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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks Steffy what happened as she is so confident all of a sudden. Steffy corrects Hope by saying that her confidence is not brand new and that she has been saying since day one that Liam is not going to divorce her. Hope says this is different and asks what happened. Steffy remembers Liam tearing up the annulment papers and kissing her. Hope demands to know what Liam did to give her false hope that he is coming back to her or if she is just asking. Steffy remains silent as Hope keeps asking her.

Bill tells Liam this is the right time to break it off with Hope. He says that if Liam wanted to marry Hope then he would not have torn up the annulment papers or kissed Steffy. Bill says whether he wants to admit it or not, Hope has made it easier on him by moving out. Liam looks exasperated.

Outside, Bill tells Liam to be honest with himself. He tells Liam that he wants Steffy. Bill tells him that Steffy had signed the papers and asks why he didn’t come back yelling and shouting in victory to Hope. Katie listens on as Bill tells Liam not to let Hope, or Katie or Brooke or his own conscience to push for a divorce he really doesn’t want. Bill tells him to call Steffy and talk to her about Aspen and the kiss. He tells Liam to get Steffy back in his bed, tonight.

Katie continues listening to Bill and Liam’s whispers in curiosity and concern.

Brooke and Ridge offer Steffy and Hope cheesecake but they say to go on and they will have some later. Brooke and Ridge go outside and talk about what that was all about. Ridge says he can guess. Brooke says maybe they are getting over their differences but Ridge says that would be a miracle. Brooke says tonight has been going well enough. Ridge says yes, until she brought up the wedding. Brooke says that Hope is going to be really disappointed he isn’t designing her gown for her. Ridge says if she was marrying anyone else he would gladly do it. He says it wouldn’t be fair to Steffy but Brooke says it’s okay to be happy for Hope because Steffy is getting over Liam. Ridge just kisses her and says nothing.

Hope continues pressing Steffy for answers. Steffy tries to change the subject but Hope demands to know. She says she would hate for Steffy to misconstrue something Liam said. Getting annoyed, Steffy says that it wasn’t what Liam said but what he did in Aspen. Hope looks worried.

Katie goes to Liam and Bill and asks them what they are talking about so seriously. Bill says a little business. Katie tells Bill the food is ready and Liam takes that opportunity to bolt from his father. Katie makes a toast at dinner saying that she thinks this is going to be a great year for the Spencers. Bill says well said as they clink glasses.

Hope tells Steffy to get out with it. When Steffy remains quiet Hope says that nothing happened. She says if it had she’d be rubbing it in. Hope tells Steffy to thank Liam for the memories and move on. Remembering the song Liam and her sang, Steffy says that is just what she did. She tells Hope that they all know she has made a lot of mistake but she has owned up to them. She says Liam has seen a change in her and she will not repeat her mistakes.

She asks Hope if she can say the same. Hope says yes. Steffy says that the divorce will be final soon so they’ll see. As she moves to leave, Hope says the decision is already made and the waiting is only for her. At that point Ridge and Brooke come in asking if they should bring desert in here. Steffy says she is actually going to leave. She tells Hope welcome back home before she exits. Hope looks confused at her words and Brooke worriedly looks at Ridge.

Liam thanks Katie and Caroline for dinner. Katie hugs him and asks if Liam and Hope are going to be okay. Liam says yes. When Katie goes to walk Caroline out, Bill tells Liam to call Steffy again. He says he doesn’t have to be alone tonight and tells him to do it. Liam looks overwhelmed.

Hope says that wasn’t too awful. Brooke and Hope ask Ridge what Steffy meant by her last words to them. Ridge tells them to stop it and says Steffy was really trying to be nice. He tells Hope so was she and says he is glad to see them make some kind of progress. Ridge tells Hope that Steffy is her family and they are both going to have to reconcile their differences no matter who is married to Liam. Hope says he is still holding out for Steffy and says it’s not going to happen. Ridge says he’s not holding out for anyone but says he just doesn’t want her to be disappointed or upset. Hope says she won’t be. Ridge says okay good. Hope says that she is getting married soon and she’s very excited. Brooke and her hug and squeal but Ridge just shakes his head.

Liam looks at his phone at pictures of Hope and Steffy. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Liam goes to open it and is surprised to find Steffy. Steffy says she should have called but Liam says it’s okay. She tells Liam that Hope and her had dinner together. When Liam looks worried she says it was okay. She then asks Liam if Hope doesn’t know about the annulment papers because it looked like she didn’t. Liam says he didn’t tell her. Steffy says she won’t either and that it can be their little secret. Liam says it’s very cool of her to do that and Steffy says well she is a cool chick. Liam says where are his manners and asks Steffy to come in. Steffy shocks him by saying no. Steffy says she doesn’t want to. She says the only time she will step into his house will be when she is his wife, or else no. Liam looks surprised.

Brooke brings Hope cheesecake and sits down with her. She says she wonders where Steffy went off to in such a hurry and suggests she went to Liam. Hope says let her. Brooke asks if she’s not bothered. Hope says she is but says she’s not going to let it stress her out. Brooke brings up Steffy’s confidence tonight and Hope says she noted that too. She says she doesn’t care though because the divorce is almost final and unlike Steffy thought, Liam hasn’t gone back to her. She says she believes in Liam and that him and her have made it and smiles confidently at her mother.

Steffy tells Liam that the next time she sets foot in his home it will be as his wife. Liam says so she’s not here to seduce him. Steffy says no and says sorry to disappoint him. She tells Liam that listening to Hope talk about his wedding to her wasn’t easy. She brings up how it will be in Italy and says how romantic.

Steffy then says that she found him ripping up her annulment papers to be the most romantic moment in her life, along with that kiss. She tells Liam that Hope will never hear about that from her lips thought and tells him that that was what she came to say. She says that and maybe something else. Steffy gives Liam a peck on the lips. Pulling away she breaths out a cha cha cha before leaving Liam all riled up.

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