B&B Monday Update 5/7/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/7/12


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In Ridge’s office, Brooke and Hope share a hug. Brooke inquires about Hope coming in early to work. Brooke asks if Liam has returned from Aspen. Hope says Liam got home while she was sleeping last night. Brooke admits she had a hard time sleeping, too. Brooke wonders if Hope is still adamant about moving out of the Malibu house. Hope isn’t so sure now because she wonders what happened between Liam and Steffy after she left Aspen. Hope feels terrible that she lied to Liam again about taking the pills and feels like a hypocrite regarding her “Hope For The Future” campaign. Hope makes a bold decision to be proactive for once. Hope says to Brooke that she is seriously considering moving out. Nevertheless, Hope fears Steffy will make a move on Liam if she’s not living with him. Later, Hope is staring at her laptop. Brooke asks if there’s anything regarding the Aspen fiasco. Hope closes her laptop and announces she no longer cares what the paparazzi thinks. Brooke asks if Hope has decided on moving out. Hope is trying to do the right thing. Hope says Dr. Barton made her realize that she has to do something to improve her situation. Hope thinks moving out might be the best thing for Liam and herself. Hope pauses, then exclaims, “I’m moving out”. Hope tells her mom that she and Liam will get married once the divorce is final and then Hope will move back in with Liam on their honeymoon night. Brooke smiles at Hope and then suggests starting to plan the wedding day. Brooke hugs her daughter. Brooke is excited about wedding preparations. Brooke reminds Hope that she can marry Liam in two months, not a lot of time to plan. Brooke has an idea about the perfect place for the wedding. Hope begs Brooke to tell her. Brooke wants Hope’s wedding somewhere “remote and romantic”. Finally, Brooke says Italy would be ideal. Hope loves the idea, but wonders if it’s possible. Brooke wants the best for Hope and says her daughter and Liam deserve to be happy. Hope is thrilled by the prospects of marrying in Italy. Brooke promises Hope that “she will have it all”.

Steffy is in her office thinking of Liam and when he ripped up the annulment papers in Aspen. Stephanie shows up to talk with Steffy. Steffy updates her grandmother about the collision with Hope. Steffy says Hope gave a generic apology, then left the scene as quickly as possible. Stephanie is horrified by the news. Steffy smiles and says Liam found her and helped calm her down. Steffy hobbles over to her desk and sits down. Stephanie hands Steffy a cup of coffee and asks for more details. Steffy says the “best part” was her epiphany at the hospital. Steffy blurts out that she signed the annulment papers. Steffy explains how she realized using the papers as leverage wasn’t helping her score points with Liam. Steffy knows Liam still cares about her. Steffy goes on about how Liam helped her on the mountain and at the hospital. Steffy tells Stephanie that she will no longer try to force Liam to love her. Steffy asks Stephanie if she made a mistake. Stephanie says by signing the papers, Steffy is agreeing that the marriage didn’t exist. Steffy hates all the drama caused by the papers, so she thought the best way to stop it was to sign them. Stephanie points out Liam got his wish. Steffy smiles and says Liam ripped up the papers. Stephanie is speechless. Steffy is convinced that Liam wants to remain married to her. Steffy is happy to tell Stephanie that Liam kissed her. Stephanie wants to know what happened to Hope. Steffy says she returned to Los Angeles on an earlier flight. Stephanie comments that she needs a drink. Stephanie hopes Liam will decide once and for all who he wants to be with.

From his home, Liam recalls kissing Steffy in Aspen. There is a knock on the door. Liam is surprised to see Bill because his father normally barges right in. Bill inquires about Hope’s whereabouts. Liam says she left for work already. Bill brings up Steffy and asks Liam about flying home from Aspen with his wife. Liam realizes Bill has already been routinely updated by his Aspen staff. Liam says Steffy fell during snowboarding, then adds that Hope caused the accident. Bill doesn’t know what to say. Bill asks for more details. Liam claims Hope didn’t know the severity of Steffy’s condition. Bill isn’t surprised Hope didn’t help. In Hope’s defense, Liam says the press was hounding her in Colorado. Liam confides that Hope took a pill to cope. Both agree Hope should not have been skiing. Bill wonders if Liam is changing his mind about Steffy. Liam says he is more clear when it comes to Hope. However, Liam has no idea what to do next. Bill is thankful Steffy is okay and asks Liam why Hope left Aspen so suddenly. Liam explains how he found a note from Hope saying she had to go back to Los Angeles immediately. Bill realizes Hope didn’t leave Liam a Dear John letter. Liam tells his father that he brought Steffy back to the Spencer retreat. Bill is visibly pleased. Liam says he couldn’t leave Steffy alone. Liam says to Bill that Steffy signed the annulment papers. Bill thinks Steffy made a bad move. Liam confides he tore them up immediately. Bill asks Liam if Steffy could possibly want to move on without Liam. Liam announces he kissed Steffy in Aspen. Bill wonders who Liam wants to be with – Hope or Steffy. Bill asks his son to make a decision pronto. They hear a car pull up in the driveway - no doubt, Hope. Bill tells Liam that Steffy is the one for him. Hope walks in and says a brief hello to Bill before he vacates the house. Hope hurries over to Liam and hugs him. Liam is quiet until he asks Hope why she didn’t wake him up this morning. Hope says she needed time to think. Hope relays to Liam that she saw her therapist yesterday. Hope thinks what happened in Aspen is a blessing in disguise. Hope feels awful about the accident and wants to apologize to Steffy. Hope acknowledges she has made many mistakes, but is done with the pills for good. Hope tells Liam that she has made a decision. Hope says that she should not have moved in. Hope believes that all her problems with Liam started then. Hope says she hasn’t remained true to herself, so she needs to move out immediately. Hope’s eyes are filled with tears as she apologizes to Liam. Hope swears she wants to be with Liam and brings up their soon-to-be wedding. Hope doesn’t want Liam to be swayed by what Bill and Steffy say about her. Liam remains silent. Hope senses something is wrong and asks Liam if he still wants to get married.

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