B&B Tuesday Update 5/8/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/8/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks Liam if he still wants to marry her.

Steffy tells Ridge and Taylor what happened in Aspen. Steffy tells everyone that everything is going to be ok. Thomas thinks something is going on with Liam and her.

Amber tells a model that she will give a model a large amount of money for a good show. Amber calls Caroline and asks for her to come by for a photo shoot and Caroline agrees to it. Amber has the model attempt to walk the runway and the model can’t seem to walk in the shoes that she is wearing. Amber thinks there is something wrong with the model. Rick tells Margot the model that the shoes are hard to work with. Margot tells Rick to attempt to wear the shoes and Rick agrees to do it.

Liam tells Hope that he loves her just as much as he ever has and it will never change. Hope hugs Liam and Liam looks disappointed.

Rick wears the shoes and has Amber play the music. Rick walks around the runway wearing the shoes and Amber starts to laugh. Caroline walks in and sees Rick walking around in the shoes.

Steffy looks at her wedding photo and her family tells her that they don’t care who she ends up with but they don’t want to see her get hurt. Taylor explains that she has an appointment but she can reschedule if she needs to. Steffy tells her to go and Ridge wants to know what is going on because he knows something is going on. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam and her might be getting back together.

Hope wants to know what is going on with Liam because there is clearly something going on. Liam explains that the accident with Steffy scared him. Liam wants to know why Hope would go on the mountain if she was that high. Liam tells Hope he will be honest and that he is mad that she choose pills over him to get help. Liam asks if Hope needs help giving them up.

Steffy tells Ridge that Liam told the doctors that he was her husband and he stayed with her at every minute. Steffy then tells Ridge that she signed the annulment papers.

Rick continues to walk around and Amber spots Caroline. Rick tells Margot that is how you walk around in heals. Caroline is frightened by Rick’s heals. Caroline runs out and Amber pays off the model.

Hope tells Liam she is not addicted to the pills and she needs to start living her life in a different way than she has been. Hope tells Liam that the press got to her because they were telling the truth. Hope says that that is why she went crazy and she knows how to fix it. She promises never to take another pill and to never hide anything from him again. The two hug again.

Ridge is shocked over Steffy and Steffy explains she had to because of what was happening with Hope and Ridge is proud of her. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam tore the papers up and they started singing. Steffy thinks they are getting closer and they belong together. Ridge thinks that everything is going to work out but would not be shocked if he is still in love with Hope. Steffy thinks that Liam is on his way back to her.

Liam is shocked Hope is moving out. Hope tells Liam she has to as long as Steffy and him are still married. Hope explains until the two of them are divorced that she will focus on planning a wedding in southern Italy. Hope tells Liam that it is not a step backwards for the two of them to not be living together. Hope and Liam kiss each other and Hope thinks that it will be hard for her to leave Liam. She kisses him one last time passionately. Hope tells Liam she has to go and tells him she loves him and she will be back. Hope walks out.

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