn’t even want to think about that and Stephanie tells her not to. She says she’s really proud of how Steffy has dealt with this and Taylor agrees. Stephanie says that she knows Liam loves Steffy and says she just hopes it’s enough. Ridge says he wants what’s best for both his daughters. Taylor tells Ridge one of his daughters is going to be hurt and one is not. That can’t be avoided. Ridge looks stressed out.

Hope looks at a picture of her wedding dress and remembers her times with Liam. Brooke sees the picture and tells Hope that wedding dress is gorgeous. Hope says thank you and Brooke tells her she’s going to be the prettiest bride she ever was. Hope smiles and Brooke tells her that after tonight she can focus exclusively on her wedding because the way will be clear. As Liam pours more wine Steffy jokingly asks if he’s trying to get her tipsy. Liam laughs as Steffy says that’s more like something she’d do before she reformed.

Steffy says she’s not perfect yet but Liam says she’s pretty damn close. Smiling, Steffy says she still gets jealous and wants what she wants. She says she won’t cross those lines anymore. Liam says it’s funny but it seems the Steffy before him now isn’t like the one he married. They repeat the lyrics to another Bob Hope song before Liam notices Steffy is still wearing her wedding ring. Steffy tells him she’s always going to treasure being his wife no matter what happens at midnight. She asks him what is happening. Is it the end of them or a new beginning.

Brooke again says that the wedding dress is beautiful. Hope says she knows. Hope says she hopes Eric won’t be shunned by the rest of the family for that but Brooke says he doesn’t care for that. Brooke says she’s sure that Ridge is pleased about Eric’s decision. Hope tells Brooke that she doesn’t need to do that, defend Ridge.

Hope says she knows Ridge has to think of Steffy before she tells her mother that she’s the happiest she’s ever been now that Liam and her can get married. Brooke grins at her daughter’s words.

Stephanie says that Liam would have to be a fool to let Steffy go. Ridge says that Liam is in love with two very special women and says he knows how that feels. Taylor tells Ridge he had several chances with that already and Stephanie says so did Liam. She says she hopes he makes the right choice this time. She says she thinks the reason why Liam is taking his time is because he doesn’t want to hurt Hope. She says that Steffy had been hurt too though and says now is his chance to fix that.

Liam tells Steffy that their marriage is one of a kind and so is she but tells her it’s different because she’s so much more confident now. She says she’s grown up and Liam says he thinks so has he and says marriage does that to people. Steffy says she knows she’s done some hurtful things to him and says if she could go back then she could but she can only look forward.

She says she knows he’s torn about this because of what happened in Aspen. Steffy tells Liam that no matter how this turns out she thinks she’s the wife he needs. She says she hopes that is why she is here especially since she said she wouldn’t set foot in this house until she was his wife again.

She asks him if after midnight, if she is still going to be his wife. Liam looks torn and hesitant as he smiles at her.

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