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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/23/12


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Steffy is in her office reminiscing about kissing Liam at the bar when Taylor walks in. Steffy says hello to her mom, but she’s clearly preoccupied. Taylor asks Steffy why she’s not acting like herself. Steffy admits she can’t stop thinking about last night with Liam. Steffy says Hope was a no-show, then blurts out that she and Liam shared a kiss. Taylor is shocked by the news. Steffy brags how Liam didn’t back off when she kissed him. Steffy is thankful she didn’t sign the annulment papers, convinced that Liam will be running back to her any day now. Taylor wonders what happened to Hope last night. Steffy brings up Fashion Week, saying it will be in Aspen. Steffy’s plan is to reunite with Liam when he’s there covering the event.

Liam is waiting in Bill’s office to talk about work. Bill walks in and demands to know where Liam has been all this time. Bill inquires about Liam and Hope’s dinner plans. Liam admits that he and Hope didn’t get a chance to eat out. Liam says he talked to Steffy last night. Bill is floored when he hears Liam and Steffy shared a kiss. Liam says Hope fell asleep because of a panic attack. Bill believes Hope needs serious help. Liam defends his girlfriend, claiming Hope isn’t weak. Bill smirks when Liam says Hope is through with taking the anti-anxiety pills. Bill asks Liam if Hope is “done with the crazy”. Liam leaves to take care of a business call, then returns to Bill’s office. Bill says Hope should go somewhere to get away for a few days. Bill suggests a spa, but Liam wants to spend time alone with Hope. Bill almost chokes when Liam says he’s thinking about bringing Hope to Aspen for Fashion Week. Bill says the paparazzi will be all over them, but Liam has an idea. Taylor shows up at the office. Liam leaves Bill and Taylor to talk. Bill asks Taylor a question about anti-anxiety medication. Taylor says they are normal for someone dealing with anxiety and stress. Taylor wonders if Bill needs help, but he laughs. Bill says Hope is the one with the problem, that she’s acting “cuckoo”. Taylor reminds Bill that his son wanted to work things out with Hope. Bill fears Hope will destroy Liam in the process. Both agree Liam was happiest with Steffy. Taylor believes Hope needs help and that the last thing she should be doing is contemplating marriage. Bill wants Hope to go to a facility where she’s far away from Liam. Taylor and Bill discuss how to get Steffy and Liam back together. Bill suddenly has a great idea. Bill won’t tell Taylor about his plan, but implies that everything is about to change for Liam and Steffy.

Hope texts Amber to meet her in Rick’s office. Amber thinks Hope wants more pills, but Hope says she doesn’t need them anymore. In fact, Hope makes it clear Amber isn’t her friend. Amber is speechless. Hope refuses to stand up to Brooke anymore on Amber’s behalf. Hope goes on about Amber not being a suitable choice for Rick or herself. Hope owns responsibility for taking the pills Amber offered her, but realizes she should have went to Dr. Barton for help. Amber is upset and trying hard to hold back the tears. Hope is angry that Amber misled her. Amber begins to cry, even more so when Hope says she is done sticking up for Amber. Hope says Amber should stop using the pharmaceutical website. Amber says she will stay clear of the site. Hope isn’t sure what was in the pills Amber gave her. Hope says the pills made her feel shaky, drowsy, and not herself. Hope tries to dismiss Amber from the office, but Amber asks if Hope got a new prescription from the therapist. Hope is adamant that she’s done with all pills; she wants to work out the anxiety on her own. Hope ignores Amber when she begins looking at some design layouts. Amber won’t leave the office. Amber implies she and Rick would make a good couple. Hope rolls her eyes and says Liam is getting her through this situation. Hope admits the pills did relax her, but she’s mad at herself for not going to Dr. Barton with her concerns. Hope rambles on about Liam and his support. Hope wants Amber out of her life for good. Amber starts to sob.

Hope is working in Rick’s office when Steffy walks in. Steffy inquires about Hope’s whereabouts last night. Hope says she and Liam worked it out. Steffy tells Hope that Liam is concerned about her. Steffy implies she knows Hope is seeing someone and taking pills. Hope asks Steffy point-blank if she knows the truth. Steffy acknowledges that she’s aware of Hope’s anxiety issues. Steffy promises to keep it a secret. Steffy reassures Hope that she’s not judging her for seeking help because her own mother is a therapist. Hope alerts Steffy to the fact that she’s done with the pills. Hope says Liam is her answer in dealing with the anxiety. Hope tells Steffy to “bring it on” in reference to all the stress she is causing Hope. While Hope brags about being happy with Liam, Steffy is thinking of Liam – kissing him and getting married in Aspen. Being cordial, Steffy tells Hope that the marriage will be over soon. However, Steffy makes it known she and Liam will always have a connection. Before Hope can say anything, Liam shows up out of the blue. Liam is surprised to see Steffy. Liam suggests coming back, but Hope whisks him inside. An awkward situation is diffused when Steffy says she enjoyed seeing Liam last night. Liam smiles, then brings up Aspen. Steffy is sickened to hear Liam ask Hope to accompany him for Fashion Week. Hope isn’t sure what to think because the media will be hounding them. Liam promises that it won’t be a problem. Steffy interjects jokingly that the three of them will be in Aspen again, that fun times lie ahead. Steffy leaves Liam and Hope to sort out the details. Alone, the heartbreak is written all over Steffy’s face.

In Rick’s office, Liam tells Hope about his plan in Aspen. Liam figures he and Hope can stay at the Spencer retreat while the festivities are held. Liam says Hope can remain at the retreat and avoid the press altogether. Hope is thrilled to spend some time with Liam. Both agree that some fun and relaxation is what’s needed. Hope hugs Liam, a smile upon her face.

Steffy returns to her office, somber and frowning. Steffy stares at a picture of herself and Liam. Steffy thinks of memories of Aspen. Steffy smiles to herself.

In Aspen, Fashion Week is beginning. People are busy setting up cameras. A man’s phone begins to ring. The woman next to him picks it up, saying the call is from “God”. The man answers and hears Bill’s voice. Bill speaks to the man named Oliver and tells him about Liam and Hope’s stay in Aspen. Oliver doesn’t like the idea of Bill’s antics, but agrees when Bill threatens to have him fired. In private, Bill looks at his I Pad and finds the tabloid website about Hope. It is clear Bill will do anything to get Hope out of Liam’s life.

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