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Hope kisses Liam and thanks him for his patience and his love before talking about her session with Dr. Barton. Bill listens in as Hope says she talked about issues from the past that she didn’t even know affected her. Bill keeps listening as Hope expresses excitement over her upcoming wedding to Liam, saying how close it is and how ready she is to be his wife.

Stephanie enters Ridge’s office to see him looking upset and looking at wedding gown designs. She asks him if he’s designing a wedding dress for Hope but Ridge says no. Stephanie says good and says if he was then that would be very insensitive to Steffy.

Bill sets his plan to go after Deacon Sharpe in motion with Justin and Allison. Liam comes in but Bill tells him he’s busy and heading out for a conference for a few days. He says it’s for a big deal and leaves after telling Liam he loves him. Justin says that they all love him leaving Liam puzzled.

Steffy remembers how Liam tore up the annulment papers again and sighs. Marcus and Dayzee who have come to see her, hear her and Marcus asks if she is okay. Steffy says yes and asks why wouldn’t she be. Marcus says they want to talk to her and say they want to talk to her about a wedding.

Stephanie tells Ridge that she knows Brooke has a lot of plans for Italy but she wouldn’t count Steffy out. Brooke enters and says she has more than just plans for the wedding. Brooke tells Stephanie that she knows she doesn’t want to hear this but Hope and Liam will be married in less than a month. Stephanie asks if Liam is on board with this. Brooke says yes he is. She says he is committed to Hope and nothing or no one is going to interfere with that.

On the plane, ready to take off, Bill asks Justin if he has everything he needs on Deacon. The pilot says they are ready to take off and Bill looks at a photo of Deacon while saying they are about to meet Hope’s daddy, Deacon Sharpe.

Stephanie tells Brooke she is being completely delusional to any possibility that things are not going to work out the way Hope and her want. Brooke rolls her eyes as Ridge says his mother is right, this is not a resolved matter. Ridge reminds Brooke of how confident Steffy is at the moment. Brooke says that the ball is in Liam’s court and he is going to do what he wants but she has no doubt in her mind that he wants a life with Hope. Stephanie says then she won’t have a problem if she talks to Liam.

Brooke says to go ahead and then asks Stephanie to come to Italy for the wedding but Stephanie says she won’t and hints that that’s because there will be no wedding. When Stephanie leaves, Ridge asks if anything his mother said had any effect on her. Brooke just says she would not be planning a wedding if she wasn’t sure there was going to be one. She then tells Ridge that she knows this will be hard on Steffy, especially when Liam marries Hope but says they will be there for her. She then dismisses the topic and goes back to saying how Hope’s wedding will be wonderful while hugging Ridge. But Ridge doesn’t look happy as he worries over Steffy.

On the plane, Bill and Justin review Deacon’s prison charges and what he has been convicted for and how he slept with Brooke who was at the time, his mother-in-law. Bill says no wonder Hope has issues. Justin asks if Bill is sure he wants to go through with this. Bill says he doesn’t want to destroy Hope but he doesn’t want her marrying Liam because that means he will inherit her issues.

Looking at Deacon’s picture he says part of him wants to strange him but he needs him. Justin asks what if this doesn’t work and Bill says it has to. He says even if Steffy wasn’t in the picture he would not want his son married to the daughter of Deacon. He says Steffy is around though and says that once Liam sees Hope with all her baggage, he’ll run back to Steffy because he’s too smart to stay with Hope after that.

Steffy says that no matter what happens with Liam and her, she’s not going to freak out of her friends get married. Dayzee and Marcus ask her if she’s sure she’s okay with attending their wedding since it will be close to Liam and Hope’s but Steffy says absolutely.

She says that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen but she knows Liam loves her and knows he’ll make the right choice. Hope enters and says he already has leaving Steffy’s face to fall. Dayzee and Marcus leave and Steffy tries to change the topic by talking about marketing reports but Hope tells her she can tell she still hasn’t given up on Liam. Steffy says nothing.

As Liam stares at pictures of both Hope and Steffy in his office, Stephanie comes in and catches him off guard by asking him which woman he is going to pick.

Brooke says Ridge’s heart still isn’t in designing Hope’s wedding gown. Ridge confirms that he isn’t going to do it. Brooke says Hope will be disappointed but she’ll understand because Steffy is his daughter. Ridge says Hope is too but Brooke says it’s a little different. Ridge asks if Hope ever thinks of Deacon. Brooke says she hopes not and says she never wanted him to be part of her life. She says she hopes that never changes. Ridge huge Brooke as Brooke looks worried.

Bill says the one person who can save Liam from marrying Hope is Hope’s own father, a convicted felon. Steffy tells Hope she heard of her wedding plans in Puglia, Italy. Hope asks her about her plans now that she’s single. Steffy says not quite yet. Hope says it will be soon and Steffy says when that is she’ll make plans.

Hope tells Steffy that she is strong and resilient and she really admires that. She tells her that she is going to find an incredible man. Steffy says she already has and says she married him. Hope looks displeased because she knows it’s Liam she is talking about.

Liam asks Stephanie why she’s here. Stephanie says his divorce is about to come through and says he should put a stop to it. Liam says it’s not that simple but she says it is. She tells him with Steffy he saw marriage and how good it gets. She tells him not to forget that and urges him not to give up on what he had with Steffy.

Stephanie tells Liam she knows Brooke thinks he’s one hundred percent committed to Hope but he’s not. She asks if he wasn’t happy with Steffy. Liam says they had their moments but picks up a photo of Hope and says they had their moments too. Stephanie sighs before asking Liam if he’s honestly ready to walk away from someone as special as her granddaughter. Liam looks undecided.

Hope asks Steffy if she really thinks Liam doesn’t love her. Steffy says he loves both of them but he has a lot of issues with her. Hope says she means how she crashed and burned. Steffy tells Hope she messed up but so did she but she’s glad both of them have their lives back on track.

Steffy and Hope then talk about how good it was to have help from Dr. Barton and Taylor in dealing with their issues and a discussion starts about being abandoned by their fathers. Steffy asks Hope if she has that issue too and Hope says she’s dealing with that and other issues because she doesn’t want any negativity when she says her vows.

She then brings the subject back to Liam and says Liam and her are going to get married even though Steffy doesn’t want to hear that. Steffy looks away and looks very upset at her words.

Bill enters Deacon’s jail cell. Deacon asks him who he is and Bill says he could be seen as his fairy godfather. Deacon asks what he wants and Bill turns the question onto him. Deacon asks if he knows him and Bill asks how many more years he has in prison. Deacon says six more years and asks what’s it to him. Bill asks if he’d like to get out of jail. Deacon asks him if he baked him a cake with a file in it.

Bill says that’s funny but no, he says he does have an offer for him. He asks Deacon what he would do to get out of jail. Deacon says everything and says he wants to see his son again. Bill says if he gets him out then he won’t be seeing his son but he will be seeing his daughter Hope. Bill says he’ll be doing everything he says from here onwards.

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