B&B Wednesday Update 5/30/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/30/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Justin there is no use for Deacon if Liam stays away from Hope but otherwise he wants Hope away from his son. Markus walks in on them and wants to talk to Justin. The two go in the hallway.

Hope walks in Steffy’s office and asks if Hope is avoiding her. Hope says no and explains that at midnight tomorrow her divorce is final.

Karen tells Daniel that everything will be ok. Daniel is very excited to see Bill because it could be a good thing for her. Karen walks into Bill’s office and Bill explains he had an important meeting that could have been more important. Bill tells Karen he was supposed to be meeting with her roommate and not her Karen explains she is waiting outside the room for him. Karen congratulates Bill on Katie’s marriage and Bill explains he is not sure on that.

Markus confronts Justin on what he heard on the phone.

Hope tells Steffy she does not want to talk about the divorce and tries to leave. Steffy explains whatever happens tomorrow it is happening to both of them.

Karen tells Bill she will wait for Daniel outside and to be nice to her. Bill tells Karen she needs to find herself a guy before she gets lonely. Karen lets Daniel go into the room.

Markus asks where Justin was today and explains that Justin called him and he did not like what he was hearing and what he heard about Hope.

Hope can’t believe the waiting is almost over and Steffy says that Liam has not made up his mind. Hope explains that Ridge is not going to be making the wedding dress and Hope explains she does not want to talk about this right now and says good bye to Steffy. Liam walks in asking if she is busy.

Daniel explains that she was a feature writer for several magazines and wants to settle down with one magazine. Bill wants to know what she will do that is different than all of his other writers. Daniel explains she will do anything for a good story. Bill wants to know if Daniel would move out of his sister’s house.

Liam asks if it is wrong for him to come to talk to Steffy. Steffy explains that Hope was just here and that She was a clock with a countdown to midnight.

Karen walks in and asks how the job interview was and if she is going to get a job. Bill explains that Daniel was hitting on him and that it was happening. Karen does not believe this. Karen tells Bill she does not like him and that he has read her wrong.

Markus wants to know the truth and Justin does not know what to tell him. Markus demands and answer and Justin refuses to answer and walks out.

Hope looks through a magazine and sees a wedding dress and automatically closes it she then looks at a picture of Ridge.

Steffy knows that time is not up and Liam explains that he is not sure about what happens. Steffy tells him that they either will be married or they won’t and all he has to do is say the worlds. Steffy bites Liam’s ear and then Steffy kisses him she then walks out of the room looking back at Liam.

Hope, Liam, and Steffy are all shown with wondering faces.

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