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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/27/12


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Hope says she’s going to go with Liam to the opening of Aspen Fashion Week. Liam asks her if that is such a good idea but Hope says that all the reporters will be busy covering the designers so she’ll just blend right in. She promises to watch from afar and then come back to the house so Liam agrees to let her come. They share a kiss while smiling.

Justin asks Bill if he’s changed his mind about this plan to which Bill says he hasn’t. Justin warns Bill about Liam finding out about this. Bill says he won’t but Justin says he could. Bill says he’ll take that chance.

Justin tells Bill that Liam chose Hope. Bill repeats that Hope isn’t strong enough to be Liam’s wife but says if Hope rises to the occasion today and passes his test he’ll take everything he said about her back. Justin asks if that means he’ll give Liam and Hope his blessings. Bill falls silent and Justin says that he knew it. He looks at Bill accusingly and says that he’s still rooting for Steffy and he wants her back in his family.

Ramona phones Bill and tells him how Steffy doesn’t want any more manipulations because she wants Liam to come back to her on his own. Bill asks her if she told Steffy about his plan. Ramona says no but says how Steffy really doesn’t want Hope to be harassed but Bill asks her who she works for Steffy or him. Justin shakes his head as Bill orders Ramona to keep with the plan. Hanging up, Bill sees Justin’s disapproving frown and angrily says that he is doing what he has to do as a father.

Rick receives updates from Othello in Aspen. Rick says he doesn’t like Ramona and Steffy hanging out together and tells Othello to keep an eye on Hope. Rick tells Brooke he’s worried because the last time Ramona and Steffy were together they got Steffy married to Liam. He mutters angrily, saying why did Hope have to go to Aspen. When Brooke says she wanted to be with Liam, Rick says she better not go to that fashion show because Liam will be working and Hope will be all alone with no one to save her from the press.

Hope tells Liam he can go to work now and says she’s just going to hang back and watch from afar. Liam says okay and kisses her before leaving. When Liam leaves, Hope is spotted by Ramona. Ramona tells her helper to alert the press. The man smiles as he watches Hope and says let the feeding frenzy begin. Steffy watches Liam in the crowd at the show longingly. Ramona whispers to her that he came with Hope but it’s really who he leaves with that counts. Steffy lets out a sigh and nods.

Rick says that with Aspen Fashion Week there will be reporters everywhere where Hope is. Brooke tries to assure him that Liam will be watching over Hope. Rick says he wishes that Steffy wasn’t there because it’s obvious to him that she still wants Liam back. Brooke thinks Steffy has learned her lesson and won’t pull any tricks because that will make her lose Liam forever.

When Rick continues to worry Brooke tells him that as long as Hope keeps a low profile she should be fine because the reporters don’t know she is there. She says they have to cover the show but Rick worries about if someone tipped them off that Hope was going to be in Aspen. Concerned, Rick says he’s not sure Hope will be able to handle being mauled by the media. Going pale, Rick says one more thing like that and it might push Hope right over the edge. Brooke looks worried at his words.

Hope is pointed out to the media and the press runs over to Hope and bombards her with questions about Liam. They call her a hypocrite and take photos of her without stopping. Hope tries to answer them but is soon getting overwhelmed under the flashing camera lights and questions.

Hope manages to escape from the reporters and run but they follow her. Steffy approaches Liam in the crown and talks to him about the show. Liam says you have to love Aspen to which Steffy agrees. She says it’s special for so many reasons hinting at their wedding that happened here.

Steffy says they’ll always have Aspen and Liam smiles and says that he has a lot of special memories to do with Aspen and he doesn’t see that changing any time soon. Steffy smiles as they watch the show together. When Liam goes to take some interviews, Ramona comes over to Steffy and says that she saw Liam and her talking. She says they both looked like they were so in love, Liam and her. Steffy smiles at her comment.

Hope is shown running through the streets to try and escape the swarm of reporters that are chasing her with cameras. Othello sees Hope being chases by the reporters. He updates Rick about the situation. Panicked, Rick asks how many reporters are after Hope and Othello says ten or twenty. He says he just has to get her back to the house somehow. Liam is shown talking to designers and having a good time while Hope continues to be chased though the streets by the paparazzi.

Rick tries to reach Hope on the phone but continues to get her voicemail. Brooke tells him to call Liam. Rick says he has and he can’t reach him. He immediately then, jumps to blame Steffy for this and says maybe they should call her. Brooke looks convinced that Steffy is to blame for this as well.

In Aspen, Steffy notices that Hope is gone. She goes to Ramona and says she heard Hope was being harassed by reporters. She says to go find her so Ramona goes with her to look for Hope. Hope continues to run from press and Othello pulls up. Hope gets into his car and makes her escape.

Bill’s person gets a phone call from him and Bill asks what the progress is. He is told that the reporters were all over her until she got into some car in left. Bill figures that Hope is going to go to the Spencer house. He tells the reporter to keep on the chase. Bill tells them to go to the Spencer House and continue harassing Hope. Ordering them to do it now, Bill hangs up and looks tense.

Othello drops Hope off at the Spencer house. He asks her if she wants him to stay with her but Hope says she wants to be alone. Othello looks hesitant but leaves her alone. Steffy sees the reporters alone so Ramona says that Hope must have gotten away. She then asks Steffy why she even cares about Hope being mauled by reporters. Steffy says that Ramona hasn’t seen it up close.

She says this scandal is driving Hope insane and says she wouldn’t wish that on anyone. When Ramona asks even Hope, Steffy says yes, not even Hope. Liam tries to find Hope in the crowd but is unable to locate her. He asks himself where she might be.

Hope enters the Spencer house and tries to calm down. She takes off her coat and drinks some water while unbeknownst to her, reporters surround the house. Soon cameras are flashing again and reporters are trying to talk to her from the windows.

As Hope struggles to shut the blinds she knocks her purse off the table and the anti-anxiety pills fall out. Hope prays for the reporters to stop but they keep going. Looking for a way to escape, Hope sees her pills. She picks up the bottle and looks at the pills vulnerably.

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