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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/9/12


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In the pool house, Hope is shaking as she holds the anti-anxiety pill bottle. Hope takes a couple of pills, then stares into the mirror. Hope leaves the pool house, shaky and feeling dizzy. Poolside, Thomas is standing on the diving board while Rick and Caroline chat about Los Angeles. Caroline admits this is a far cry from New York City. Thomas asks Caroline if she’s getting used to California. Both men persuade Caroline to stay. Caroline finally agrees to give L.A. a try. Rick and Thomas are thrilled. Thomas thinks Forrester Creations will look great on Caroline’s resume. Rick comments that Los Angeles just got a lot better now that Caroline Spencer is here.

Katie and Bill are kissing in his office when Liam walks in. Liam apologizes, then says he’ll come back. Bill asks Liam to step inside and then announces Steffy is back from Aspen. Katie cringes at Steffy’s name. Liam confides that he’s worried about Hope. Liam tells Bill and Katie that Hope’s mood swings concern him. Bill jokes that Hope is “mentally unstable”.

Hope approaches Rick, Thomas, and Caroline by the pool and sees the three are laughing about something. Rick wonders what took his sister so long. Hope makes up a story about choosing the perfect bikini. Thomas makes a joke about women and their fashion choices. Caroline tells Hope that she went with the right bikini. Hope sits down near Thomas and opens her water bottle, hands shaking like crazy. Rick produces an I Pad to show Caroline and Thomas a video about a dog. Caroline suggests Hope call Liam to join them. The three agree to go inside and get snacks while Hope calls Liam. When Liam answers (from Bill’s office), she rambles on about a pool party at Stephanie’s home. Liam knows his father won’t let him go because of work, so he tells Hope that he’ll need to call her back.

Once off the phone, Liam looks to Bill to get the rest of the day off. Bill scolds Liam for not taking work seriously. Katie defends Liam, saying that he needs to have some fun. Bill implies Liam can leave. Liam thanks Katie for getting through to her husband. Alone, Katie grabs Bill and pulls him in for a passionate embrace.

Amber is waiting in Rick’s office when Marcus and Dayzee walk in for some private time alone. Marcus and Dayzee jump when they see Amber. Marcus says he loves his bride-to-be. Amber inquires about Rick’s whereabouts. Marcus says Rick might be at a meeting. Amber thinks it’s strange Rick hasn’t returned any of her calls. Acting territorial, Amber makes it clear that she won’t be replaced. Marcus and Dayzee realize Amber won’t give up on Rick. Marcus needs to speak to Ridge and Eric about work, so he kisses Dayzee and leaves the office. Amber smiles at Dayzee because she and Marcus are happy. Amber knows how excited Dayzee is about the upcoming wedding. Dayzee brings up the sparks between Rick and Caroline. Amber isn’t worried; she figures no one can come between she and Rick. Dayzee warns Amber that she better prepare herself to do battle with Brooke. Amber implies she and Hope have gotten close. Dayzee asks Amber to explain. Amber says Hope is going through a stressful time and they are “bonding” because of it. Amber wants to be someone Hope can confide in. Amber and Dayzee decide to work on different things in Rick’s office. Amber is staring at her laptop. Dayzee asks Amber what she’s researching. Amber says she is checking out an online pharmacy for her allergy problems. Amber says a person doesn’t need a prescription to buy the medication. Dayzee stands up and approaches the desk. Dayzee makes it clear that online drugs are bad, that many are laced with chemicals. Dayzee says that when she lived on the streets, a lot of her friends took these sort of drugs and ended up dying. Amber looks sick, knowing that she put Hope in harm’s way.

Inside the Forrester kitchen, Rick, Thomas and Caroline begin setting up the supplies to make lunch. Thomas and Caroline playfully tease each other. Hope enters the room and says Liam might show up. Rick and Thomas end up leaving the women to prepare the sandwiches. Hope confides in Caroline about how great Liam is. Hope asserts she doesn’t care what the media thinks of their relationship. Suddenly bubbly, Hope goes on about true love and Liam. Liam opens the door, clad in only his swimming trunks. Caroline sees Liam but stays mum. Liam listens as Hope proclaims her love for him. Liam creeps up behind Hope and surprises her. Hope is visibly embarrassed that Liam heard what she said. Caroline thanks her cousin for coming to the pool party. Hope says Liam and Caroline are a lot alike – both have upbeat attitudes. Liam inquires about Caroline’s decision to remain in Los Angeles. Caroline reports that she’s staying. Both Liam and Hope are happy with the news. Hope warns Caroline not to let Brooke intimidate her. Hope hugs Liam and rests her head on his chest.

Hope and Liam go outside and head toward the pool. Hope asks Liam to dance but he refuses. Hope makes a comment that she’ll dance by herself. Liam shakes his head in puzzlement. Hope is acting strange, which Liam inquires about. Hope says she is feeling very relaxed, then kisses Liam on the lips. Liam asks Hope if she’s okay. Hope doesn’t answer Liam. Instead, Hope suggests going for a swim. Liam calls Hope out on her bizarre mood swings, saying she is being “over-the-top”. Hope laughs it off, then admits she’s a bit lightheaded. Liam is frowning because he’s scared for Hope. Liam says Hope isn’t acting like herself. Liam points out Hope almost fell into the pool. Hope says she didn’t eat breakfast. Hope leaves Liam by himself and heads for the pool. Hope takes off her sandals and stands on the diving board, strutting to the end of it. Hope dances seductively while Liam begs her to get off the diving board. Hope ignores Liam’s cautionary words.

Near the pool, Caroline and Thomas talk about work. Thomas knows Caroline might work with Rick but talks about creating his own line at Forrester. Thomas asks Caroline to collaborate with him. Before Caroline has time to answer, Rick intervenes and suggests a pool dare. Caroline and Rick jump into the pool, leaving Thomas by himself. Thomas laughs nervously, then joins the two in the pool. Caroline sits on Rick’s shoulders as the three goof around in the water.

Unable to get Hope’s attention, Liam joins the others at the shallow end of the pool. Liam admits he is worried about Hope’s strange behavior. Caroline says she and Hope chatted earlier. Rick and Thomas believe Hope needs to chill out after all she’s been through lately. Liam nods reluctantly. Rick tells Liam about an online video of a dog. They all start laughing about the story. Unbeknownst to the four, Hope falls off the diving board and into the pool, her body floating at the surface.

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