B&B Wednesday Update 5/9/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/9/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Steffy try to decide what to make for dinner. Steffy makes a reference to Hope getting married and Steffy thinks that Hope will still be with Liam. Hope walks in and sees Steffy and tells her sorry for hurting her. Steffy says she did not hurt her.

Katie comes in and tells Liam that dinner is almost ready. Bill is mad that Liam did not remember them coming over for dinner and Liam explains Hope has moved out. Katie decides that they should leave before Bill decides to bring up things he shouldn’t. Caroline then shows up.

Steffy tells Hope that she is fine and notices that Hope has a suit case. Hope tells everyone it was her choice to move out.

Liam tells Bill that the people were being terrible to Hope. Caroline walks in and tells everyone that she is doing well. Bill thinks that people will think that Hope was asked to leave. Bill is shocked to discover that Hope left Liam. Caroline defends Hope from leaving Liam. Liam tells Bill the wedding is still on.

Hope gives Steffy a drink and Hope tells Steffy she has made some bad choices and that she should not have forced Steffy to attempt to sign the papers. Steffy says that it is not Hopes fault and that they both think that it matters who has Liam then who is happy with Liam. Hope agrees and tells Steffy that she needs to get better. Hope invites Steffy to the wedding and Steffy tells Hope not to make any plans until everything is set in stone.

Bill thinks that Liam’s standards have dropped since he has been with Hope. Katie wants to stop the conversation that Bill keeps talking about. Caroline argues that these things that Hope does are for her.

Brooke talks about the wedding and Ridge does not think that it is best to talk about this right now. Steffy wants to know why they are going to Italy and if Liam knows. Hope says yes. Steffy does not think it is best to talk about plans when it is so far away and Brooke does not agree but Steffy explains that things don’t always work out the way they should.

Caroline asks if they all get along with the Forresters and Bill tells her no. Katie disagrees as does Liam and things do not go over well for them. Bill tells Liam that Liam does not want to be married to Hope and Liam thinks that the moments with Hope are the best moments of his life. Bill thinks that the moments are great but Hope is simply not together and does he really want to commit himself to Hope.

Steffy clears the table and Brooke asks if everything is ok. Hope tells Brooke not to talk about the wedding. Brooke wants to know what Ridge thinks about the wedding. Ridge tells Brooke that everything is going to be ok but not to get her hopes up. Brooke tells Ridge that Hope is his daughter as well but that everything is ok right now.

Hope asks if Steffy has something on her mind. Hope thinks that Steffy thinks that she is not having a wedding anymore. Hope asks if Liam has done anything to think that Steffy has done something to make her think otherwise. Hope begs her to tell the truth and Steffy tells her that something has happened.

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