B&B Tuesday Update 5/22/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/22/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks at her wedding picture again and once again has a flashback to Aspen. Brooke appears and tells her to get over it because Hope is getting married to Liam.

Hope kisses Liam and tells him their wedding will be there before they know it. Liam hopes she is ok and tells Hope that Stacy has helped get her better.

Bill does not think that Katie’s pregnancy is a blessing with Katie’s heart condition. Bill say’s that he is going to owe his assistant a lot after today.

Stacy talks to Allison in a session about how she has supposedly fallen in love with Bill. Stacy thinks it is normal. She corrects Stacy explaining her boss is repulsive (meaning most likely not Bill but someone made up) Stacy gets a phone call and Allison plants a bug in Stacy’s office.

Bill explains he will convince Liam that Hope is unstable and before they get married.

Stacy tells Alison she can call whenever she wants and Alison leaves.

Hope tells Liam she can’t wait to get married and hugs Liam.

Brooke tells Steffy not to tell Hope what happened in Aspen as nothing will stop the wedding from happening. Steffy asks Brooke why is she so worried then. Brooke tells Steffy not to read too much into what Liam did. Steffy explains Liam did what he did on his own accord. Steffy wants to know why Brooke can’t leave her alone and tells Brooke she will stay out of it. Steffy explains that she will not stop Liam but Hope needs to get help. Brooke walks out.

Justin can’t believe that Bill would bug a therapist and Bill does not understand what he has done wrong and then tries to hook him up with Karen but Justin declines claiming that Karen is not his type. Justin leaves as Alison walks in and Bill wants to know how it all went. Alison tells Bill that everything is a go and Hope is due at the office any minute. Bill and Alison listen in on Hope and Stacy.

Hope explains that she is doing much better. Stacy explains that things are going to be confidential as normal.

Liam walks in on Steffy who is watching Bob Hope on her computer and Steffy tells Liam that she is happy that Liam is there.

Brooke has a flashback to the last conversation when Dayzee and Marcus walk in. Brooke asks how the wedding is going along. Dayzee explains it will happen very soon. Brooke shows the two the dress Hope will wear.

Steffy tells Liam about Brooke and tells Liam she did not talk about the kiss she shared.

Hope tells Stacy about everything that has gone on in her life while Bill listens in on the other end. Hope explains that she is excited about the wedding. Stacy asks about Hope’s father and Hope explains that there is nothing to talk about.

Dayzee tells Brooke she has not discussed the honeymoon yet and tells Brooke they want to know when Hope is getting married so they don’t interfere with plans.

Steffy thinks Italy is a romantic place to get married and tells Liam no matter what happens Hope can’t make a mistake. Steffy wants to be Liam’s wife but this is his future and he knows where to find her she tells him thanks for the memories hoping for many more as the two look at each other.

Hope tells Stacy it is fine she does not know her father and Stacy thinks it is important. Bill listens in and Hope on the other side says she does want to know about her father and wishes he would contact her but she does not know. Bill tells Alison to fund information on Hope’s father.

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