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Deacon pesters Bill about whether or not this is a scam and about who sent him but Bill just asks if he wants to get out or not. Deacon says that really depends on what he has to do when he sees his daughter.

Brooke kisses Ridge and asks him for the last time if he’ll make Hope’s wedding gown. Ridge says he’d love to but he doesn’t like the message that would put out to Steffy. He tells Brooke to just ask Eric to do it. Brooke says she understands his position and why he can’t do this. Sighing she says both their daughters are in love with the same man.

Steffy tells Hope that part of Liam does want to spend his life with her but she doesn’t think it’s going to happen. She asks Hope if she is prepared for that. Hope says she’s sure she’ll be fine. Steffy tells Hope that she knows she’s had a hard life but being abandoned, that feeling is something they share.

She says though that at least she had her father and he tried his best but Hope didn’t. Sighing she says but whatever Liam decides they both have support. She says that her mother Taylor, is like a rock for her and her mother, no matter how messed up she is will always be there too and so will Ridge. Steffy says she knows she’s been a bit selfish over her dad but she’s glad he has been the father to Hope that Deacon has not been.

Bill says there is a little something Deacon can do for him, especially since he’s taking the trouble of getting him out. Deacon says forget it and says he’s not talking to him. Bill tells him he doesn’t need to talk him and tells him to just listen. Bill tells him he can get him out of here and give him his freedom, all he has to do is listen to him. Deacon looks up at Bill curiously.

Ridge comes to check up on Steffy. Steffy huge her father as he asks her how she is. She says she’s doing fine. Looking at her knowingly, Ridge says that he knows she’s counting on Liam to stay with her but Steffy says she’s not counting on anything. She says Liam will decide if he wants to go through with the divorce or not. She says she believes in her marriage and she knows deep down, so does Liam. Ridge nods and says now if only they can get Liam to realize that before he marries Hope.

Hope talks to Brooke about this news Katie said she had. Brooke reveals to her that Katie is pregnant. When Hope says that’s wonderful news Brooke says she’s concerned about her health. She also tells Hope that Bill is against the idea of Katie having this baby but he’s coming around slowly. Hope smiles and says that maybe one day maybe he’ll warm up to the idea of her too.

Deacon says this is his daughter they are talking about. Bill says that he’s never had a conscience before, why is he getting one now. He also says that Deacon has never been a father to Hope, why start now. Deacon says Bill comes in and acts like he knows him and that’s not happening. Bill loses his temper and asks Bill not to try to patience. He asks Deacon again, if he wants to get out of here or not.

Bill asks Deacon if he’s really happy being in jail for another 6 years. When Deacon doesn’t respond Bill says he’s leaving. Deacon stops him by saying he wants out. Bill asks him to repeat that and Deacon says to leave. He calls a guard and tells Bill that he couldn’t even get rid of a parking ticket let alone get him out of jail. The guard arrives and Bill is shown standing off to the side smirking.

Steffy tells her dad that Hope was here earlier. When Ridge looks worried Steffy says that it was very civil. Ridge says maybe that’s because they are both confident over Liam but warns her that that will change soon. Steffy assures her dad that she’s prepared for whatever he decides. She says she can’t say the same about Hope because she’s probably too busy planning her wedding. Ridge says Hope has every reason to be confident as Liam has said nothing about what happened in Aspen to her. Steffy says that Liam loves them both and says that if he picks her then Hope has no reason to be surprised but she’s confident she will be.

Steffy says that’s the problem with Hope, she has a one-track mind. She says back then it was Hope for the Future and now it’s her big Italian wedding. Ridge sighs and says so she knows that Brooke asked him to design the dress. Not surprises, Steffy says of course, she did but Ridge surprises her by saying he can’t do it. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam is still her husband and while he loves Hope like a daughter too, he can’t do it because it would not be fair to Steffy. Steffy hugs her father while going teary.

Brooke tells Hope Bill will accept her and Liam together. She says he has to because she’s going to be his daughter-in-law. Hope says well he hasn’t acknowledged that and neither has Steffy. Brooke tells her that it doesn’t matter because the waiting period is almost over now and Liam and her are going to be married. Brooke then talks about fine details for the wedding such as flowers and Hope’s jewelry.

Hope asks about her wedding dress and it is revealed that Ridge won’t be designing it. Hope expresses anger and sadness over that and when Brooke says Eric will do it she shows complete misunderstanding and insensitiveness towards Steffy and Ridge by saying he’s not being there for her by not making her a dress for marrying Liam. Hope says wedding bring daughters and fathers together since he’s the one who walks her down the isle but she thinks she should just stop hoping for that. Bill tries to talk to his lawyer but his lawyer says he doesn’t have time. Bill tells him he might want to make time. His lawyer still disagrees and says he knows he wants to get Deacon Sharpe out of jail but it’s not happening.

Steffy tells Ridge that she’s glad that he’s been able to be a father to both her and Hope. She says she said the same to Hope too. Steffy then asks about Hope’s real father. Steffy says she doesn’t remember much about him. Ridge firmly says he’s not worth remembering. He says the best thing that could have happened for Hope is that Deacon got out of her life for good. Hope tells her mother that she wants her dad to walk her down the isle.

Brooke smiles and says even though Ridge says he can’t make her dress, if she wants him to walk her down the isle and give her away then he will do that. Hope says no not Ridge, she wants her real day to do it. Brooke gets shocked beyond words and says no, he’s out of her life. Hope says that’s because of Brooke. Brooke says that she kept Deacon out of her life for her own good but Hope says Dr. Barton said she should reach out to her biological father and she says that is what she’s going to do. Brooke is completely at a loss for words at what Hope is saying.

Bill asks his lawyer if he won’t help him. His lawyer says there are a lot of rules. Bill says he’s not a rule kind of guy. He says there are a lot of rules in life, he admits that. Picking up a picture of the lawyer’s wife, Bill asks how old that girl is who he’s cheating on her with. The lawyer says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Bill says he’s done his research and has proof and says he has the means to let the whole world know about it. He says that he wants Deacon released immediately and says that if he wants then his wife and kids don’t need to know what he’s been doing.

Spotting Bill at his cell again Deacon calls him a persistent bastard. He asks Bill what he’s doing back here when he said he wasn’t interested. Bill tells Deacon he can’t act coy with him. Deacon asks him how he’d get him out of here. Bill doesn’t explain and simply says if he wants to get him out of here then he will get him out. He has his lawyer agree with him.

Brooke tells Hope she knows she can’t stop her from reaching out to Deacon but urges her not to do it now. Hope says now is the perfect time because she is getting married, but Brooke tells her not to ruin it for herself. She says that Deacon will ruin it for her and begs her to focus on Liam and forget about her biological father.

Bill shows Deacon a picture of Hope. Deacon says she’s beautiful and asks about her. Bill tells him she’s doing well and says that his absence in her life has certainly been a plus but says that is about to change. Deacon says no and says this is his daughter and he won’t do this but when Bill turns to leave Deacon breaks down and agrees to do it.

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