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Written By Rachna
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Rick says something is off. He says just a half hour back she was looking forward to having dinner with him and after spending five minutes with Amber she’s changing her mind. He asks her what Amber said to her.

Steffy says this is a great idea. Thomas agrees that they haven’t spent any quality time together in a long while. Thomas asks her what she’s been up to. Steffy says a lot has been going on around her with Hope’s meltdown and Brooke and Amber’s war of the wills. She says and Caroline has joined Forrester.

Thomas expresses happiness at that and Steffy picks up on his interest in her before saying that now that there is no drama in her life at the moment she feels as if she can just listen to her heart. Thomas asks her what her heart says and Steffy says that if she’s patient then Liam will just come back to her.

Bill asks Liam what he knows about her new line. Liam says just that she is creating one. Bill tells him to find out about it so that they can run a cover story. Liam agrees to arrange the interview.

Bill says what could be better than that as who could know Steffy more than her beloved. Liam’s phone rings. Liam says saved by the bell and answers Hope on the other end. Liam confirms his plan to go out with Hope tonight before telling his dad that Hope and him are going out tonight like a normal couple. Bill says he might want to rethink that as the last time Hope and him went out as a normal couple all hell broke lose. Liam looks upset.

Amber tells Rick to stop assuming she did anything wrong. Caroline explains that Amber was just telling her about his unique love of fashion. She says it has had an obvious impact. Rick asks if he’s missing something here as Amber hides the photo shopped imaged of him in a dress. Caroline asks to speak to Rick alone.

When Amber leaves, Caroline says she owes him an explanation for her changed mind. Caroline says that she likes him and respects all of his choices no matter how unconventional, especially now that she knows that he has a personal knowledge of women's fashion and what works. She says she’s going to love working with him and learning how to approach things from a different perspective but says that is as far as it goes. She says she is not interested in anything more, shocking Rick. Amber smirks outside in victory.

Thomas points out that Steffy is still wearing her wedding ring. Steffy say she is still married. Thomas says that’s only for a few more months but Steffy says that Liam and her will never get divorced. Thomas asks if she is forgetting about Hope here but Steffy says Hops is freaking out about going against her principles. Smiling at that , she firmly says Liam and her will never get divorced.

Hope happens to find a picture of Liam with Steffy in Aspen on his laptop screen. She stares at it looking very uncomfortable and upset.

Bill says he’s not disrespecting what Liam has with Hope but says that the fact is there's always some kind of drama with Hope. He says Liam can never just be happy and relaxed like he was with Steffy. Liam says that he knows Bill is just trying to look out for him. Bill tries to tell him the truth hurts but Liam leaves to go to Hope. Bill says this conversation isn’t over as the door closes.

Steffy asks Liam about Caroline. Thomas says she is womanly perfection prompting Steffy to say that she can’t wait to meet her. Thomas says maybe he can arrange that making Steffy smile. He says Caroline said she had plans for tonight, but he says plans change. Dialling Caroline’s number he smiles and says there is nothing lost by trying.

Caroline looks at the picture of Rick in a dress and says she’s looking at it but still can’t believe it. Amber says maybe it’ll be a good thing to date someone in touch with his feminine side. Caroline says this is too much for her. Amber says well Rick isn’t the only man around here.

She talks about Thomas and tells Caroline maybe she should try and get to know him as he’s smart, handsome and a designer just like her. Caroline gets a text from Thomas and she tells Amber who tells her she should totally go. Caroline leaves to meet Thomas and Amber smiles to herself, pleased with her machinations working out the way she wanted.

Hope looks through the pictures on Liam’s laptop of his and Steffy’s. She starts to breathe heavily and groan and gets up to get away from them. She then happens to see an online forum about her calling her a joke, hypocrite and disappointment. She begins to lose her breath. Overwhelmed, she takes out an anxiety pill and eats it despite having said she wasn’t going to take any more pills.

Steffy sees Liam entering the place she’s at. She tells Thomas she’ll be back or not before she goes and puts her hands over Liam’s eyes. She asks Liam who she is. Liam says that he knew it was her before she even spoke.

He says if she was to blindfold him and put him in a room filled with women, he’d still be able to pick her out by her touch. Steffy beams at Liam. On the other hand, Thomas asks a little girl to help him with something regarding Caroline’s visit to Bikini.

Rick asks Amber where Caroline is. Amber says she took off. Rick takes the moment to ask Amber what happened with Caroline just now. Amber says how should she know but Rick tells her not to play dumb. He asks her what she said to put her off him. Before Rick can grill her more, his phone rings.

As Rick takes the call, the man Amber used to pose in the dress comes to talk to her. He tries to talk to Rick about how uncomfortable he is about the photo shoot they had him do but Amber saves herself by saying they’ll talk about this when she’s done here and rushes him out.

Rick asks what that was all about. Amber says this is embarrassing and tells him that she had that man pose in just a scarf when she had him for a photo shoot. Rick glares at her and says that she just put Forrester at risk of a lawsuit. He asks her what she was thinking. Amber says that she doesn’t know what got into her. Rick tells her to contain it before again asking her what she said to Caroline about him.

Caroline is led by the little girl to the place Thomas has set up for her outside. Caroline is stunned by the atmosphere. Thomas asks if she likes it and she says she is stunned. Thomas says that he wanted to set a beautiful setting for her but says that after seeing her now, who needs it. Caroline smiles deeply at Thomas.

Hope is still breathing deeply and having a hard time calming down.

Liam continues to talk to Steffy. He tells her that he is meeting Hope here tonight. Steffy asks about how Hope is doing. Liam says it’s rocky at the moment. Steffy says that maybe a night like this will change that. Liam smiles before asking her about her new line. Steffy reveals that it will be a ski line. She then reveals that she will be in Aspen for it and will be there during Aspen fashion week. Liam says he will actually be there too for Eye on Fashion.

Steffy asks if that bothers him, the thought of her and him again being in Aspen where they got married. Liam says no because all his memories of Steffy and Aspen are spectacular. Steffy smiles at his words.

Caroline tells Thomas that she is impressed at how fast he pulled this together. She asks about the little girl and that leads to a discussion about how Thomas wants to one day get married and have kids too. Thomas asks about her plans and Caroline says one day she would want kids but says right now she could just settle for a great love like her aunt Caroline and Ridge had. Thomas smiles and says he bets he could arrange that. Caroline smiles at him.

Liam calls Hope and leaves a message for her that he is waiting for her. Steffy asks him if everything is okay. Liam says Hope should have been here by now. Steffy says not to worry and then talks about Aspen while Hope is shown passed out on the couch.

Smiling, Steffy tells Liam that now that he will be in Aspen with her, even if they are not together like they once were, just them having the same memories and being there together is enough. She says for now before suddenly kissing him. Liam looks back at her speechlessly while Steffy smiles at him.

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