B&B Wednesday Update 5/2/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/2/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope looks for Liam back at the cabin.

Liam wonders how Steffy is doing and Steffy claims it is ok. The doctor comes in and tells Steffy she will be ok after a while. Steffy tells Liam that she is fine now and that Liam can leave now. Liam tells her he is not leaving. Steffy tells Liam that he should go be with Hope and that she will call if she needs anything. Liam walks off.

Hope looks out the window and gets a phone call. Hope picks up her phone and it is Brooke. Brooke asks how she is doing and how Steffy is doing. Hope says she has not seen Steffy or Liam and then gets off the phone.

Taylor and Stephanie walk in and Brooke tell them both that Hope and Steffy both had an accident.

Ramona walks in and finds Steffy and wonders why she is in the hospital. Steffy claims that it has to do with Hope and that she did it on accident.

Hope continues to wonder where Liam is when Liam walks in. Liam tells Hope that he is worried about her.

Steffy wonders why Ramona is there and she claims that someone on ski patrol called. Steffy calls Taylor and tells her she is fine. Taylor is shocked that Steffy is in the hospital and that she is fine. Steffy tells her she is fine. Steffy hangs up and tells Ramona to stop with the harassing of Hope.

Liam is mad at Hope for bumping into Steffy. Hope tells Liam that Steffy said she was fine and Liam wants to know if Steffy was able to get up. Hope thinks that Steffy is playing a game and Liam informs Hope that Steffy can’t walk.

Taylor explains that Steffy will be ok but needs to get an MRI. Brooke thinks that it is fate that Hope and Brooke collided. Stephanie tells Brooke that she does not think that the two girls should be chasing anyone. Brooke thinks it is upsetting that the girls are going through the same drama as Brooke and Taylor did.

Steffy thinks that Bill has to be involved in what is happening that that Bill is forcing Ramona to do this. Ramona denies this. A nurse comes in and asks for the insurance information and Steffy sees the annulment papers.

Liam explains that everyone is worried about her. Hope says that she is sorry and does not know what happened. Liam asks if Hope has been using the pills again. Hope tells Liam yes.

Steffy looks at the papers still and tells Ramona that love is supposed to be amazing but it is not working out for her or anyone. She admits to hurting Hope and Hope hurting her and she decides that it is time to stop. She is not giving up on Liam but she will have to try a different approach and let him go. Steffy signs the annulment papers.

Hope tells Liam she did not know what she is doing. Liam wants to know why she would still have the pills in the first place. Liam asked why she did not do a number of other things instead of taking the pills. Liam explains that he walked away from his marriage because it ended in lies and does not want to do that again. Hope tells Liam that she is not a liar and that it hurts her when people use her and she gives him the pills and swears she is done with the pills and won’t use them again. She begs him to believe her and give them another chance.

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