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In Steffy’s office, Brooke and Stephanie are arguing about Hope. Stephanie believes Hope needs serious help. Brooke says Liam and Hope are committed to each other and are planning on getting married. Stephanie implies that the wedding will not happen. Brooke can’t believe Liam tore up the annulment papers, considering he is planning marriage with Hope. Stephanie defends her granddaughter by saying Liam is still committed to Steffy. Brooke says she has to respect Liam’s decision. However, Brooke believes this is just another one of Steffy’s manipulations. Stephanie says no one forced Liam to rip up the papers. Brooke asks if Steffy played up the encounter in Aspen. Stephanie reminds Brooke if Steffy’s intentions weren’t true, she would have already spilled the beans to Hope. Stephanie claims Steffy is no longer insecure when it comes to Liam. Brooke is adamant Hope is getting better, that she’s no longer insecure either. Brooke is furious with Stephanie. Brooke walks over to the door, tells Stephanie she’ll send her an invite to the wedding, and barges out of the office.

In Liam’s office, Hope and Liam discuss their wedding in Italy. Hope says Brooke picked the locale. Hope reassures Liam that their Italian wedding will be very romantic. Hope and Liam share a quick kiss. Hope tells Liam that Steffy stopped by for dinner last night at Brooke and Ridge’s. Hope relays she apologized to Steffy and told her that she moved out of the Malibu house. Hope asks Liam if Steffy dropped by last night. Steffy interrupts their conversation. Hope brings up dinner last night. Hope wants to know if Steffy tried to seduce Liam afterwards. Liam pipes in that he and Steffy talked in the doorway. Steffy makes it clear she won’t be stepping back in Liam’s house until she’s moving back in. Hope is pretty confident that she and Liam will be married, so she invites Steffy to a dinner invitation once she becomes Liam’s wife. Hope notices Steffy is no longer wearing the knee brace. Hope asks Steffy if she needs anything. Steffy insists she is fine. Liam comments about the “new dynamic” between Hope and Steffy. Hope says she and Steffy are agreeing to disagree. Hope brings up Aspen. Liam is worried Steffy spilled the beans about their kiss, but Steffy says being in Aspen made her remember all the good times with Liam. Hope understands why Steffy didn’t sign the annulment papers. Liam and Steffy steal glances at each other. Hope turns to Liam and rambles on about their upcoming wedding in Italy. Steffy watches as Hope and Liam hug.

In Rick’s office, Amber and Caroline are staring at the laptop screen of Rick’s photo. Caroline is concerned about Rick’s fascination with wearing women’s clothes. Caroline hurries out of the room to make a phone call. Amber puts on some red lipstick and closes the laptop just as Rick returns to the office. Rick has his back to Amber. Amber asks if Rick wants coffee, but he declines the offer. Rick looks up and tells Amber that she looks great. Rick inquires about Caroline. Amber makes up a story that Caroline had an errand to run. Rick is convinced Caroline is avoiding him for some reason. Amber insists Caroline isn’t mad at Rick. Amber beams when Rick calls her “sweetheart”. They flirt back and forth with each other, then share a hug. When Amber kisses Rick on the lips, she transfers the lipstick onto Rick’s mouth. Rick has no clue what he looks like. Rick brings up Caroline again. Rick asks Amber if Caroline and Thomas are dating. Amber wipes off her lipstick, then says the two definitely like each other. Rick wishes he knew why Caroline changed her mind about him. Caroline walks in, focused on the pile of papers in her arms. When she looks up and sees Rick with his red lips, the papers fall to the floor. Rick picks up the papers while Caroline remains quiet. Rick suggests getting some chicken and waffles, but Caroline declines the invitation. Rick senses Caroline’s avoidance. Rick asks what he did wrong. Caroline is silent. Rick wonders if Caroline likes Thomas now. Caroline implies her feelings for Rick have changed, but won’t tell him why. Caroline has tears in her eyes. Before she starts to cry, Caroline runs out the door. Amber rubs Rick’s shoulder. As they share a passionate kiss, Rick transfers the lipstick back to Amber. Amber smiles in victory.

Steffy returns to her office and speaks to Stephanie. Steffy is convinced Liam will come back to her. Steffy tells her grandmother that her relationship with Liam is more honest and open now. Steffy doesn’t feel too happy with the fact Hope could get hurt. Stephanie tells Steffy that Brooke knows about the annulment papers. Stephanie urges Steffy to call Liam with a head’s up. Steffy calls Liam, who answers from his office. Liam is shocked to hear Brooke knows the truth. Steffy thinks Liam should leave before Brooke shows up to interrogate him. Liam says he is going to stay and face Brooke. Liam tells Steffy that “maybe this is for the best”. Liam says he’ll call Steffy later. There is a knock on the door. No surprise, it’s Brooke. Brooke demands to know if Liam ripped up the annulment papers. Liam says he did.

In Ridge’s office, Hope is working when she stops to look at her I Pad. Hope smiles at a picture of herself and Liam.

In her office, Steffy tells Stephanie that Liam will speak to Brooke. Stephanie is shocked by what Liam told Steffy. Stephanie thinks Liam still loves Steffy. Steffy wonders if there’s another reason why Liam tore up the annulment papers. Stephanie reassures Steffy that Liam wants to be with her.

Brooke closes Liam’s office door so they can talk in private. Brooke is sickened to hear Liam’s side of the story. Brooke can’t believe Liam would tear up the papers since the annulment would be in Hope’s best interest. Brooke is starting to wonder if Liam is true to Hope. Brooke reminds Liam about all the ways Hope has sacrificed herself to be with him. Liam remains silent. Brooke asks Liam if he still plans on marrying Hope.

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