B&B Monday Update 5/21/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/21/12


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At home, Bill and Katie discuss her pregnancy announcement. Katie is horrified by Bill’s reaction to the good news. Bill reminds Katie that they have previously argued over having a baby. Bill is irritated that Katie tried to romance him with a candlelight dinner tonight. Bill demands Katie have an abortion this week. Katie wants Bill to remember he is speaking to his wife, not a business associate. Bill worries that he could lose Katie. Bill refuses to have a baby. Bill wonders how Katie could have gotten pregnant. Katie says she couldn’t be on the pill because it would affect her heart medication. Nevertheless, Katie wants this child. Bill doesn’t like the odds. Bill goes outside to get some fresh air. Katie walks up behind Bill. Bill reminds Katie that it took a lot for him to let her in. Bill worries that the baby will change their relationship. Bill thinks he and Katie have a great thing going without complicating it with a child. Bill insists Katie’s health is at stake, that she can’t chance carrying a child. Katie makes it clear that having the baby is her decision and she’s keeping it. Katie says the transplant people said she could have a child. Bill rebukes by saying that Katie miscarried once before and it almost killed her. Katie is optimistic that this time things will be different. Katie knows it’s a risk but wants to take it. Katie tells Bill that the baby will be a part of both of them, that it’s a miracle. Katie says that if she dies, Bill won’t be alone. Bill is teary-eyed.

Thomas walks Caroline to her front door. Before Thomas can say goodbye, Caroline asks him inside. From the doorway, Caroline apologizes for putting Thomas in an unfair position. Thomas says he had a nice evening meeting Caroline’s family, but she feels guilty. Caroline and Thomas sit in the living room to chat. Caroline says her life in New York was a lot different than now. Caroline confides to Thomas about her grandfather’s disapproval of Karen and Danielle’s relationship. Caroline says her grandfather never acknowledged Danielle. Caroline explains how her mother was urged to marry an advertising executive. Thomas thinks Karen and Danielle should be able to live freely without the scrutiny of others. Caroline admits she thought L.A. would be more receptive to her parents’ situation. However, Caroline fears Bill will not accept Karen and Danielle as a couple. Caroline thinks her uncle might share the same opinion as her grandfather. Caroline tells Thomas that Karen owns half of the family business. Thomas says Karen and Danielle should not be scared of what people think. Caroline believes her actions tonight did not help her parents. In fact, Caroline wonders if she has made the situation worse for them. Caroline apologizes again for making Thomas uncomfortable. Thomas asks if Caroline’s family is the reason she broke things off with Rick. Caroline implies Rick wasn’t up front with her. Thomas defends Rick by saying he’s a good guy. However, Thomas adds that Rick is not good enough for Caroline. Thomas leans in and kisses Caroline. Thomas says good night to Caroline, then leaves her place.

Rick hugs Brooke in Ridge’s office. Brooke inquires about Amber. Rick implies he is done with Amber. Brooke changes the subject and shows Rick some designs he created. Brooke is impressed by Rick’s flair for detail. Brooke mentions Rick should continue to work with Caroline. Rick figures Caroline doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Caroline is getting ready for bed when her doorbell rings. It’s Rick wanting to talk. Caroline makes it clear it’s getting late and she wants to sleep. Rick says what Caroline heard about him isn’t true. Caroline says she is sorry for confiding in Hope. Rick admits he loves women’s fashion but isn’t a cross dresser. Caroline senses Rick is lying again, but Rick says Amber doctored the photos. Rick explains how Amber’s jealousy makes her do crazy things. Caroline is shocked when Rick says he wants her. Caroline can’t believe how gullible she’s been. Caroline hates secrets and regrets not asking Rick about the cross dressing situation. Rick admits he wants to kiss Caroline. Caroline and Rick share a passionate kiss. Rick thanks Caroline for their chat, then leaves. Alone, Caroline smiles to herself.

At home, Bill and Katie continue to discuss having a baby. Bill wishes Katie would rethink her decision. Bill would love to have kids, but insists that a baby doesn’t fit in their life. Bill begins to cry when he tells Katie he couldn’t handle her death. Bill fears he would end up resenting the baby if Katie dies. Katie has tears in her eyes. Bill is staring out the window when Katie sits next to him. Katie says Bill could never hate his own child, then goes on about how much Bill loves and adores Liam. Katie is certain that having a child will work out. Katie asks Bill to trust that everything will turn out fine. Bill says he sometimes wakes up in a panic when he reaches out and Katie isn’t in bed. Bill worries that he couldn’t survive without his wife. Bill admits he’s selfish, that he needs Katie. Bill refuses to live without Katie. Katie tells Bill that the baby is her risk to take. Katie justifies her decision by saying the baby was made with love and it will continue to need love. Katie tells Bill that her decision is final – she is keeping the baby no matter what. Bill consoles Katie, but his expression is full of fear and doubt.

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