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Hope says sorry to Liam for keeping her anxiety pills from him. She tells him she knows secrets were what ripped him and Steffy apart but she says she won’t let that happen with them.

Steffy tells Taylor that she saw this coming but Taylor says all couples have ups and downs. Steffy says she feels this is more than that. Taylor asks if that isn’t just wishful thinking on her part but Steffy says she knows the feeling of a relationship that means everything to you breaking up. She says she wouldn’t wish that onto her worst enemy but says how Brooke was the one who pushed Hope onto Liam so whatever happens now is partially her fault.

Brooke asks Amber what she’s doing at Forrester. Amber shuts Brooke up about her issues with her over Rick by telling her about how Hope fell into the pool and nearly drowned at Stephanie’s. When Brooke asks where Hope is now, Amber reveals to her that she is with Liam and is now telling him everything. Brooke looks worried.

Hope tells Liam that she thought she could handle all the bad press but it just kept coming. She says luckily Dr. Barton her psychiatrist helped her see that she should not have hidden this from him. She says that she knows how important honesty is to Liam but for some dumb reason she still kept it from him. In between tears, Hope tells Liam she was just so overwhelmed. Hope keeps crying as Liam hugs her. Eventually he pulls away and whispers that he should have realized what Hope was going through own his own.

Taylor tells Steffy that Thomas was sensing something was up with Hope too. Steffy says it’s obvious to see as Liam and Hope are practically living in a pressure cooker. Taylor says that’s more true for Hope with her handling the press and Steffy says that Hope was supposedly handling that well. Steffy says however that eventually Hope started to have mood swings. Smiling, she says that she thinks now Liam is going to see Hope differently, especially after what happened at Stephanie’s home.

Amber tells Brooke that Hope confided in her about what she was going through but Brooke refuses to believe Hope would ever wilfully confide in Amber. Brooke tells Amber that the only reason she is even involved in this is because she was eavesdropping that day. Amber says it doesn’t matter because she’s been able to be a friend to Hope but Brooke angrily demands that Amber stay away from Hope. She says that Hope doesn’t need a friend like her after all she has been through.

Liam blames himself for pressuring Hope into sex. Hope tries to protest that but Liam says that is his fault as he pushed her to go against everything she believes in. Hugging Hope, Liam tells her that she made a decision and she can’t change that but he promises her that she will never have to go through this all by herself ever again. Hope cries in Liam’s arms as she nods.

Steffy tells Taylor how Hope wasn’t even grateful after Liam saved her. Taylor says Hope must have been in shock but Steffy tells her that wasn’t it. Steffy tells her mother there is something bigger going on here and says that Hope’s life has taken a nosedive ever since that picture of her kissing Liam was leaked over the net.

Steffy criticizes how Hope compromised her values to be with Liam and says that Hope is just a little girl who has the image of a perfect romantic fantasy in her mind. She says that Hope just gave it away because she was not ready for it and it’s already the end.

Brooke tells Amber she can’t believe that Hope would come to her for anything. Amber says that Hope didn’t really come to her and says they just happened to cross paths. She asks Brooke what she was supposed to do? Was she supposed to turn her back on Hope like everyone else did? She says she cares about Hope.

Brooke expresses doubt so Amber tells her that it was her who encouraged Hope to tell Liam the truth about the pulls. Brooke is again shocked and mocks Amber for being such an expert in telling the truth. Amber disregards this and says that she knows how much honesty means to Liam and says now that Hope is telling him maybe he’ll understand. She says if it doesn’t and shakes her head leaving Brooke worried.

Hope talks to Liam about the issues in their relationship. She says that it wasn’t just about them. She says it was Hope for the Future and how she put her beliefs about abstinence out there for everyone to see. She says when that picture of them kissing came out and then everyone learned she was living with a married man she became the ultimate hypocrite overnight.

Liam disagrees with that and tells her she is beautiful. He tells her he admires how much she cares about this but admits to her that he hates what this has done to her ad them. Liam and Hope kiss and hold each other close.

Taylor says that it is true that Hope is under immense pressure. Steffy says that’s not just it though. She says Liam is worried and Hope is just behaving erratically. Brooke bursts in saying that’s not true. Taylor asks if Brooke knows about how Hope almost drowned. Brooke says she just found out.

Steffy says that Hope also blew up on Liam. Taylor asks Brooke why Hope is being like this especially to Liam but Brooke says there is nothing to worry about. She says she’s going to make sure Hope sees a doctor and turns to go but Steffy stops her by saying Hope is having mood swings and that she is all over the map. Brooke turns to find Steffy walking up to her. Steffy says that there is something going on here and says that Brooke knows what it is. She asks her if she doesn’t. Brooke looks worried.

Liam asks Hope if she really doesn’t feel like she can tell him anything. Hope says she does but she was just scared and didn’t know how to tell him. She tells Liam about how the pressure was just becoming too much with young girls being angry at her and their mothers calling her a hypocrite. Liam asks Hope if this is going to lead to a future of her lying to him. Hope says no but Liam says he’s glad she’s telling him now but it should not have been a secret.

He says that he does not want her to put all the blame on herself though. He says it was a decision they made, to not wait for sex and he tells her to him it was beautiful. Hope smiles as Liam hugs her after telling her there can be no more secrets. Hope agrees not to keep secrets from Liam again.

Brooke tries to turn the conversation around by telling Steffy that that would suit her fine if there were problems between Hope and Liam. Taylor asks if Brooke isn’t even the slightest bit concerned about Hope. Brooke says no because Liam and Hope will work out their issues like any loving couple. Steffy says Liam and her were a loving couple to make a point but Brooke scoffs.

Taylor tells her to stop it and says she still sadly thinks Steffy tricked Liam into marrying her. Brooke say she’s sorry that Steffy is hurting but tells her that everything would be okay if she just moved on. Brooke tries to lecture Taylor about encouraging Steffy to go after Liam but Steffy sets her straight by saying that she’s doing Hope a huge favour by not signing the papers. She tells Brooke that Liam and Hope are not the perfect couple she thinks they are and says it is better they figure that out now than after they are married. Taylor looks as if she agrees completely with her daughter.

Liam tells Hope that they are in this together and tells her not to forget that. Hope nods as Liam tells her that he is there for her. Liam promises her that for whatever she needs he’ll be there for her. They share a kiss before Hope tells Liam there is one thing she’d like. Liam asks her what it is and Hope asks Liam if he will go to Steffy and ask for an annulment one more time.

She says she knows it’s a lot to asks but says if Steffy agrees then all her pressure will go away. She says she could be married to him right away and says she would not need therapy or anything else but to be his wife.

Liam agrees to talk to Steffy. Happy with his agreement, Hope kisses Liam and tells him she loves him. She thanks him for this as they kiss and smile at each other.

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