B&B Wednesday Update 5/23/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/23/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Liam hug one another.

Hope tells Stacy her father was married to her half-sister and that it was to strange for her. She wishes she got to know her father but wonders why he never cared to learn about her.

Bill tells Alison he knows enough now to get Hope away from Liam.

Brooke talks to Katie about her evening. Katie tells Brooke she is pregnant and wants to her to congratulate her. Brooke wants to know about her condition and the fact she should not be getting pregnant.

Steffy tells Liam that it is up to him what he wants to do with his situation. Liam does not know what he wants to do.

Bill keeps listening in.

Hope talks about how things went between her father and everyone. She feels rejected by her father and wonders if everything involving her life could change if her father was involved in her life.

Alison tells Bill this is a situation. Bill is excited over the info he has acquired.

Katie talks on the phone to a doctor about test results and then tells Brooke things will be fine. Brooke wants to go to the doctor with Katie and hopes everything will be fine. Brooke talks about Italy about Hope’s wedding and how it will be the perfect place for them to get married. Katie thinks they will be excited about the wedding. Brooke explains that Steffy signed the papers but Liam tore them up and he did not want to upset Steffy. Brooke explains though that Liam wants to still marry Hope though. Katie tells Brooke she needs to go somewhere and leaves.

Liam tells Steffy he has to get going and Steffy tells Liam no matter what happens she will survive. She thinks whatever happens she will never stop loving him. The two hug each other and Liam leaves.

Stacy tells Hope she has made progress and she is on the right track. Hope does not want to contact her father thinking he should make the first move. Stacy understands and explains it is ok to talk about it though and invite him if he wants to.

Bill hears Hope say Hope wants a normal wedding. Hope is happy she will be Liam’s wife. Bill explains that everything will turn out properly and Alison needs to find out everything about Hope’s father. Liam walks in on Bill and Bill wonders where Liam was. Bill thinks that he was with Steffy and wants to know when he is going to make a choice. Liam tells Bill Hope is using sex as a weapon. Liam does not want Bill comparing the two and Bill thinks it is because of Hope’s problems.

Katie walks in on Steffy and wonders what happened about the papers. Steffy explains it was Liam’s choice and she had changed her mind. Steffy explains that she is ready to make things easier. Katie thinks Steffy is going for a different idea.

Liam sees a photo of Steffy on his computer and has a flashback to Aspen. He then looks at a photo of Hope and thinks of all the times he has had with her as well. He closes his computer and Hope comes to his door. Liam kisses Hope passionately.

Alison tells Bill that Hope’s father is in jail and tells Alison that nothing will stop him from going with his plan.

Liam asks how Hope did at therapy and Hope tells Liam things went well and talks about how she is putting everything behind her and explains she can now giver herself to Liam and she is all hers. She kisses Liam passionately.

Bill looks at the picture of Hopes father.

Liam and Hope continue to kiss and then Liam smiles at Hope.

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