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Steffy tells Liam he is free from her as Liam looks at her in shock. Brooke asks Hope why Liam didn’t come with her. Hope says she knows Brooke has a lot of questions for her right now but she’d rather talk to Dr. Barton first. Hope tells her mother that Aspen was too much for her and says that what happened there, and what she caused was a real wake up call. Brooke looks worried at her daughter’s words.

Bill hears about Steffy’s accident and is also told how she sensed that he was behind the press going after Hope. He asks Ramona if she denied that and she says yes. Bill asks about Hope. Ramona tells him she is okay and didn’t get hurt. Bill says even if she did she would not feel it. Hanging up on her, Bill mumbles that Hope was probably as high as a kite when she hit Steffy.

Liam asks Steffy why she signed the annulment papers now. Steffy explains to him how things have been hell. She says it has to end somewhere because it just can’t go on like this anymore with Hope and her. She asks him why not here in Aspen? The place where it all began? Liam says nothing and looks speechless as he just stares at Steffy wordlessly.

Dr. Barton’s session begins. Hope asks Brooke to stay for the session saying that she thinks both her mom and the doctor need to hear what happened in Aspen. The doctor says that is fine by her and says so things didn’t go as planned in Aspen.

Brooke explains that Hope and Liam were staying at Bill’s retreat in Aspen and it’s very private. She says she thought they would be safe from the paparazzi but weren’t. Hope tells the doctor how she was stalked by the press every where she went. She said it was like they knew her every move before she made it. Sighing, Hope says she just wanted to be with Liam. She says she thought Aspen was the answer to that, to reconnect with Liam. Hope puzzles her mother and the doctor when she says it was still a place to reconnect with Liam just in a whole different way.

Hope says that she is sorry for what happened to Steffy and says she is sorry for taking that pill. The doctor asks her what pill and Hope tells her it was one she got online. The doctor reminds her how dangerous that is to order drugs online without a prescription. Hope says she’s sorry and says she wasn’t thinking. When the doctor asks her what she was doing then Hope says running.

She says she’s been running from the media, her fans and herself .When Brooke tries to say that isn’t true and it isn’t her fault Hope says it is. She says only she is responsible for the choices she makes. She says that it was her stupid choice to take the pill and then go skiing. She says that is when she crashed into Steffy and then skied off without even seeing if she was okay. Hope cries out in disgust at herself and asks who does that. Hope says she knows she has issues with Steffy but she would have never have hurt her had she been herself. She says she has not been herself lately and that is going to change starting right now. Dr. Barton nods in approval.

Bill wants to check on Steffy but Alison tells him not to call because it will raise suspicion. She advises him to call the hospital instead because he’s still her family and they’ll give him information on her. Bill says and he intends to keep it that way if he has something to say about it. Alison points out that it was him who orchestrated everything in Aspen. Bill asks her if she wants to take back what she said and Alison says that Liam is very lucky to have such a protective father. Bill smiles at her and says better.

Steffy says that too many people have been hurt. Liam says her especially. Steffy smiles bitterly and says yes, the lengths she has gone to to try and save her marriage. Steffy says she had good intentions fighting for their marriage but it should not have had to be fighting. She says this is why she is doing this. She tells him he is free and their marriage is over. She says their memories will long live on though. Liam smiles at her as Steffy smiles back.

Dr. Barton says to Hope that it seems like Steffy’s accident was a clarifying moment for her. Hope nods and says that Steffy could have been seriously hurt because of her. Brooke tells her not to blame herself but Hope tells her it is her fault. She says that she feels she is at a crossroads now and she needs to find a way to reconcile her values and the way she is living her life.

She says isn’t that what it all comes down to. Dr. Barton says that it sounds like Hope has been doing a lot of thinking and is ready to make some changes. She says that she wants to hear what conclusions Hope came to. Hope smiles and nods, looking ready to tell all she has realized.

Alison tells Bill that she doesn’t get it why he’s so determined to get Hope out of Liam’s life. Bill says he is not concerned if she understands it or not. He says it’s not like he enjoys going behind his son’s back. Alison tells him that it could backfire. Bill says that is a risk he is willing to take to show Liam how wrong Hope is for him and how right Steffy is. Bill tells her that Steffy is good for Liam and she loves him. Alison says enough to let him go and Bill looks caught off guard.

Steffy talks about her marriage with Liam. She asks him what they were doing and mentions how she manipulated the wedding and her bogus brain injury amongst other things. Steffy says enough with the madcap adventures. She says she’s just trying to say thanks for the memories. Liam gets reminded of Bob Hope from her words.

Steffy mentions that he is her favorite singer. Liam says he can’t believe it because he is his super fan. Steffy tells him not to go there and sings on of his songs. Liam joins in and they take turns singing the lines. At the end of the song, Steffy goes teary and tells Liam thank you so much. She then laughs and Liam laughs with her.

Bill says he’s never bought into that bullshit. He says if you love someone you don’t let them go, you fight for them period. He says Steffy is a fighter and Hope is a basket case. Bill firmly says that he doesn’t believe there is a shrink in the world that can help Hope because she is what she is.

Dr. Barton tells Hope that in living with Liam who is a married man, there is a level of hypocrisy that the media and her fans have picked up on too. She says and it’s hitting home because on some level Hope believes it’s true. Hope nods in agreement and says that is what she is struggling with. Dr. Barton tells her to talk to her.

Hope says she thinks she should move out from Liam’s until Liam and Steffy are divorced and they are married. The doctor says it won’t be easy for her to do that but it might be what she needs. Hope nods as Brooke looks shocked. Brooke asks her if this is why Liam stayed back in Aspen, to let her think. Brooke then puts Hope on the spot by asking if that’s it or if there is more to it.

Steffy tells Liam that was fun. Liam smiles and Steffy tells him he should probably put those papers in a safe place before they blow away. Liam falls silent and looks as if he is going to cry. He gets up and walks off a bit as Steffy turns her head and cries. But as she cries she hears the sounds of papers being torn. Steffy looks up to find Liam ripping up the annulment papers.

Liam looks at her with teary eyes as he throws the papers away. He then takes Steffy’s hand, pulls her up and kisses her. Steffy pulls away and smiles in disbelief as Liam smiles with her. The torn pieces of paper are shown flowing away in the lake as Liam and Steffy hold each other and just smile in happiness.

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