B&B Wednesday Update 4/25/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/25/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy goes through a box of bright colored fabrics and gets on the phone to tell the front to get her car ready. Brooke walks in and wants to know if Steffy will not go. Steffy says she is only going for fashion week. Brooke asks Steffy not to cause trouble.

Hope and Liam kiss each other on the plain and wait as Steffy arrives on the plain. Hope smiles waiting for Steffy.

People discuss what they will do about Hope and Liam’s break up. Oliver gets on the phone with Bill and Bill tells him to get the job done. Ramona is also there and is part of the deal. Bill explains that all they have to do is make sure Hope is made crazy by the press and has an emotional downfall. Bill hangs up and explains Liam deserves better.

Hope claims she is proud of Liam and is happy to be with him on his firs time covering fashion week. Liam explains Steffy will not be a problem and kisses Hope.

Steffy explains that she has been planning this for weeks and Hope just decided to go. Brooke explains that Hope just wants to feel better. Steffy explains that the press is going to be there and she is just there to work unlike Hope. Brooke hands Steffy the annulment papers and Steffy refuses to sign them once again. Steffy says the way she got Liam to marry her was wrong but they were married and Liam will eventually come back to her.

Oliver tells Ramona that they need to break up Hope and Liam to keep their jobs.

Liam and Hope continue to wait for Steffy. They then kiss again as Steffy enters the plain rolling her eyes. Steffy tells Hope that Brooke tried to stop her from going and that she is going for work unlike Hope.

Bill talks on the phone with a cleaning service to make Liam’s house look nice. Brooke walks in and tells Bill she spoke to Steffy. Bill explains he knew and Liam is aware. Brooke tells Bill she remembers when Bill and Steffy last teamed up to keep Hope and Liam together. Brooke does not think that Bill will do anything this time if she has anything to do it.

Oliver and Ramona tell the press they will pay for pictures of Hope and to do what they want as long as she is not kept alone.

Steffy thinks that Hope should not go do to her stress. Hope explains she will be hiding from the press. Steffy does not think Hope will be able to stay away from the press do to her past. Hope is going and nothing will change her mind. Steffy takes out a deck of cards and asks if they want to play.

Brooke is worried that Hope will be targeted by the media. Bill says that Hope will not want to leave the house and he can make sure of that.

Oliver explains that they will get paid straight cash for the pictures of Hope. Ramona tells Oliver she does not like what is going on.

Steffy tells Hope they will be landing soon. Hope goes off to somewhere and Liam thanks Liam for being nice to Steffy. Steffy says she is trying her hardest. Steffy tells Liam she wishes it were just the two of them but she is will to forget about it. Steffy explains she is more together and more at peace than she has been in long time. Steffy wants to know if Liam still loves her. Steffy owns up to her mistakes and allowed Hope to move in to her house. Steffy tells that Liam that if things don’t work out for them he has a friend for life otherwise they will be married. Steffy thinks things will work out.

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