B&B Wednesday Update 4/11/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/11/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Liam hug and Steffy thinks it is nice they can still hug but also wondering where Hope is and if she is ok. Liam explains she is ok but not sure about her mental health.

Hope comes to see Amber and Amber wants to know what is wrong if she is on the pills. Amber wants to know what is wrong and wants to be friends with her.

Ridge and Taylor talk about Steffy and her wellbeing and Thomas comes in and tells the two about Hope and he thinks something is up between Hope and Liam.

Steffy notices that Liam is worried about Hope and wonders how he is always saving things. Steffy wants to rescue Liam from Hope and wants to know where she is. Liam explains Hope left.

Amber says Hope can say anything. Hope tells Amber about what had happened and about the fight with Liam about what happened.

Taylor thinks that some shock would happen and Taylor is happy Hope is ok. Thomas explains that Steffy is with Liam at the pool.

Steffy and Liam talk about how bad it must be for Hope in the public eye and how hard it must be for her to be. Liam still does not know why Hope won’t go to the doctor. Liam is worried about Hope’s attitude. Steffy thinks it sounds like Hope the way she is acting because Hope is a Logan. Steffy hates seeing this happen to Liam.

Hope tells Amber that the pills are helping her a lot and what happened at the pool today was because of stress because she is in the news way too much. Amber thinks it is ok to have press. Hope thinks that she is letting down a bunch of people because of her change of life style and how her fans are no longer there. Amber claims she is still her fan. Amber tells Hope to have no regrets. Hope can’t allow herself to get over it because she is a mess and she can feel Steffy hoping for her to screw things up with Liam. Hope claims to be embarrassed by what is happening. Hope starts to cry and calls Liam who wonders if she is ok. Hope wants to know if they can talk and Liam agrees to see her at home. Hope tells Amber she will tell Liam the truth about the pills and the doctor. Amber thinks it is a good idea. Hope knows that Liam hates secrets and does not know what to do.

Liam tells Steffy that Hope wants to talk. Steffy does not think that Hope is ready for Liam and that Hope will just hurt Liam. Steffy tries to make what is happening an inconvenience. Steffy tells Liam that she is still wearing her ring and that if this all had to go over again would Liam want Hope with all the drama. She tells him to keep an open kind and they once again hug.

Steffy walks in to find Taylor and the two discuss Hope. Taylor wonders if Hope went to the doctor but Steffy explains she refused and she thinks that the two of them are over. Taylor does not think it is the case yet. Steffy explains she is not giving up on the marriage and that things are going better in her triumph to get him back. Steffy thinks that something is really off about Hope.

Liam walks into the house and wonders how Hope is doing. Hope says sorry for what she did and how she acted. Hope says she has not been herself lately and does not feel right about what she has done. Liam tells her it is ok. Hope starts to cry and tells Liam she has been going through a lot of stuff. Hope tells Liam that she has been keeping something from him. Hope explains that the reason that she has not been herself is because of all the pressure and she has been seeing a doctor and taking anti-anxiety medication and she does not want Liam to be mad and hopes he can forgive her. Liam just stares at Hope.

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