B&B Tuesday Update 4/10/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/10/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shown drowning in the water. Liam then finds out that Hope has passed out in the pool.

Steffy and Stephanie discuss the fact Liam and Hope are at the pool.

Liam dives in and gets Hope who is passed out, the three of them attempt to get her up and succeed.

Dayzee does not want Amber to buy drugs from an online company because they will have bad side effects. Amber looks at the computer screen and has a flash back to her buying Hopes drugs online and passing them off as Hope’s therapist Stacy.

Hope gains control and wakes up. They all look at each other and wonder what is wrong. Hope insists that she is fine.

Dayzee walks back in and wonders why Amber needs better drugs. Amber claims she does not do drugs and does not think it is a bad thing to buy drugs online as the government would not allow it. Dayzee explains that online companies are global and very risky. Amber says she will not buy the stuff if she thinks it is bad.

Stephanie asks Steffy what her trip was like. Steffy explains ok and that she came back for Liam even though he does not want her back. Steffy explains that she is not taking off her wedding ring because she is committed. Steffy tells Stephanie she is a Forrester woman and she does not go without a fight. Stephanie wants to know Steffy’s plan. Steffy explains she is not giving up. Steffy tells Stephanie that Hope is doing fine and that Hope keeps having mood swings and seems fine.

They all take Hope into the pool house and Hope explains that maybe she has low blood sugar today. Liam thinks they need to go to the hospital but Hope thinks otherwise. Hope thinks she is ok and that they are all going to be ok. Hope who is still drugged tells them all to have fun. Thomas goes to get food and Caroline and Rick leave as well so Liam can talk to Hope alone.

Stephanie says that Caroline is a nice person and Steffy thinks that it will be nice to meet her. Thomas walks in and tells them about Hope. Thomas asks if Steffy wants to come down and explains that Hope is acting strange.

Caroline and Rick talk in the kitchen and they agree that Hope is acting weird. Caroline explains that Rick is the most complex person she has ever met. Caroline wants to know what Rick thinks of her. Rick explains that Caroline is like the Mona Lisa and that she is mysterious. Caroline explains she could never be like Amber. Rick tells Caroline that is fine. Caroline wants to know what is going on between Amber and Rick, Caroline wants to know why Brooke hates Amber. Rick tells her to not talk about Amber.

Liam wants to know why Hope won’t go to the doctor. Hope thinks it is a waste of time and that she is perfectly fine. Liam thinks that Hope is acting to strange for her normal self. Hope does not think she needs to be saved by anyone. Hope thinks that Liam is over re acting and needs to chill out. Hope then walks out the door of the pool house leaving Liam.

Hope once again shakes her hand and takes another pill. She starts to look distressed and looks at Liam from the outside window at the pool house.

Caroline and Rick talk about her Aunt Caroline. Caroline explains she always wanted to and wished she did meet her aunt. Rick wants to hang out with Caroline outside the office and show her the town. Caroline says she wants to see animals stuck in tar pits. Eric explains they can go today if they wanted. Eric then suggests a game of tennis as well and Caroline agrees.

Steffy looks over the balcony of the pool and calls for Caroline and Liam. Steffy has flashbacks to her and Liam and times when they were close together. Steffy then sees Liam and the two of them hug, they smile at each other and look into each other's eyes.

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