B&B Wednesday Update 4/18/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/18/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick and Amber create more designs for their line. Rick flirts with Amber telling her she makes him look like a genius. The two start to kiss with passion then Amber wakes up from a day dream.

Rick spots Donna and Pam both working the reception desk arguing over who is in charge.

Rick walks into Ridge’s office and all the staff is there wondering where Rick will be working in the company with Caroline.

Pam explains that Donna’s brownies are bad they then both try to get Amber from going into the meeting. Amber walks in and Brooke wants to know why Amber is there. Donna explains that she tried to keep Amber out but was not able to do it. Pam tries to get Amber to leave. Caroline tells them all to treat Amber with respect. Thomas tries to get Caroline to work with him instead of Rick. Rick tells Amber she needs to leave and Amber leaves sad. Brooke explains no one wants to hurt Amber but she is not right for the company. Caroline explains once again that she is happy to be at the company.

Amber spots Jake outside the office and takes an outfit from him claiming it still needs work.

Ridge tells Donna and Pam to go back to reception. Ridge does not know how to work things out. Rick thinks he should work with Caroline. Thomas says that he should because he would work well with Caroline. Caroline complements Pam’s lemon bars. Brooke in private tells Rick to let Amber go.

Amber tells someone that she will has a plan to keep herself at the company.

Caroline asks Rick how he is doing with all the tension, Caroline notes that Rick and Amber get along. Rick thanks Caroline for being nice to Amber. Rick explains that Amber and him are lifelong friends and Rick asks Caroline out for dinner. Amber accepts dinner with Rick.

Amber takes pictures of the guy in the dress. Amber tells him no one will know it is him and puts the pictures on the computer saying this is war. Amber photo shops the pictures to have Rick’s face on the body.

Brooke thinks Ridge wants Thomas to have Caroline. Ridge explains he is not helping but would not mind the two together.

Donna tells Pam to water her plants and Donna pours coffee in the plant.

Thomas tells Caroline that they are going out tonight but Caroline tells him she has plans tonight and accepts the date for tomorrow.

Jake gives Rick the dress Amber stole.

Caroline comes to see Amber and Caroline explains she did not come to steal her job. Amber says nothing is wrong and she has no hard feelings. Amber tells Caroline that Rick and her have had sex before and that Amber is very creative. Amber shows Caroline pictures of Rick in the dress and Caroline is shocked.

Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas does not need to do what they do. Thomas tells the two that they are going out to dinner tomorrow. Brooke tells Thomas that Rick and Caroline care about each other.

Caroline is shocked that Rick is in a dress. Amber explains that Rick likes to wear woman’s clothes. Rick walks in with the dress and talks about the fabric. Rick talks about the date and Caroline cancels on their date. Caroline explains something came up. Rick thinks Amber said something but Caroline denies she did. Rick wants to know why Caroline is canceling.

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