B&B Wednesday Update 5/16/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/16/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Thomas work on a dress together and try to figure out what it is ok with it. Ridge tells Thomas that the outfit will be in couture. Ridge wonders if the dresses are inspired by Caroline.

Hope can’t believe that Rick wears women’s clothing and Caroline confirms it.

Rick and Amber start to kiss passionately.

Thomas tells Ridge he likes Caroline a lot and that he wishes he could see more of her. Ridge explains that Thomas is doing well with his work. Thomas explains he has learned his lesson about how to be a Forrester. Brooke walks in wondering who Thomas is talking about.

Hope wonders where Caroline saw this and Caroline tells her she has seen pictures and the only problem she has is that Rick can’t tell the truth. Caroline shows Hope the pictures and Hope is shocked by what they look like and does not believe that they are real and she walks out.

Rick and Amber continue to kiss and Amber compliments Rick. Amber tells Rick that Caroline does not get him and she does.

Rick tells someone on the phone to make sure that Thomas’s dress is in the line. Brooke wonders why Caroline has anything to do with it. Ridge explains that he knows Thomas does and that Caroline will choose one boy or another.

Caroline talks to her mother on the phone and discusses that she does not want to take things too fast.

Amber continues to kiss Rick but Hope comes and tells Rick she found out what happened and tells Rick that she thinks he is a cross dresser. Rick wonders who would tell her that and Hope explains it is probably Amber.

Brooke wonders where Thomas is taking Caroline for dinner and Ridge won’t allow her to know so she can’t manipulate the situation. Ridge starts to kiss Brooke with passion.

Thomas walks in on Caroline wondering what she is doing and she explains that she is looking over Rick’s designs. Thomas tells Caroline he has a dress ready for production.

Amber wonders why Hope thinks that she would have done that. Rick looks at the pictures of him and claims that he never has worn them and that he only wore heals once and that Amber was their making him figure out that it was Amber who had set him up.

Thomas tells Caroline that they can go to where she wants for dinner and she chooses the beach for dinner and he wonders what happened to Caroline’s father. Caroline explains that she will tell him about it later. Caroline’s mother calls again asking if she can come over and Caroline explains she cannot and hangs up.

Rick demands to know why Amber did this. Amber tries to explain that she had nothing to do with this. Hope tells Rick that Amber is the reason that Hope was on the pills. Amber tells Rick that she did not force her to take the pills. Hope tells Rick that she did not mean to do the pills but Amber has done nothing good once again and leaves. Rick yells at Amber. Amber tries to explain why Hope would lie and can’t come up with a good reason. Rick wants to know the truth and Amber tells the truth. Rick gets mad at Amber and Amber tries to explain that she has his kidney and they are successful together and she starts crying. She tries to tell Rick she does crazy things but she is not a bad person and she is just herself and she is flawed but she is in love with him she tells him sorry once again and she knows that it was wrong and wishes they could get past it. Rick stares at her angrily.

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