B&B Monday Update 4/30/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/30/12


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Fashion Week in Aspen continues as Liam searches for Hope amid the crowd of people. Liam heads for the camera tent and runs into Oliver. Liam asks Oliver if he’s seen Hope, but Oliver shakes his head no. Once Liam leaves the tent, Oliver sips from his glass of champagne, a look of victory on his face. The runway show is a hit with the audience. From his office, Bill calls Oliver for an update on Hope and the paparazzi. Oliver relays to Bill that the reporters are at the retreat right now. Oliver is certain the paparazzi are getting good photos of Hope’s meltdown. Marcus and Bill’s female assistant wait in Bill’s office while Bill goes on about getting Hope out of Liam’s life. Bill hopes the paparazzi can get some great photos of Hope. Oliver calls again and tells Bill that one of the paparazzi took a photo of Hope swallowing a pill. Bill asks Oliver to forward him the picture. Near the camera tent, Steffy finds Liam and updates him on Hope’s run-in with reporters. Liam thanks Steffy for coming to him with this information. Liam wonders if the paparazzi followed Hope to the house.

Hope is freaking out at the Spencer retreat as the paparazzi takes photos through closed blinds. Hope covers her head with her hands, trying desperately to block out the camera flashes. Hope searches frantically for the anti-anxiety pill bottle. As Hope takes a pill, a reporter manages to snap a photo of her. The photographer appears confident with the picture.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke calls Stacy (Dr. Barton) from Ridge’s office. Stacy agrees to meet with Brooke to talk about Hope’s recovery. Stephanie knocks on the office door just as Brooke ends the call. Brooke admits to Stephanie that she’s concerned about Hope in Aspen. Stephanie asks Brooke to elaborate. Brooke says the media will not stop harassing Hope. Brooke fears the attention will be worse in Aspen. Stephanie criticizes Brooke for telling her daughter going to Aspen with Liam would be a good idea. Brooke realizes she was wrong. Brooke senses trouble for Hope. Stephanie tries to reassure Brooke that Hope is resilient and can handle the reporters. Brooke is starting to think Hope can’t handle the “pressure” of all this attention. Stephanie jokes that Hope shouldn’t have gotten into the fashion business if she couldn’t handle reporters. Brooke feels Hope is “fragile” right now. Brooke tells Stephanie about her concerns regarding Hope. Stephanie hands Brooke a glass of alcohol and advises her to breathe deeply. Brooke confides about Hope’s problems with the press, that Hope could be destroyed if she doesn’t get her anxiety in check. Brooke says she left messages, but Hope isn’t returning her calls. Brooke is visibly shaken by Hope’s situation. Brooke says she called her friend Stacy who is a psychiatrist. Stephanie is surprised to learn Hope is already seeing Dr. Barton. Brooke comes clean about Hope’s self-medicating with anti-anxiety meds. Stephanie is sickened when she hears Hope bought pills online. Brooke swears Hope is done with the medication, but fears what she’ll do in Aspen. Brooke wishes she knew if Hope was safe or not. Brooke says Rick is worried about Hope’s time in Aspen. Brooke says she is looking forward to Stacy’s opinion on the matter. There is a knock on the door – it’s Dr. Barton. Brooke and Stacy hug while Stephanie stands there. Brooke introduces the two; Stacy and Stephanie shake hands. Stephanie asks that she stay while Brooke speaks to Stacy about Hope. After updating Stacy on the situation in Aspen, all three wonder if Hope made it back to the retreat safely. Dr. Barton says she only gave Hope two pills. Brooke confides Hope got the other ones online. Stacy is shocked. Stacy says that some online pharmacies can’t be trusted, especially ones where you don’t need a prescription. Stacy adds that the refusal for websites to list their contact information is a red flag. Brooke is sickened to learn that Hope’s pills might contain chemicals. Brooke swears Hope has stopped taking the pills. Brooke calls Hope again, but she doesn’t pick up. Stephanie asks Stacy what the side effects could be. Stacy informs Brooke and Stephanie that taking the mysterious pills with alcohol could be bad news. Brooke hates considering the worst-case scenarios when it comes to her daughter. Brooke begs Stacy to speak to Hope.

From the camera tent, Liam calls Hope. Hope can barely speak over the sound of the cameras. Liam says he will be back to the retreat soon. Hope covers her head again to drown out the sounds. Later, Liam returns to the house to find the bedroom door locked. Hope wakes up and opens the door, falling into Liam’s arms. Liam finds Hope out of breath. Hope rambles on about the paparazzi, but promises she is better now. Liam says the reporters are gone, but fears they will return. Hope blurts out her wish to go skiing. Liam tries to change the subject, but Hope is adamant she needs to get outside and breathe in the crisp, cool air. Liam agrees to Hope’s suggestion; they hug.

Steffy runs into one of Bill’s female employees on the ski slopes. Steffy’s friend suggests going snowboarding. They snowboard down a hill and then Steffy’s friend falls on her butt. Steffy is thankful for the distraction from thinking about Liam and Hope. Steffy doesn’t want to slow her friend down. Steffy’s friend agrees to meet her at the bottom of the slope.

Liam and Hope leave the house, clad in ski jackets and carrying their equipment. Liam says to Hope that he’ll call the police if the paparazzi show up again. Hope is suddenly very giddy and wants to forget the whole incident altogether. Liam is a little concerned about Hope’s good mood. When they get to the ski lift, Hope won’t stop laughing. Hope screams out that this is amazing. Liam asks that Hope chill out. Liam says he doesn’t see any reporters. Liam comments on Hope’s cute “bunny outfit”. While Hope skis, Liam snowboards.

Steffy, her friend, Liam and Hope are all moving down the slopes in Aspen. Steffy wipes out briefly, but pulls herself back up. Hope wants to ski faster, but Liam asks her to stop for a second. Liam is having trouble with his snowboard. Hope ignores Liam’s problem with the snowboard and continues to sail down the hill. Liam yells out for Hope to slow down, but she doesn’t listen to him. Steffy stops at the end of a hill to catch a breath. Out of nowhere, Hope barrels into Steffy. Both are knocked unconscious and fall to the ground.

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