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After pulling into the Forrester Creations parking lot, Hope turns off the vehicle and searches through her purse for something. Hope comes across the pill bottle. Hope takes off her sunglasses and holds the bottle in her hand. Hope remember her last conversation with Dr. Barton, who advised her to throw away the suspicious pills. Hope leaves her car and begins walking toward the main entrance. Before she has time to do anything, Hope is bombarded by paparazzi. Steffy pulls up in her car and sees the scene with Hope and the press. The reporters keep asking Hope about her relationship with Liam, but she dodges their questions. Steffy considers stepping in on Hope’s behalf, but Marcus shows up and interrupts the spectacle. The reporters leave after Marcus threatens to call security.

In Rick’s office, Amber is staring at a plastic bag full of extra anti-anxiety pills. Rick walks in and Amber hides the bag behind her back. Rick senses Amber is acting strange. Amber puts the pill bag inside her purse, then asks Rick why he hasn’t been in contact. Ricky says he’s been busy with the new line, then apologizes to Amber for not calling her. They are interrupted when Caroline appears at the door. Caroline smiles at Rick and suggests coming back at a better time. However, Amber asks Caroline to join she and Rick in his office. Rick smiles at Caroline. Caroline asks for Rick and Amber’s input on a design she is having problems with. Rick thinks it’s great but Amber pipes in that something needs to be done with the sleeves. Amber asks Caroline if it’s alright if she makes some corrections. Caroline agrees to Amber’s suggestion, then smiles seductively at Rick. Caroline loves Amber’s changes, which makes Amber beam with pride. Rick interrupts the two women to say Marcus just called and said Hope got hassled by the press on work premises. Rick agrees to walk Caroline to his mom’s office after she receives a text from Brooke. Alone, Amber’s smile fades as irritation creeps in. Amber pulls out the pill bag from her purse and sits in Rick’s chair to work from his laptop. Amber finds the pharmacy website she bought Hope’s pills at but frowns when she sees it has been removed from the Internet. Amber is visibly upset as she reads about the investigation into the webpage’s tainted pills. Amber realizes what she has done to Hope.

Liam is typing on his laptop at home when Bill barges through the front door. Liam asks Bill to knock first the next time. Bill is irritated Liam’s not at work because he allowed Liam to take a day off to spend time with Hope at the pool party. Liam admits he’s been a bit distracted lately. Bill insists Hope and Liam’s relationship will not be front page news for much longer, that another tabloid story will take their place. Bill inquires about Hope. Liam says he and Hope hit a rough patch but worked it out. Bill offers to give his feedback to Liam regarding the opposite sex. Liam says he and Hope are doing great, purposely evading Bill’s questions. Bill says the Logan women are complicated. Liam changes the subject and says Amber stopped by his house. Bill wonders what Amber is up to after Liam confides about Amber’s concern for Hope. Bill knows it’s Amber’s trademark to act all friendly. Liam’s cell phone rings – it’s Hope.

From Ridge’s office, Hope tells Liam about her run-in with paparazzi. Hope continues to pace the floor as she tells Liam about the situation. Whispering into the phone so Bill can’t hear, Liam suggests Hope call her therapist. Unbeknownst to Liam, Bill has heard the whole thing. Hope says she can’t get to Dr. Barton’s office, that she’ll have to work out her anxiety on her own. In a hushed tone, Liam brings up the anti-anxiety pills. Bill is agape with shock. Hope promises she won’t take any of the pills. After Liam says “I love you” to Hope and ends the call, he turns and sees Bill giving him a strange look. Liam realizes his father has heard the entire phone conversation. Liam is irritated that Bill couldn’t cover his ears. Bill says if Liam wanted privacy then he should have left the room. Bill calls Hope “unbalanced” because she needs therapy and pills. Liam asserts Hope is not crazy, she’s just overwhelmed with the tabloid frenzy. Bill believes Hope can never be cured. Bill criticizes Hope for having to see a shrink in the first place.

Hope is trying to work out her anxiety when she receives a call from Dr. Barton. The therapist apologizes for the abrupt end to their session. Dr. Barton inquires about Hope’s state-of-mind. Hope comes clean about the paparazzi situation, then asks about the suspicious pills. Hope wonders if there was some sort of clerical mixup at the office, that maybe the pills were sent by mistake. Dr. Barton insists no one prescribed Hope the pills. The therapist asks that Hope throw the pills immediately. Hope agrees to Dr. Barton’s request. After the phone call, Steffy walks in and tells Hope that she saw what happened with the reporters. Steffy thinks Hope should have called them out. Hope says she didn’t want to make the situation worse, give the paparazzi another story to write. Steffy confesses she knows how much pressure Hope is under. Hope says she and Liam want to get married as soon as possible, then blurts out Liam’s intention to speak to Steffy about signing the annulment papers. Hope wishes Steffy would move on with her life. Steffy says she will never be happy until she’s back with Liam. Steffy says she is sorry for making Hope’s situation harder, but she’s not giving up on her husband. Hope cringes when Steffy reminds her that she’s living with a married man. Steffy makes it clear she will not be signing any annulment papers. Steffy leaves the room and Hope starts to cry. Hope looks at her hand which is beginning to shake uncontrollably. Hope looks into a mirror, then turns around to stare at the pill bottle on Ridge’s desk. Hope continues to freak out, obsessing over the pills that are a few feet away from her grasp. Frustrated, Hope hurries over to the bottle and swallows one pill.

Steffy barges into Liam’s home and finds Bill sitting in the living room. Bill says Liam is checking in on Hope. Steffy comes clean about Hope wanting her to sign the annulment papers. Bill isn’t surprised because he suddenly understands Hope’s situation. Steffy senses Bill knows something about Hope that she doesn’t. Bill announces he has proof of Hope’s insanity – she is seeing a shrink and popping pills. Steffy asks Bill how he knows this. Bill explains how he overheard Liam talking to Hope over the phone, asking about her therapist and the pills. Steffy takes Hope’s side and says she’s not “nuts”, just stressed. Bill disagrees, saying Hope is very fragile and could have a breakdown at any second. Bill doesn’t want Liam to be a casualty in the fallout. Bill says Liam should be with Steffy. Bill advises Steffy to remain optimistic that Liam will return to his marriage.

Liam rushes over to Forrester Creations to console Hope in Ridge’s office. Hope thanks Liam for helping her through a difficult day. Hope relays that Steffy dropped by the office looking for Liam. Hope admits she blabbed about the annulment papers. Liam laughs nervously, knowing it will be harder, if not impossible, to convince Steffy to sign them now. Hope worries what the world thinks of her. Liam reminds Hope that they are in this together. Liam and Hope share a hug. Liam asks Hope if she can hang in there for a couple months. Hope nods her head yes, then Liam hugs Hope again. Minutes later, Hope is smiling again, a sign that the pill is working. Liam notices Hope’s change in mood and says he is proud of Hope for getting through a tough situation without the pills. Hope smiles at Liam, then they embrace.

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