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Amber tries to justify herself to Rick. She tells him she felt threatened and she does stupid things when she is feeling that way but Rick tells her that Caroline wasnít a threat. Tearfully, Amber says she has eyes. She says she saw the way he looked at Caroline and says that was how he used to look at her. Amber cries and says sheíd have given anything to have him look at her that way again.

Caroline calls her mother and tells her she is bringing Thomas over for dinner. Her mother says this is a bad idea and tells her she appreciates her wanting to be honest with Thomas but says now is not the time. She tells Caroline to go out to dinner and have a wonderful evening. Although disappointed, Caroline says okay. Thomas comes in and tells Caroline the reservations are ready. She asks him if itíd be too rude if she changed her mind and tells Thomas she wants him to have dinner with her parents. Thomasí face lights up at her words.

Thomas asks if her parents even know they are coming. Caroline says she just got off the phone with them and itís okay. Thomas sighs and says yes itís okay for her mom because she kind of digs him but says if her dad doesnít approve itíll be a problem. Caroline smiles at him and says whatís not to like before kissing him. Pulling away, she says lets go and leads him to the door. Thomas gives in and leaves with her.

Brooke is working in her office when Hope comes in. Brooke and her make small talk until Brooke asks her where Rick is. Hope says that Rick is at his house with Amber. When Brooke goes pale, Hope says it isnít what sheís thinking. She says Rick is finally seeing Amber for who she is, and says that after tonight Amber will be out of their lives for good. Hope takes the picture Amber made of Rick wearing a dress out of her purse.

Rick berates Amber about the lies she told Caroline and even more about how she supplied drugs to Hope when she was vulnerable. Amber bursts out screaming that she thought she was doing something good. Amber says she thought she was helping her because she didnít know there were any risks to getting drugs online. She says she was stupid but she wonít do it again. Rick doesnít believe her and says that he went against everyone else when he brought her back to Forrester. He says he disobeyed everyone because he thought she had changed. He said he thought she really wanted a better life for her daughter than Tawny gave to her. Amber says she does and says she wants her to be proud of her.

Rick says that Marcus is all her daughter has to be proud of as he is a good parent. Amber says she knows that but says that heís getting married soon and soon Dayzee and him will have kids. She says he knows what that means and asks him if they can please get over this. Taking his hand, Amber begs Rick to say they can overcome this. Rick looks back at her blankly.

Looking at the pictures Amber made, Brooke says she canít believe Amber made Rick look like a cross dresser to Caroline. Hope says there is more and tells Brooke that the pills she got online were from Amber. Brooke loses her nerve and says that Amber took advantage of her vulnerability. She pins all the blame of Hopeís addiction on Amber and says that no matter what Amber says now, Rick wonít let her get away with this.

Amber continues telling Rick that they canít let this ruin everything for them. Amber says they have had too many wonderful moments together for it to end. She says she knows it hasnít been perfect but says what relationship ever is. Crying, she says that she knows she keeps messing up and getting in her own way but that doesnít change and will never change just how much she loves him. Rick looks teary himself at her words as Amber breaks down in sobs before him.

Karen Spencer is shocked to find that Caroline brought Thomas with her. Thomas comes in with wine and tells them how eager he is to meet Carolineís father. A moment of silence passes before Karen asks Thomas to please open the wine for them. Sending him away, she turns to her daughter and says she knows this is not a good idea. Caroline looks unnerved.

Caroline tells her mother that she already told her she wants to be honest. Karen says she knows that but. Thomas comes back, cutting the conversation. He asks if he should pour her father a glass. Karen tries to say he wonít be coming but Caroline stops her. Then, Jarrett comes over and Thomas mistakes him as Carolineís father. Jarrett explains that heís just a friend of the family, right as Carolineís second mother enters. Karen Spencer introduces Danielle as another friend of hers at which Caroline looks unhappy.

Amber asks Rick what she can do to make it up to him. She asks if her seeing a shrink will help because then sheíll know why she hurts those people she loves. She then turns the conversation towards the bright future she will have with Rick as they continue work on their line and talks about the success they will have. Rick looks pained and he sighs but Amber tells him itís only a matter of time before he takes his rightful place as Eric Forresterís real son.

She says sheíll be there for him the whole way and asks him not to let this one, little thing get in the way. At that, Rick blow up and screams that itís not just one thing. He says sheís never going to change. He tells Amber itís over and theyíre done. Amber looks heartbroken.

Brooke says maybe she should check in with Rick but Hope stops her. Hope says that itís over. She says that Amber will plead and cry but it wonít work this time. She says she saw Rickís eyes and he wonít be manipulated by Amber this time around. Brooke looks confident at Hopeís words.

Amber looks shocked as she tries to process what just happened. Eventually, she gets up and says that she gets that heís washing his hands of her. She says fine but tells him to get this. She says as much of a pain she has been at times, she has actually done a lot for him. Rick screams that he will be eternally grateful for that but heís not going to let her use all that to justify herself. He says itís one thing to hurt him and a whole another to hurt his sister. Amber asks him not to do this but Rick says itís done.

He insults her by saying he doesnít know why she is they way she is but maybe it goes back to her messed up mother. He says his mother way right about her. When Amber tries to say Brooke just hates her, Rick says she sees her for who she is and says he finally does too. He tells her their collaboration is over and the company and him are off limits to her now. He tells her if she really cares for Rosie then sheíll give her to Marcus and leave to wherever as long as he doesnít have to see her face again. Amber screams enough and moves to go but tells him to remember that she was the best damn thing to ever happen to him. Rick opens the door and storms out, leaving Amber crying painfully.

Thomas says he feels bad about starting dinner without Carolineís father. Karen tries to change the subject. Thomas asks if heís being too personal but Caroline tells him she invited him to meet her family. Karen tells Danielle to open another wine for them and interrupts by saying that she needs to have a word with Caroline. Caroline tells Thomas sheíll be right back before following her mother.

Caroline tells her mother she knows what she is going to say. Karen asks why she isnít respecting her wishes then. Caroline says she doesnít know why this has to be a secret as she is proud of her family but Karen says no. She says this is a family matter and sheís not telling Thomas. She looks at Danielle sadly as Caroline looks frustrated.

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