B&B Tuesday Update 5/1/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/1/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shown passed out in the snow and awakes to find out that someone is passed out next to her.

Bill explains once again that he needs to keep Liam away from Hope because she is just like Hope. He tries to explain this to Alison. Alison tells Bill that they are different people. Bill claims that Hope and Brooke are very much alike just like Steffy and her mother. Bill thinks that Brooke is a flake and Hope is just like that. He thinks Liam has had nothing but drama since asking Hope for marriage.

Rick looks at models in their clothes and tells Brooke that the clothes are fine. Brooke looks at her phone scared. Rick sends the models away and Brooke tries to explain why she is afraid of what is going on with Hope. Rick does not think that Hope should be left alone.

Liam continues to look for Hope on the slopes.

Hope asks if the person is ok and it turns out to be Steffy. Steffy wants to know what is wrong with Hope. Hope tells her nothing and proceeds to ski off into the distance. Steffy hurts her leg trying to stand up.

Rick is on the phone with someone wondering about where the plane is. He tells Brooke that he can get the pilot to bring Hope back home. Brooke tells Rick that everything will be ok. Rick wonders what the doctor said. Brooke explains that everything is ok and the doctor just does not think it is a good idea for Hope to be out and about. Brooke wishes that Hope could prove that she is different than her. Rick tells Brooke that Hope is going to be ok. The two hug.

Hope goes down the slope making it to the bottom and smiles.

Bill thinks that Liam is only with Hope still because he has to be. Alison tells Bill he is over reacting and shows Bill Hopes file. Bill fires Alison.

Liam finds Steffy and Steffy tells Liam that Hope left her and that her knee really hurts.

Bill tells Alison that things are going through badly for the two of them and that the things are not working out and never will. Alison asks why Bill wants Steffy so badly in the family. Bill tells Alison that Steffy is good for him and that she is just so perfect for them all. Bill explains that he wants his son to have a good wife. He wishes Liam would open his eyes to Steffy.

Brooke answers a call to Hope and Hope tells Brooke she has been skiing and that she is not being chased by the press anymore. Hope tells brooks that she is ok but she crashed into Steffy. Brooke asks if anyone is hurt. Hope claims everyone is fine.

Steffy tells Liam that she is fine and he can go. Steffy gets up but she can’t stand up. Clips are shown from the two of them falling in love and to their wedding and their relationship in general. Liam holds Steffy in his arms. The ski patrol shows up and helps Steffy get up.

Hope stairs off into the sky and wonders where Liam is.

The get Steffy off the snow and onto a bed to take her off. Liam helps Steffy as much as he can and tells the doctor that he is Steffy’s husband

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