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Steffy tells Liam that is he expects her to apologize for kissing him then she’s not going to. She says she’s still his wife. She then asks what is keeping Hope. Liam says he has no idea. Steffy says that Hope’s loss is her gain. Smiling, she says that she’ll keep him company. Liam chuckles.

Thomas gets a text from another girl. Caroline asks him about her and says if she should be jealous. He tells Caroline that Alana is his trainer and she’s not going to be there tomorrow. Thomas says that his trainer works his butt off. Caroline says she can tell and he says he’s going to take that as a compliment. Caroline laughs at his words.

Taylor talks to Ridge about how much Thomas likes Caroline. Ridge says Thomas isn’t exactly keeping it a secret. Taylor says how Brooke doesn’t approve of this though as she wants her son with Caroline especially to keep Amber out of his life. Taylor says she isn’t worried though because Thomas has Ridge’s style and charisma so there is really no competition. Ridge smiles at Taylor’s praise of him happily.

Caroline says that she’s trying to figure out all the complicated relationships at Forrester. Thomas tells her not to because they change all the time. He tells her she does not want to see the skeletons. Caroline says she does and that she has time and he says that is very encouraging. Caroline says that she made a commitment to Forrester and for her this is the real deal. Thomas grins back at her.

Liam tries calling Hope again only to get her voicemail. Steffy says maybe Hope is just at home but Liam says maybe she’s being mauled by reporters again. He says he’s going to go find her. He tells Steffy to take care and she tells him the same and also tells him that she hopes Hope is okay. Liam thanks Steffy for her concern before he leaves. Steffy watches him longingly when he goes away.

Taylor says she could care less what Brooke thinks because there is no reason why Thomas should not pursue Caroline. Ridge says and he’s wasting no time doing that. He tells Taylor how Thomas had planned to ask her out today but that plan didn’t happen. Steffy comes in at that point and tells her parents Caroline is with Thomas right now.

She also says that she hasn’t seen Thomas this excited about a girl in a long time. Ridge says that’s good because Thomas could use a girl like Caroline to make him happy. Brooke listens in and suddenly says what about her son and asks if Thomas’ happiness always needs to come first. Taylor shoots a disgusted and tired look at Brooke.

Caroline says that Thomas is staring at her. Thomas says he can’t help it making her smile. Caroline says she could say the same thing about him. Thomas smiles and says then they are even. Caroline says she didn’t realize there was competition. Thomas says between her and him no but between Rick and him, yes.

Caroline says that they all work together so they all like each other. Thomas chuckles and a discussion begins about Rick. Caroline says she just learned how much into women’s clothes Rick is.

Thomas says Rick has always been a little out there even for LA. A waitress comes to ask for their dinner order. Caroline realizes Thomas has a special menu for her which is not for all the other customers. She tells him that he really went all out. Thomas smiles nervously and says he is trying. He asks her if it’s working. Caroline smiles at him in response.

Liam arrives at Hope and his place to find Hope asleep on the couch. He wakes her up and tells her she was supposed to meet him at Bikini. Hope says sorry and says that she must have dozed off. Liam says they can still go now if she likes only to see Hope staring at Steffy and his photo on the laptop.

Liam realizes what is wrong and moves to throw out the laptop. Hope stops him and says no one forced her to look at those photos. She tells Liam though, when she was looking at them she felt she could not breathe. Liam guesses by her state that she took a pill. Hope says she did but reveals that they were from Amber. Liam looks shocked and worried.

Caroline tells Thomas that everything he did tonight was wonderful. Thomas says he’s just a romantic at heart and laughs but Caroline says she can tell he is. She says he took care of every detail for her and she finds that very romantic.

Caroline tells him to eat his food or else he’ll blame her when he’s starving tonight. He tells her he won’t blame her for anything. Caroline tells Thomas that this evening was truly wonderful and Thomas agrees, saying this night is the best he’s had in a long time. Caroline and Thomas smile at each other in admiration.

Steffy says she‘s got to hand it to her bother because he makes things happen. Brooke says like this last minute date. Steffy teases Brooke by saying maybe Caroline will take pity on Rick and take him on a mercy date even though Thomas is a touch act to follow. Steffy adds in that maybe Caroline has a sister for Rick but Brooke says maybe she has a brother but Steffy says she is off the market.

Steffy says speaking of Liam and talks about how she just saw him and he was waiting for Hope but she didn’t come. Brooke is alarmed at that and Steffy says he tried calling her but she didn’t come. Steffy says she kept him company and they did a lot of talking about Aspen fashion week and how she’s introducing the Forrester ski line.

She says Liam is going to be in Aspen, too covering it for Spencer. Looking at Brooke she says Aspen is a magical place for Liam and her and it could be again. Brooke laughs and says that’s just wishful thinking. She says that Steffy won’t be able to trick Liam again especially if hope's going to be there.

Liam yells at Hope for her decisions to let Amber risk her life by buying drugs on the internet. Liam asks her if she’s had side effects or if they are even the right pills. When Hope says it doesn’t really matter because they seem to be working, Liam blows up on her and says there could be anything in those drugs.

Hope realizes how upset Liam is and says that she wasn’t thinking at all. She says she just wanted to feel better. She says she knows that pills are not the answer and she doesn’t want to be dependent on them.

Liam asks if she is dependent on them. Hope says it would easy to just take a pill each time she deals with pressure. She tells Liam how tonight she felt like she was suffocating. Liam says that it sounds like she is having panic attacks. Hope say she was really scared because she couldn't breathe but the pill calmed her down. Hope sighs and apologizes for dozing off. She promises Liam that she will never again take a pill. She says she will pull herself together because she has him. Hope hugs him but Liam looks very unsure of her words at this point.

Caroline thanks Thomas and says she had such a good time. They clink glasses as Thomas says he did too. Caroline takes a long look at Thomas and says that he is very charming. She adds in that he is also not bad to look at. Thomas says that was supposed to be his line making her laugh hard. Caroline sighs sadly and says she hates for this to end.

Thomas says it’s not that late but Caroline says she has to get up tomorrow and so does he. Thomas lets out a sigh before he says that they are going to have a lot more nights like this one. Caroline says awesome and Thomas says yes she is, making her laugh. Thomas asks her to dance and they hold each other close as they dance to the song. Thomas tells her that there is something that he’s been wanting to do ever since he saw her. Thomas kisses Caroline. When he pulls away, she smiles at him and wraps her arms around his neck as they keep dancing.

Steffy tells Brooke that Liam hasn’t mentioned anything about inviting Hope to Aspen fashion week. Brooke says that doesn’t mean he hasn’t. Steffy says that is the last place Hope should go because the press will be there.

Ridge says Steffy has a point there. Steffy says that Hope is under a lot of pressure and hasn’t been able to handle it. Brooke says that Steffy really thinks that just because Hope is under pressure then her relationship with Liam is going to fall apart and then he'll come running to her. Brooke says that will not happen because he is committed to Hope. She says that Hope is his first love and they will survive. Steffy just shrugs in response.

Hope says that she promises Liam not to hide anything from him again. Liam asks if this is it then and if she is not holding anything else back. Hope says she doesn’t and expresses anger at herself for getting involved with Amber. She says she is so messed up for doing that leaving Liam to asks her what that means. He asks if she means she is disappointed in herself, her choices, and her life with him.

He asks if she has regrets. Hope says that’s not true. Liam says that he hates that she has to pop pills just to get through this. He says he hates what this is doing to her. Sighing, Hope admits that when she’s in this house she feels like she is in Steffy’s place. She says it may sound really crazy to him but Steffy still wearing her ring and wanting him more than ever just adds to her stress. Liam asks Hope if she regrets having slept with him before marriage. Hope says no and says that when she’s in his arms, that’s the only place she wants to be.

Liam asks her if she knows that he’s always going to be there for her. Hope nods as Liam says that whatever she needs, whenever, she can trust him for it. Liam tells her though that she can’t have any more pills.

He asks her to promise him to have no more pulls. Hope promises to never again eat pills. Liam says good and hugs her. Hope says she has him and she says she’s so lucky because she knows with him she can get through anything. Liam and Hope kiss before hugging each other again.

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