B&B Tuesday Update 5/29/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/29/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Deacon tells Bill it is irrelevant that he never got to know Hope.

Brooke tries to convince Hope not to try to get in touch with her father. Brooke tells Hope that Stacy does not know what she is talking about.

Markus tries to get in touch with his father. Alison tells him that he is with Bill Spencer.

Bill tries to tell Deacon to come with him and do what he tells him to do what he is told if he wants freedom.

Karen and Daniel walk in and find Katie the two are looking for Bill who is out of town and Katie tells the two that she is pregnant. They both congratulate her.

Brooke does not think that it is ok for Brooke to talk about her father and can’t believe that Stacy would try to bring this up. Brooke tells Hope to keep Deacon out of her mind forever.

Deacon wonders why all he has to do is go to Hope and Bill explains that is the case but he better go straight to Hope. Deacon agrees.

Brooke waits in Stacy’s office with a nervous look and has a flashback to when she told Deacon to stay away from Hope and her and then has another flashback to when Deacon had Hope without her knowledge. Stacy walks in and asks how things with Hope are doing. Brooke tells Stacy not to think about her father because she will not allow it.

Alison hears from her desk what Katie is talking about.

Katie talks about the baby and how it will work out for them in the long run. Karen tells Katie that she will help in any way possible. Katie then tries to get a hold of Katie and Bill explains on the other end of the phone that he is locked up in a meeting.

Bill calls for a guard.

Katie says she is sorry for Bill not showing up and then Katie finds it strange Bill did not make the meeting and did not call back.

Bill on his jet talks to Alison on the phone and tells him what is going on with everything back at the office. Bill tells Justin that he is making sure things go well with his investments and keeping Hope away from Liam.

Hope has a flashback to her session with Stacy when they talked about her father. Markus walks in and asks what she is doing. Hope and him both make jokes about their upcoming weddings. Markus wonders what is wrong with Hope and Hope tells Markus something is up with Brooke.

Brooke tells Stacy that Deacon is a disaster waiting to happen and Stacy wants to know how this could be the case. Brooke tells Stacy that she knows about how the relationship started. Brooke tells Stacy she does not want Deacon anywhere near Hope. Stacy tries to tell Brooke that it is Hopes choice to contact her father and Brooke explains that Deacon can be a devastating person.

Bill tells Justin that it makes sense that Hope is crazy because of her father.

Markus calls Justin but Justin cannot hear each other but Markus is able to hear Bill say he will have Hope out of his life once and for all.

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