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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks at the annulment papers she signed as Ramona watches over her. Steffy says this is it, the end of her marriage and says that Hope and Liam are free to do what they want now.

Hope tells Liam once again that she is done with taking pills. She asks for Liam’s forgiveness for what she did to Steffy but Liam says that isn’t important. Liam tells her that lately she had been acting like a fragile, insecure, unstable little girl.

He says she is acting just like his dad says she is. Liam says that if Hope can’t handle a few weeks of annoying press then what is it going to be like on her when she is Mrs. William Spencer III. He asks if he’s going to be coming home to find her self-medicating. He asks her how she’s going to cope with being a mother, or illness, death or tragedy? He says that if she can’t cope with that stuff than how is he supposed to marry her.

Hope says that she will never use pills to solve her problems again but Liam turns away from her, not believing a word since she has said this many, many times before. Liam asks her what about her self-confidence and asks when she became so unable to take the negative opinions of others. He tells her of his mother who died of cancer and had the open of drugging herself but didn’t. He says those last few days he shared with his mom are his to keep. Hope finds herself in tears at what Liam is suggesting.

Ridge learns that Steffy had a snowboarding accident. Taylor tells him that Hope crashed into her and now she is in the hospital. Ridge becomes upset and Brooke tries to gloss over the incident by saying it’s all okay. Ridge looks at her unhappily.

Ramona says this is crazy for Steffy to give Liam up when she loves him so much. Steffy explains that too many things have happened because of this. She says this competition between Hope and her needs to end and so she is giving Liam his freedom.

Sighing, Hope sits down. She mentions again how she wanted to wait for them to marry before they had sex. Liam says they should have waited then. Hope says she doesn’t regret what they did but admits that she is confused. She says she doesn’t know a safe way out of this. Hope tells Liam she is scared she will lose him if she doesn’t always act the way she was when they fell in love. Liam tells her she should know he will always love her.

Hope thanks Liam for that and hugs him before saying they should go see Steffy. Liam says that Steffy may not want to see her right now as she caused her accident. Hope says then he should go see her. Liam says okay and Hope tells him to just tell Steffy she is so sorry. As Liam turns to leave Hope says they are going to be okay because she’ll do what she has to to make them work. Liam smiles at her softly.

Ramona says that an annulment is like saying that the marriage never happened and Liam and Steffy were both glowing at their wedding because they were both in love. Steffy says that she still is but Liam wants a chance with Hope so she is going to give it to him. Ramona says she is making a huge sacrifice here but Steffy says it is time to do so. Liam enters as Ramona leaves. He asks her how the knee is and Steffy jokingly says that they are going to have to amputate making him laugh.

She asks how Hope is and Liam says she will be fine. The doctor enters and tells Steffy and Liam that she only has a sprain. He tells her that she can leave soon and only has to make sure not to put strain on her leg for a while. Steffy thanks the doctor and he leaves to call the nurse to finish with Steffy. Steffy tells Liam that it looks like they won’t have to amputate after all. Liam grins and Steffy shares another laugh with him.

Ridge reads Taylor the text he just got from Steffy saying that she just has a sprained knee and will be released shortly. Brooke gets a call from Hope. Hope tells Brooke how bad she feels about hurting Steffy but Brooke tells her Steffy will be okay. Hope then reveals that she is coming back to L.A. Brooke and Ridge and Taylor are surprised to hear she is coming home alone without Liam. Hope tells her mom she will explain when she gets home and hangs up on her.

Steffy is given her discharge papers. Liam thanks the nurse for taking care of Steffy. Steffy thanks Liam for taking care of her too and thanks him for staying with her on the mountain when she got hurt. She asks Liam if he will leave her at her hotel but Liam tells her he is taking her to the Spencer house.

When Steffy tries to protest he says he’s not taking no for an answer so she should stop. Steffy agrees but says he’ll have to carry her. Liam picks her up bridal style. Steffy says she was just joking but when Liam says he can put her down she says it’s okay. Liam carries her out of the room while Steffy loads him up with her things making him complain about how heavy it is. Liam and Steffy continue laughing on the way out.

Taylor asks Brooke if Hope said why she was coming back home now. Brooke says Hope will explain when she gets here. Brooke puzzles over why Liam isn’t coming home with her. Ridge says maybe it’s because Liam still has work to do over Aspen Fashion Week but Taylor says it could be another reason entirely. She says that maybe Liam and Steffy got back together and that his why Hope is alone. Brooke appears to laugh at that but looks bitter.

Hope tells the plane captain that she is going back to L.A. alone. When he leaves to tell the pilot to take off, Hope appears to be deep in thought. Liam brings Steffy home and finds a note from Hope. He is surprised to find that Hope went back to L.A.

As Liam brings Steffy her hot toddy that he promised Steffy remembers the time she shared in Aspen with him. Liam wraps a shawl around Steffy and puts her knee up on his leg. He asks her if Aspen is beautiful, isn’t it. Steffy smiles and says it is.

Hope is shown again on the plane. She smiles to herself as she thinks about Liam and all they have shared. Liam tells Steffy that he’s being reminded of the last time they were here. Steffy says her too. When Liam falls silent, Steffy makes a joke about how her protective ski gear didn’t work. Liam chuckles as she says she was like a flashing stop sign going down that mountain top.

Steffy then says she’s sorry Hope left him. She says she knows he is worried before saying she feels that is all they have been doing, being worried and trying to figure out who’s turn it is now to be happy or sad. She says things have been crazy and she feels it’s up to her to put an end to that.  She takes out the annulment papers and gives them to Liam. Liam is shocked to see she has signed them. As Liam looks at her in total shock, Steffy says he is free while crying. Liam looks lost and confused as he just stares at her while holding the annulment papers.

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