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Hope tells Brooke she is okay and that she doesn’t need to worry. She tells her that Liam and her are okay too. Hope tells her mother that she does not want to discuss Liam and her relationship behind his back anymore and that she should have never done that in the first place. Brooke says that she is only trying to help but Hope says this is her problem and she is solving it. Brooke asks if Liam knows about Dr. Barton and Hope tells her she did.

Hope says how amazing Liam was about everything and Brooke says that it seems Amber was right for once. She warns Hope to stay away from her anyway and Hope agrees before Liam enters the room. Hope says bye to her mother and thanks Liam for all his understanding that he showed her last night. Liam tells her he loves her and that she should never be afraid to open up to him. Hope she’s so won’t and promises to never keep anything from him again as they kiss.

Donna comes to visit Brooke. Donna asks Brooke if she wants to gave breakfast or coffee but Brooke says she has both. Donna sighs and reveals how she feels she doesn’t exist at the moment because she’s single and out of work. She asks Brooke what the market is better for right now - A job or a boyfriend? Brooke smiles at her sister.

Pam comes to see Stephanie. Stephanie asks her how she got past security. Pam realizes Stephanie is still upset over her stealing designs. Pam says that she though they were over this because Stephanie let her be at her anniversary party but Stephanie says she only did that because she is a big sap. Sighing, Stephanie says that Pam is just like their mother and never takes responsibility for anything. Pam looks regretful and guilty.

Hope goes to check her email but Liam tries to stop her. Curious now, Hope logs on and finds a poll that asks people if she is either a home wrecker, misunderstood, a phoney, or typical celebrity trash. Hope says she thinks she is a better class of trash than typical making Liam smile. He goes over to her and kisses her and says that she is the definition of class.

Pam says she is not like their mother but Stephanie says she is. She says the only difference is that their mom said sorry for nothing and Pam says it for everything. Pam says Stephanie is being just like their mom and always saying everything she does it wrong. Stephanie says what she does is usually wrong. Pam goes teary and confesses to her sister that she doesn’t think she quite grew up properly. She says that she’s so used to being told what to do that she has a hard time getting around without that. She says she thinks she’s turning Stephanie into that person now. Stephanie looks saddened.

Amber visits Liam. Liam tries to turn her away at the door but Amber tells him she’s here to see Hope. She tells Liam that Hope and her have gotten closer and Liam becomes displeased. He tells her that she is not cozying up to Hope now because she may be forgiving but he’s not. He reminds Amber about how she knocked him out and nearly blew him up not too long ago.

Dr. Barton tells Hope that she seems very different today. Hope reveals that she told Liam everything. Hope tells the doctor that if there is one thing that’s wrong with her then it’s her being able to admit that there is something wrong with her. Dr. Barton asks her where this came from and Hope tells her it has to do with how she had to be strong for her mother. Hope says though that she isn’t any more mature or capable than anyone else and that her appearing to be that is just a falsity. She says it feels good to admit that she isn’t perfect. Dr. Barton smiles at her words.

Stephanie tells Pam that she doesn’t want to be anyone’s authority figure. She asks Pam what she wants from her and Pam tells her sister that she needs to be in her orbit again. She says that she is the only one who can keep her mind from wandering.

Pam agrees to listen to Stephanie from now on no matter what and agrees to find another outlet for herself other than baking. Pam pops the question to Stephanie if she can have her old job as the receptionist back. Stephanie gasps at her request and says that Ridge and Eric would shoot her. Pam smiles and says they would do what she told them to because she is their authority figure. Stephanie rolls her eyes.

Donna tells Brooke that she has never had much of a drive to have a career. She says she only really likes to be around people. Brooke says Donna is such a people person Donna says she loved working at Forrester and says she could work here again and be in the mail room or just pour coffee.

Brooke suddenly remembers how they need a new receptionist. Donna says that would be perfect for her. Brooke says that she’ll have to clear it with Ridge first but Donna smiles coyly and says that Brooke has gotten Ridge to agree to a lot worse than her. Brooke smiles at her sister.

Amber tells Liam that she is here for Hope and asks if he’s really that controlling that Hope can’t have any friends. Liam says she can but she isn’t going to be one of them. Liam decides to cut to the chase and tells Amber that Hope and him had one of the best nights of their entire relationship last night. When Amber looks really glad for that, Liam gets confused and asked her why she actually looks happy. Amber lets out a sigh and looks at him pointedly.

Hope continues to talk to Dr. Barton. She expresses that she feels a sense of shame in coming to therapy and says that she can’t she this as something to be proud of. She talks out her issues and says that she knows to Liam being married to someone else at the moment is just a technicality but for her it’s a barrier. She says that she knows it’s only going to be for a few more months but says that she doesn’t know why she can’t just accept that.

As Dr. Barton takes notes, Hope says that she will accept it though and says that she doesn’t think she’ll need more of those pills .The doctor says that she thought those pills were gone. Hope says this is about the new prescription. Dr. Barton tells her that she didn’t write a new prescription. Hope looks confused.

Donna sits down at the receptionist desk at Forrester. Pam sees her and says hello. Donna says hi back and asks Pam if she can get someone for her. Pam asks for her desk and Donna tells her that it is her desk now.

Donna says that she was just hired by her sister. Right after that Pam reveals that she was just re-hired by her sister. Donna and Pam both say the decision has been made then. Pam waits for a moment before using a white tape to divide the receptionist desk. Annoyed, she tells Donna she will stay on one side and she on the other. Donna looks back at her equally annoyed.

Amber moves to leave but on the way out she asks Liam if he had Hope had a blood-test done after her fall. Liam asks what for and says there is nothing for her to worry about. When Amber tells him it’s a smart idea, Liam tells her he’ll tell Hope she dropped by. Amber sees she is not welcome and sighs saying there is no need to do that and leaves. Liam grins when she leaves. Outside Liam and Hope’s place, Amber looks at the pills she brought for Hope.

The doctor tells Hope that she gave her only two pills. Hope insists that she gave her more but Dr. Baton denies it. Hope tells her she gave her 12 more pills and offers to show them to her but the doctor tells her it’s very simple and tells her the pills she has are not from her.

She tells Hope she has to throw them out and goes to leave to her next appointment as Hope looks stunned and lost.

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