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Written By Rachna
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On the plane with Liam and Hope, Steffy mentions how Aspen is the most beautiful place in the world. Liam exchanges a glance with her and a smile before quickly looking away.

Justin tells Bill that the Forrester jet is about to land in Aspen. Bill calls his people in Aspen and asks them if they are ready. They tell them they have everything just the way he wants. He says that is what he likes to hear and smirks saying let’s see what Hope is made of.

Brooke tells Rick that Hope is about to land in Aspen. Rick and Brooke both express concern about Hope’s decision to go with Liam to Aspen with the media situation the two of them are in. Rick worries if Hope can handle another reporter attack but then says that he doesn’t give her enough credit. When he sees Brooke’s secretive face at those words, he asks her what she’s hiding.

Brooke lets Rick know that Hope is seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-anxiety pills. Rick asks why he’s hearing about this so late and Brooke tells him Hope just wasn’t willing to talk to anyone about it. She says that now Liam knows though and it’s all okay but Hope needs a good support system around her right now. Rick says if Hope needs anything, he’s there. Brooke says that he should tell Hope that. He says he will and Brooke smiles.

Steffy sees Ramona in Aspen. She hugs Ramona as Ramona says it’s so good to see her. Steffy asks how everything has been in Aspen. Ramona says it has been crazy. Steffy compliments the stage and says the list of designers looks great. Ramona says and the press too is ready to go. Hope and Liam decide to drive to the Spencer house at Aspen. Hope says after a flight with Steffy she could use some alone time. As they drive away, Hope is seen by some reporters. They grin at each other and say game on.

Justin tells Bill that it’s not too late to call things off. Bill asks him why he would do that and Justin says he leave this to fate. Bill smirks and says he didn’t get this far in life by leaving things to fate and he says he certainly won’t leave his son’s future in fate’s hands either. He says he wants Liam to have the best life has to offer and that is not Hope Logan.

Justin says that Liam needs to figure that out for himself. Bill says that he will and he’s just helping out. He says he’s just speeding up the process of letting Liam see what Hope really is. When Justin tried to point out Hope’s qualities, Bill firmly says that she is a crackpot and he’s not going to let her drag Liam down with her.

Rick asks Brooke how long Hope has been in therapy. Brooke tells him about a month and then lets Rick know how Hope only received two anti-anxiety pills from the doctor but went online and got more. Rick expresses concern about the possibility of Hope’s addiction but Brooke says that’s not what is happening here.

The conversation shifts to Steffy, Liam and Hope in Aspen and Rick reminds Brooke that the last time those three went away together it didn’t go so well. Brooke says she warned Bill, as Hope is staying at the Spencer house in Aspen, not to do anything. Rick says that isn’t going to stop Bill and says he should have gone to Aspen with his sister. Rick then contacts a friend in Aspen to check up on Hope.

Rick asks Othello to look after Hope in Aspen and make sure she doesn’t get in any bad situations. Othello says he’ll watch over Hope like she is his own sister. Rick thanks him and hangs up feeling assured.

Steffy tells Ramona about her ski line. Ramona says that’s exciting. Steffy tells her that this is her way of staying close to Aspen. Ramona asks how things are going with Liam and asks if she’s given up on him. Steffy smiles and says not a chance that she would ever give up on Liam.

Liam tells Hope the Spencer home is very private. Hope says she already feels safe here. Liam tells her to relax while she’s here and Hope says she’s going to do just that. Liam says then maybe they can go into town and they’ll keep it low-key to avoid the press. Hope says that sounds great and kisses Liam.

Rick tells Brooke he still feels like he should be in Aspen for Hope himself. Brooke says that Liam is going to protect Hope but Rick expresses doubt that Liam will be very good at protecting her from his own father. Brooke asks Rick what he thinks Bill is going to do. Rick says he’s not sure but with Bill in the mix, even from a distance he gets a bad feeling. Brooke looks nervous at her son’s words.

Justin once again tells Bill to butt out and let Liam decide who he wants to be with. Bill insists that Liam deserves to be married to someone who is fit for him and says if Hope can’t handle a little media pressure then she is not fit to be his spouse. He says he’s giving Hope a chance to pass his test.

Justin says so he’s doing a favor on her and Bill says exactly. He’s doing Hope a favor with this test. When he tells Justin to call him altruist Bill instead of Dollar Bill, Justin laughs.

Liam and Hope decide to go to the hot tub. Othello spies on Steffy as she talks to Ramona. Steffy says it’s her fault Liam is with Hope right now. She says she did everything wrong from when she manipulated Liam into marrying her but says that Liam and her are still going to get through this.

Steffy says she just has these moments though just like knowing that Liam is in their honeymoon house with Hope right now, she says it is killing her. Liam gets ready to head into the hot tub but pauses for a moment when he sees the bed in the bedroom. He remembers making love to Steffy there and pauses for a moment, looking nostalgic before he leaves.

Bill tries to get on with work but Justin continues to tell him to stay out of Liam’s life. Frustrated, Bill says that Liam is going to be taking over his empire one day and firmly says that he needs a wife that can handle some challenges. Bill says if Hope can’t handle a little media pressure then how she is going to handle any real adversity. Justin says that Liam chose Hope but Bill insists that Liam doesn’t see her for who she is.

Bill says that Liam rarely smiles when he is with Hope and that he smiled a lot more when he was with Steffy. He says that he wants a wife for Liam like Katie is for him. Justin says that he may be pushing his son too far but Bill simply says that maybe Hope will pass his test. He says either way though, he will be making his son’s life happier.

Othello continues to watch as Ramona and Steffy talk. Steffy says that it’s bothering her how Liam is with Hope in the place they spent their wedding night. She sighs and says she can’t dwell on that when Ramona looks at her sympathetically.

She says that Liam has to find his way back to her and in the meantime she has to get on with it. Ramona smiles as Steffy says it was nice they could catch up. Ramona reminds Steffy how Aspen was magical for her once and says that maybe it will be again. Steffy smiles as she says who knows, maybe Steffy will be flying home with her husband at that end of the week.

Liam and Hope spend time in the hot tub and share a kiss. Bill gets updates from Aspen through a phone call. They tell him that the reporters will be on Hope like crazy tomorrow. Bill says that maybe Hope will survive this test but says if she doesn’t then it all ends tomorrow. He hangs up and smirks at his plan.

Liam and Hope continue to spend time in the tub. Hope and Liam get into a discussion about her pills. Hope once again promises never to have them again and then says she can’t wait to be his wife. Liam says he can’t wait to be her husband.


Hope asks him how many kids he wants and Liam says six. Hope says she thinks six is enough. Liam says he wants to have a dog too, a St. Bernard that he will name Bubbles. Hope giggles and kisses Liam passionately as they hold each other close.

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