B&B Tuesday Update 4/24/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/24/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill gets Oliver on the phone and tells him to get Hope out of the picture.

Hope asks Liam what to pack for Aspen. Liam explains that she should know what to take. Hope is happy to be with Liam in Aspen. Hope tells Liam she promises not to be too clingy while he is working. Hope promises not to go crazy. Liam tells Hope to do fun things while she is there. Hope tells Liam to invite Steffy over one of the nights they are there.

Bill discusses how Hope will be out of the picture when they all return.

Rick asks Donna to allow him to be in a meeting with Steffy and Ridge and also asks Caroline to be part of the meeting.

Steffy talks to Ridge about plans and Caroline and Rick walk in Steffy tells Caroline they are in laws and that they should get to know each other.

Hope tells Brooke she is going to Aspen fashion week with Liam and Brooke tells Hope that might be a good idea.

Steffy explains to everyone they will be using colors that they are not used to using and Rick is wondering why this is so secretive. Rick tells Steffy that is anyone should go to Aspen to seek out things for their lines that it should be Caroline and him.

Bill tells Justin that he would never let his son be in a relation with someone who is not helpful to his relation and wellbeing. Liam walks in wondering what they are talking about.

Hope wonders why Brooke does not want her there. Brooke explains that there is lots of press there. Hope just wants to be there with Liam and refuses to allow Liam and Steffy to be alone together.

Thomas makes a rude remark about Rick. Ridge does not know why he keeps changing his mind. Everyone wants to know what Rick is trying to do. Rick thinks that Steffy is going to Aspen to be with Liam. Steffy explains that she is going for the fashion but it would be nice to see Liam. Steffy does not believe what is going on.

Bill hands Liam the info for his trip and explains that he is ready for the show. Liam tells Bill that Hope is not medicating herself anymore. Bill wonders if Hope is just telling Liam she is not doing the pills but still doing them. Liam refuses to believe.

Hope tells Brooke that she does not trust Steffy but she wants to be there with Liam. Hope explains that the pills she was taking were not from Stacy but from an online company and that she is done taking those pills and she is ready to take things into the future for herself. Hope has everything she wants if she gets out of her own way.

Liam tells Bill that Hope is ok now unlike before. Bill explains that he knows people who have sons that fall flat on their faces because they all suck at what they do. Bill explains everyone has a dream that is not going to come true and that is what Hope is for him. Liam storms out.

Steffy explains that she would love to get to know Caroline better and talk about Thomas with each other. Rick walks in and asks if Caroline is ready. Caroline leaves so Steffy can talk. Steffy tells Rick not to talk about Hope with her because Ridge is not going anywhere and neither is she unlike Rick.

Brooke tells Hope she loves Hope so much and has tried to be a good parent. Hope tells Brooke she thinks Brooke has been a great mother. Brooke explains she loves the person Hope is becoming. Hope says that Brooke is the best mom and they hug. Liam walks in and asks if she is ready to go. Brooke wishes them a good trip and Hope says they will and hugs Liam.

Bill gets a phone call from Oliver telling him that everything is set up. Bill says today they strike.

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