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Brooke walks into Hope wrapping a gift. Hope hides it but Brooke is already curious. Hope says itís for motherís day. Brooke smiles and says she doesnít have to get her anything but Hope says how many other days of the year does she get a chance to give her a sappy card and pretend it doesnít make her cry. She says and besides sheís already talked to R.J. and they are doing the whole thing - breakfast in bed, the movies. Brooke smiles and says thanks thatís very sweet. Brooke asks her if sheís okay as today was the first day she woke up without Liam. Hope smiles but says nothing.

Bill signs some papers for Justin. Justin says he needs Liam to sign to but he can get that done later. A discussion starts about Billís machinations in Aspen. Bill says yes, sending those reporters was a risky thing to do. Justin agrees but says it worked out in his favor. Bill says yes and says now he just has to sit back and wait. As he says that Liam suddenly says as if he is capable of that. Realizing Liam is here now, Bill looks alarmed and worried at what he might have heard.

Stephanie checks up on Steffy and says thank God no more brace. Steffy tells her the doctor said she is okay now. Seeing Steffy working diligently, Stephanie says that she is happy to see her throwing herself into her work because it says that her life doesnít revolve around Liam. Steffy says of course not but admits that is easier for her to say because Hope has moved out of Liamís house. Stephanie looks surprised at her words.

Bill covers up what he was talking about by saying he was talking about just sitting back and watching sales figures rise. Liam says okay and asks if he has anything to sign. Justin gives him the papers. Bill says he still has things he needs to submit. Liam says he finished his report on Aspen. He says he kept the focus on design even though he wanted to write about how annoying the paparazzi are. Justin shoots a look at Bill. Bill says they are just doing their job. When Liam looks up, Bill says just like both of them are.

Stephanie asks if that means Liam broke it off with Hope. Steffy tells her grandmother itís nothing like that. She says that Hope just wants to do the right thing as in wait until marriage. Stephanie says oh and says she was hoping it had to do with Liam tearing up the papers. Steffy reveals that Hope doesnít know about that. Surprised, Stephanie asks if Liam really didnít admit that he did that to Hope. She says no and Stephanie asks if she told Hope. Steffy says she almost did when she got stuck having dinner with her dad, Brooke and Hope. Stephanie says that must have been interesting. Steffy says it was okay it was just hard not to tell her. Stephanie comments that she does seem really confident as Steffy smiles.

Hope admits that it was weird waking up without Liam next to her and says it took a moment to sink in. Hope remains firm to her belief though that moving out really was the right decision. Brooke says she is so proud of her but tells her not to be afraid to ask for help if she needs it. She says she is always there for her and so is Dr. Barton. Hope says she really hopes that she hadnít had more than those two pills she had been prescribed. Sighing she says sheís glad thatís all over now. Brooke puts Hope on the spot by asking her if it really is. She says moving out was stressful on her obviously and asks if sheís tempted to have a pill.

Bill compliments Liam on his work. Liam thanks him as Bill turns the conversation by saying heís guessing he didnít take his advice and call Steffy last night. Liam says no disappointing him but then Liam informs his dad that he didnít have to call. He tells Bill that Steffy dropped by on her own. Excited, Bill asks him to tell him she didnít leave. Liam just shakes his head at his dad.

Steffy says that all they know so far is that Liam and Hope are getting married real fast. She sighs and says and if that is what Liam wants then sheíll get used to it. Steffy smiles proudly and says she knows she would because sheís such a strong girl. Steffy taps her grandmotherís shoulder and says thatís only because she has a great role model making Stephanie laugh. Stephanie tells Steffy that Liam reminds her of Eric sometimes. She says he has a lot of goodness in him and she thinks heís just flirting with the idea of being with someone else. She says she really believes he will end up with her. Steffy tells Stephanie about how Liam ripped up the papers and says that if Hope had seen the look on his face at that moment then sheíd know what she knows. She says her marriage is not over.

Hope tells Brooke that she doesnít have to worry. She says she doesnít want anything to do with those pills and told Liam to get rid of them because she is stronger now. Hope says she thought she needed those pills but they were turning her into a liar and covering up things and undermining her relationship with Liam because that is what drugs do. Brooke says she guesses people need to be careful when doctors tell them they need medication. Hope says she is talking about non-prescription meds like she was taking. Brooke says okay but says she was overwhelmed.

Hope says yes but says that she still was not doing the right thing by popping a pill every time she had a problem. She says the pills were turning her into something she wasnít and something she doesnít ever want to be. Hope sighs and drinks some water as Brooke says sheís just glad things worked out the way they did. Hope says she is too and talks about the upcoming wedding they are planning. She says itíll be here before they know it smiles saying and there is nothing Steffy can do to take that away.

Brooke asks Hope if she has talked to Liam yet today. Hope says no but she is going to over and now and say hi. Brooke tells her to ask Liam if he had any visitors last night. Snickering, Hope says they both know he did. She says she doesnít know why Steffy is doing this to herself because Liam has made it very clear that his marriage to her is over. Brooke says that Steffy is stubborn and just doesnít want to lose. Hope remarks that itís almost sad how Steffy is clinging to these fantasies. Smiling, she says it doesnít matter because she believed in Liam and their future.

Bill asks Liam if Steffy and him spend the night. Liam tells his dad that he said she stopped by, not that she came in. He says that they had a wonderful conversation in the doorway and then she left. Bill asks if heís kidding him because his beautiful, sexy wife came to him when he was alone and he just had chitchat. Liam says he wasnít alone because heís committed to Hope.

Bill says that when a girl moved out of your house it is obvious she is giving you some freedom. Liam says to let him explain something to Bill and says that Hope and him are not breaking up. Liam says the wedding is till on to which Bill asks if heís going to be able to live with Hope after the wedding because her issues will still be there. Liam says that Hope doesnít want to live with a married man, that is not an issue but a moral stance. Bill says fine but in the meantime he has a wife. Liam says yes, one that said she would not step into his home until she was his wife again. Bill looks frustrated.

Steffy tells Stephanie that if Liam does decide to stay in their marriage then she owes her granddad a huge thank you. Stephanie asks why and Steffy says he introduced her to Bob Hope movies. Stephanie shudders and says how corny but Steffy tells her how that led to Liam and her singing and it was really fun. Stephanie laughs and asks when this sing-a-long happened, before or after the annulment signing. Brooke who was wandering the halls hears this and smiles in joy, thinking Steffy is no longer married to Liam and goes off to the side. When Steffy leaves to go work, Brooke comes in to find Stephanie and she asks her if itís true that Steffy signed annulment papers.

Bill says good for Steffy but tells Liam he messed up as he ought to have told Steffy to move back in right then. Liam says that would be awkward seeing Hope and him are marrying. Bill tells Liam fine, drag his feet but warns him that the clock is ticking and the divorce will happen soon.

As Bill berates Liam about what a emotional wreck Hope is, Hope comes in. She asks if she is interrupting something but Liam says no and kisses her. Bill interrupts by saying that he heard she moved out. Hope says this is not a step backward or anything, she is only doing what she believes in. Bill doesnít say much and leaves Liam and her alone. Hope tells Liam that she really missed him last night but says that she knows moving out was right even if Bill doesnít get it. She says she canít wait to marry him and says so what if Steffy didnít sign the annulment papers, they are still marrying. She hugs Liam as Liam looks distracted.

Hyper, Brooke says this is so exciting and says she canít wait to tell Hope. She begins to take out her phone but Stephanie tries to set things straight by saying Steffy signed but the marriage isnít over. Brooke doesnít get it and says sheís sure Justin is on the paper work right now. She asks when Steffy signed them, but when Stephanie says in Aspen Brooke asks if sheís sure because Liam didnít mention anything.

Stephanie says he tore them up. Brooke laughs and says no, thatís not true because Liam has been waiting to marry Hope. Stephanie says maybe he doesnít want to marry Hope anymore because he tore the papers up. Brooke says no and is in denial. She tries to say Steffy is manipulating Liam but Stephanie sets things straight by saying she didnít. She says Steffy gave Liam the chance to be with Hope but he tore up the papers.

As Brooke remains in denial, Stephanie says that Steffy is no shrinking violet. She says that she is determined not to let Hope do what Brooke did to her mother. Stephanie also says that maybe in these past weeks Liam has had a chance to see what Hope really is: a insecure, unstable girl with a lot of issues.

Stephanie reminds Brooke that Hope is a product of her and Deacon and says Hope is just as messed up in her life as Brooke was when she was her age. Brooke says how dare you, Stephanie, but Stephanie just looks back at her quietly.

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