B&B Tuesday Update 4/17/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/17/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Amber looks at the website she bought the pills off of to discover that the site has been shut down for tainted drugs. She looks at the bag of pills and then at a picture of Hope in shock.

Liam asks Hope about the Forrester’s and tells her not to worry about them as the two of them are together and with each other. They kiss.

Caroline and Rick walk into a photo shoot and find out they are the models for Brooke. Brooke asks them to do it and they agree. The two take the pictures and get into the photos. Amber sees Rick posing and appearing happy from outside of the room.

Steffy tells Bill that she does not care about Hope and Liam. Bill wants to know why Steffy does not care that Hope is taking pills if things are so good.

Hope pours herself a glass of water. Amber walks in and asks how she is doing. Amber wonders if Hope even needs the pills anymore. Hope tells Amber she is fine and everything will be ok.

Bill does not want Hope bringing Liam down. Bill thinks this will work out great for Liam. Liam walks in and Bill decides to leave so that the two of them can talk. Steffy tells Liam that she knows what Bill has said but wants to know what Liam knows.

Brooke views the pictures and Oliver leaves the room with the pictures. Rick tells Caroline he is great to join her with this. Brooke tells Caroline to stay away from Amber.

Hope wonders where Amber is going. Hope tells Amber she is fine and that the pills are helping her. Hope says she is still taking the pills occasionally. Amber asks if she has only taken a few of the pills and Amber locks the door to Hope’s office. Amber tells Hope not to get mad and tells Hope that the pills she has been taking are from her and not from Stacy.

Caroline peeks at the pictures and Rick asks if she is admiring herself. Caroline says she is not admiring herself in there pictures.

Steffy does not think that there is anything wrong with Hope needing help. Liam tells Steffy that she did not know but he does now and it is ok. Steffy wonders what the pills are for. Liam explains anxiety and he wishes she did not need to take pills.

Hope is shocked that Amber bought her pills. Amber explains on the internet. Hope is shocked that Amber would do this. Amber explains that she heard Hope on the phone with her doctor and explains that she does not think Hope needs to take them anymore. Hope explains she still needs the pills because the pills have helped. Hope acts very bubbly and happy and not that mad over what Amber has done. Amber explains that if the pills helped she can give her some more. Amber talks about Caroline Spencer and Rick once again and she wants to make Rick happy. Brooke tries to open the door and Hope opens it while Amber hides behind a divider. Brooke asks what Hope is doing.

Steffy asks if things have been hard around his place. Liam explains Hope is trying to stay positive and that he is doing fine. The two quarrel over their mornings together. Steffy makes a reference towards their sex life and Liam does not like what is happening.

Brooke and Hope talk about Amber and how Amber should be given a second chance as Hope is not the same person. Brooke wants to know if Hope is feeling all right. Hope explains that Amber deserves a chance. Brooke thinks that the thing will work out and leaves. Amber asks if Hope meant everything she said and Hope explains yes. Amber gives Hope more pills and tells Hope they both will be fine. Amber says that they can lean on each other.

Liam tells Steffy that he needed the laugh they had. Steffy starts to touch Liam’s hand sensually and explains she is not giving up. Steffy refuses to give up on their marriage.

Hope tells Amber the marriage of Liam and Steffy will end. Until the conflict is gone she needs the pills.

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