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Written By Rachna
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Steffy and Liam remember their memories as the day of decision finally arrives. Eric talks to Hope about how big of a day this is as Steffy and Liam are going to be divorced today. Brooke mentions how she asked Ridge to design Hope's dress but he said no. Eric says that Ridge is loyal to Steffy and Brooke says she does understand that but sheís feeling like Hope is being lost with everyoneís concern for Steffy.

Ridge, Taylor and Stephanie visit Steffy in her room. Steffy says itís all her favorite people and hugs them as Ridge says they came to check on her to see if sheís okay. Steffy shows her family the ring tone she set up for tonight which is wedding bells. She says she hopes they will ring in a new start for Liam and her tonight. Liam continues to think about Steffy as Bill enters. Liam tells Bill he know why heís here but Bill says he just wants him to be happy and says he can guarantee he wonít be happy with Hope. He tells him that midnight tonight Steffy wonít be his wife no more if he doesnít stop this divorce. He asks him to look him in the eye and tell him thatís what he wants.

Eric asks if there is some way he can help. Brooke asks him to design Hopeís gown and he agrees happily. Brooke thanks him and says whatever he thinks of will be perfect. She then says she still canít help but feel that everyone is ganging up on Hope, especially Bill and says how even Taylor, Ridge and Stephanie are on team Steffy. Steffy says it may be crazy but she has this feeling Liam is going to call. Taylor and Stephanie say they hope she is right. Ridge suggests he talk to Liam and stop this curiosity. Steffy says no but Ridge firmly says Liam has had enough time to decide and he has to pick now.

Liam tells his dad heís marrying Hope, but Bill says if he was so in love with Hope then he wouldnít be pacing like this or looking tense. When Liam looks away Bill tells him to look at him and warns him that if he marries Hope, then it could get ugly. He says he doesnít want that for him. Hugging Liam he says he has a decision to make today and urges him to make the right one. Liam looks confused and tense.

Brooke says Hope is getting married and says this should be a wonderful exciting time for her. Eric asks if Ridge has her upset and Brooke tells him itís worse and in fact Hope was saying she wants Deacon to walk her down the isle. Eric screams out that canít happen and Brooke says she agrees wholeheartedly. She says she doesnít even want to think about what could happen if Deacon was around Hope ever. Hope enters and Brooke says that in just a few more hours now, Liam will be divorced. Hope says she knows and says then sheíll be married to Liam soon. Brooke smiles and says and all the people that love her and support her will be there for her. Hope smiles tightly at that.

Steffy says the fact that her wedding is supposed to end at midnight is something she canít even fathom. Stephanie encourages her by saying he tore up the annulment papers. Taylor though says that she thinks they should be prepared for the worst. Steffy says thatís so rational and when Taylor says thatís her job she says thatís not how her and her grandma are. She says they like to be blissfully irrational to which Stephanie agrees but Taylor asks what if Liam doesnít call. Steffy says then sheíll be really sad but life will go on. Sighing though she says it just wonít be the same without him.

As Liam thinks of Steffy, Ridge pays him a visit. He says that Steffy has had a lot of good times in this home and heís sure Hope has too. Liam says itís a nice house and Ridge cuts to the chase by telling Liam he has to make a decision. He says his entire family is being affected by this and they want an answer now. He tells Liam to get a backbone and choose right now because the time for waiting and deciding is over. He tells him that he has to make a decision as it isnít fair to keep both women hanging. Ridge tells him he has to commit to only one of them. Liam says right and says he needs to talk to Steffy and Hope. Ridge tells him not to wait and to do it now before he leaves.

Hope is shown Ericís collection of wedding dresses. After seeing a few she asks Eric if heís offering her one of his gowns for her wedding. Eric says yes and Hope thanks him and hugs him while Brooke watches with tears of joy in her eyes. Steffy remembers her time with Liam and Liam remembers everything he shared with Steffy including his proposal, the wedding and their time in Aspen before he finally calls her. He tells Steffy he needs to see her now and asks if she can meet him at his house. Steffy says sheíll be right over while smiling brightly but on the other end Liam looks really frustrated and tense.

Steffy hastily gets ready to meet Liam. Stephanie comes in and asks if she heard a scream of joy or pain and Steffy tells her Liam called and asked her to come see him. Smiling, she says that Stephanie was right about everything and that Liam loves her and would call her. Stephanie says whatís not to love making her granddaughter smile. Steffy asks how she looks and Stephanie says beautiful. Steffy says she always has the right thing to say. Stephanie tells her to hurry up and Steffy runs out after hugging her grandmother and thanking her for everything and promising to text her. When she leaves Stephanie claps her hands together and smiles in joy.

Hope tells her mother that this is so generous of Eric to do this for her. Brooke says heís happy to do it. Hope says that means a lot especially since Ridge doesnít want to. Brooke says that Ridge is in a tough spot but Hope says yes Steffy is his daughter and sheís not. She says Ridge may not want to walk her down the isle but Brooke says he will and reminds Hope that she is a daughter to Hope.

Hope continues to say itís hard not to have a real dad and says on weddings, daughters canít help but wish their fathers were there. Brooke says sheís sorry, knowing Hope is upset over Deacon. Brooke says she knows how she feels but says everyone is here and that she is going to have a wonderful wedding. She urges Hope not to let anything interfere with that. Hope nods and hugs her mother but is crying when Brooke doesnít see her.

Taylor asks Stephanie where Steffy is.

Stephanie tells her Liam called and asked Steffy to meet him. Taylor says please let this work well and Stephanie hugs her while grinning and saying itíll all be okay. Ridge visits Brooke and tells her he had just gone to check on Steffy. Brooke asks him if heís still waiting on Liam to change his mind. Ridge says he told Liam he has to make a decision because he canít keep stringing both his daughters along.

Brooke asks him if he met Liam. He says he just came from there and reminds Brooke that Liam didnít take the annulment papers and asks her if that doesnít tell her something. Brooke looks worried.

Taylor asks Stephanie is she really think this marriage will last. Stephanie says she knows Liam loves Steffy and she canít see why heíd end his marriage. Taylor says that sheís sure whatever it is, sheís sure Steffy will know what Liam has chosen to do as soon as she walks in to his home tonight.

Steffy enters Liamís home to find candles and champagne. She looks up at Liam and smiles expectantly as Liam looks back at her.

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