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Karen tells Caroline she just met Thomas. Caroline says heís her friend and she wants to tell him. Karen says this is not open for debate. She says they are not telling, not now. Thomas watches on, looking concerned as he waits for Caroline to come back. Donna watches Katie set up a candlelight dinner for Bill and asks whatís the occasion.

Katie says nothing and talks about how her relationship with Bill has grown so much. Donna points out though that they continue to disagree over who Liam should be with. Katie smiles and says Bill is just trying to look out for Liam and she gets that. She says judging by how he reacted when he first learned of Liam she is proud. She laughs and says who would have thought Dollar Bill Spencer would turn out to be such a family man.

Donna says speaking of family, Billís sister is back in town. She asks Katie if sheís seen much of her yet. Katie says no because they thought theyíd give her a chance to settle in. She smiles and says theyíll be one big happy family soon though.

Thomas finds Caroline and asks if everything is okay. He says he didnít mean to make anyone uncomfortable by asking about her dad. Caroline says no, and says that her mom just wasnít expecting her to bring a boyfriend to dinner thatís all. Thomas smiles and says boyfriend. Caroline smiles and says sheís glad he came and moves to kiss him. Karen says coffee anyone, interrupting them. When Thomas goes over, Danielle talks to Caroline. She says that she knows how she feels but sheís not going to change their mind tonight. She says she did kind of spring Thomas on them anyway.

Thomas asks Jarrett if he did something wrong but Jarrett says no. He goes off to get pie. Caroline notes Thomasí lost expression and says he must be so confused. Thomas says heís used to family drama and smiles. Karen watches her daughter and Thomas and smiles.

Katie receives a text from Bill. She tells Donna heíll be home soon. Donna asks if there is anything she needs from her before he goes. Katie says maybe just a hug. Donna hugs her and says Katie is feeling sentimental tonight. Katie says sheís just thinking about family and is so grateful for hers. Donna talks about setting up a girls night for her and Brooke and they agree on lunch. Katie suggests maybe they call Karen but Donna says maybe she should wait and see how Billís stopping by at his sisterís goes first. She says if Karen is as secretive as she said then maybe sheíll go back to New York before their get-together. Katie and Donna laugh.

Jarrett says the pie was delicious. Thomas says that he canít remember the last time he had home made pie. Karen says itís an old family recipe. Thomas asks if itís hers and Danielle says she just put her own spin on it. Caroline comments that she is just being modest as her chocolate chop cookies were always a hit at her school bake sales. Thomas says so then Danielle and her mom have known each other for a long time. The door bell rings and Karen asks if they are expecting someone else. Thomas says arenít they waiting for her father but Bill comes inside.

He brings wine and tells his sister this is a nice place she has here. He sees Danielle and says this must be her roomie. Karen introduces Danielle to her brother before offering him coffee. Bill says Katie is waiting for him and says he just came to see her. He notices the pictures on the fireplace mantle and says it looks like Danielle and Karen have done a lot of travelling together.

Karen tenses up and says she doesnít like to travel alone. Bill says who doesnít and moves to go but before leaving he says two ladies sharing a house by the beach, that may look like something. Karen tenses again and says thanks for stopping by to her brother. Bill says not to thank her as heís her brother and leaves. When he leaves, Karen looks at Danielle frustrated and says that is why they are not going to say anything. Caroline looks visibly upset.

Caroline tells her mother this is why she doesnít like keeping secrets, itís way too stressful. Karen says being judged is stressful, especially in her own home. Caroline asks if sheís regretting coming to L.A. Karen says she does miss her life in New York but would have missed her daughter more if she had not come. Thomas comes over and thanks Karen for dinner and the dessert.

Caroline apologizes to Thomas and says she knows this must have been awkward for him. Caroline takes a deep breath before saying she wanted him to meet her family. She whispers please to her mother and says for me. Karen lets out a sigh before talking. She says that Carolineís father isnít in the picture but she does have two parents. Karen reveals that Danielle and her are a couple and Carolineís two mothers. Thomas looks shocked as Caroline tells her mothers that that wasnít too hard, was it. She smiles and says and itís not a big deal until she sees the shocked expression on Thomasí face.

Bill comes home and finds the candlelight dinner. He tells Katie if she had told him what she had planned he would have skipped going to Karenís. They share a kiss before Bill complains about the dinner party at Karenís. He says that itís bad enough Caroline has to work at Forrester but he doesnít want her spending time with Thomas and Jarrett and Rick and the Forrester, messed up clan.

Katie says and yet he wants Liam to marry Thomasís sister. Bill says but Steffy is unlike the rest of them. He says she is not wayward and messed up, sheís a serious business woman. He then talks about meeting Danielle says he found it odd that his sister needed a roommate. Katie says she thinks itís nice that she brought her best friend out to L.A. The conversation turns to how life for them has changed after marriage. Katie says it definitely has as Bill says this is the life he wants. Just him and her. Katie smiles brightly.

Caroline asks Thomas if heís cool with this because he said he wanted to meet her family. Thomas remains silent and Jarrett tells them to give him a moment. Karen says she needs to know though. She asks Thomas if he has a problem with this.

Eventually, Thomas says he feels sad and reveals that he feels sad because they thought they couldnít be themselves around him. He says he never meant to offend them by asking about Carolineís father and says that he knows there are people out there who are against love but heís not one of them. Karen, Danielle and Caroline all look touched at his support. Karen thanks him for his understanding but tells him that her brother Bill Spencer can never know about this. She says that Bill is not the kind of person you yell your secrets to.

Katie tells Bill that she wants to talk to him. Bill assumes itís about her wanting to bond with Karen but Katie instead talks about them. She says they are as solid as ever and they have proven to each other that they are built to last. She says that things are going to change and sheís ready for it. Bill kisses her and says sheís his perfect partner in this life. Katie turns the conversation to Billís son, and compliments Liam leaving Bill curious as to why sheís focusing so much on Liam suddenly.

He asks her why sheís talking about this now. Katie says that sometimes, when things happen miraculously you should just cherish it. She says that has happened with them so much and itís happened again. Bill starts to look concerned as Katie keeps talking. Katie finally tells Bill that sheís pregnant and they are going to have a baby.

She continues on happily and says that she knows they didnít plan for this but. Bill cuts her off firmly and says itís not happening. He says that heís not even going to discuss this and says sheís having an abortion. Katie looks shocked.

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