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Caroline tells Rick his pool is amazing. Rick playfully asks Caroline if she has someone to put sunscreen on her. When she laughs and says no he says he will be right over. Ridge and Brooke enter as Rick rushes out saying that he has somewhere to go. When Ridge learns he is going to see Caroline he says that it’s not official they are working together yet.

Rick says not to worry as Caroline and him won’t be doing any work if he plays his cards right. Brooke gets excited at his words and Ridge asks if she found that cute. Brooke tells Ridge that she’s just happy her kids are happy. Ridge asks if that means Hope is doing better because her backlash with Liam was pretty bad. Brooke says that it was but Hope is doing whatever she has to do to get over it.

Dr. Barton tells Hope she is surprised to see her. The doctor asks if Hope is okay and Hope says she feels great. The doctor asks if the anxiety and agitation is better and Hope says it is all under control. Hope then thanks Dr. Barton for what she did and talks about the pills leaving the doctor confused.

Stephanie notices Caroline downstairs and Caroline says she couldn’t resist the pool. Stephanie asks Caroline about the long talk she had with Ridge earlier. Caroline says that it means so much to her. She says she had always heard stories about her aunt but to hear the way Ridge talks about her is something else. Stephanie tells her that her aunt left quite an impression on Ridge and had that effect on almost anyone she met.

Caroline says she feels as if she is walking in her aunt’s footsteps. Stephanie says she thinks she has made quite an impression of her own, especially on the young men around here. Caroline asks if she means Rick but Stephanie says she was talking about Thomas.

Thomas enters his father’s office looking for someone. Ridge says they know who he is looking for. Thomas asks about Caroline but Brooke says that they know it’s Hope. Thomas admits that Hope did look more upbeat at the party. Brooke says that Hope is with the man she loves and that causes that but also says that Hope is getting help where she needs it too. She says that Hope is strong and she will get throwing this.

Dr. Barton tells Hope she doesn’t understand because when she last left she was very upset with her and now she is thanking her. Hope apologizes for being upset about not getting pills and says she now knows she does want to help her. The doctor says she was just concerned about giving her more pills because with a powerful drug like that addiction can be an issue. She smiles and tells Hope that she doesn’t think though, that that will be an issue with her. Hope smiles back.

Ridge talks to Thomas about the new silk Thorne got for the couture gowns. Thomas says he would love to work with that and Ridge says which designer wouldn’t. Thomas tells him not to let Rick use it. Ridge pauses and Thomas sighs. He says that he knows Rick is Brooke’s son but he’s not a designer.

He says that Rick can’t even draw a stick figure yet he’s got his own line. Ridge says that wasn’t his call. Thomas says he is CEO and Eric should not have gone over his head like that. Ridge says yes well he would have a much easier time convincing him if the sales were not so good Thomas disagrees and says that the numbers for Rick’s sales had to be off because there is no way he could have sold more than him.

Stephanie enters and Ridge tells her they were just talking about Caroline. Stephanie says that Thomas spent a lot of time talking to her at the party. Thomas says he did and admits his interest in Caroline but says that every guy is into her yet Brooke is going to make sure Rick is the one who gets closest to her. Ridge says he heard Rock had some meetings planned with Caroline this morning. Stephanie says she doesn’t think so and says she just left Caroline at the pool this morning. Ridge turns to tell Thomas that only to notice Thomas is already gone. Ridge smiles and says that’s my boy and Stephanie agrees saying he certainly is.

Rick finds Caroline by the pool and talks to her. Rick tells her about California and all that there is for her to do here as she listens on. He asks her how she spent her free time in New York and Caroline admits that she had little free time. Rick asks if none of her boyfriends took her out to relax but she says she didn’t have time for boyfriends either. Rick says that’s about to change. He says that California has a lot to offer but it just don’t have a lot of girls like her,. Caroline smiles brightly.

The doctor asks Hope if this was why she stopped by: to thank her. Hope says yes and to apologize for how she acted. She says that she should not have lashed out like she did. She tells the doctor she is not like that. She says she is a happy person and says how could she not be when she has an amazing job, a wonderful boyfriend and family. The doctor says that those are all the things that are causing her stress. Hope says everyone has stress but it’s a matter of how you deal with it.

The doctor asks how she is dealing with it and Hope says much, much better. A knock at the door sounds and Brooke enters. Surprised, Hope asks what she is doing here. Brooke says that she just wanted to stop by and tell her how well Hope was doing. The doctor says that Hope is making progress but there are other issues that she wants to discuss. Brooke asks Hope if she told the doctor about the party.

Hope shakes her head no. Brooke talks about how relaxed and outgoing Hope was at the party. Hope tells them that she is doing much better and says she has them to thank for that. Brooke smiles and goes over to hug her daughter but as she hugs her, off to the side Dr. Barton seems very, very troubled and perplexed.

Stephanie talks to Ridge about Caroline. Ridge tells her that when he was talking to Caroline in the guest house, he felt as if his Caroline was there with them too. Stephanie smiles and says she finds it sweet how Karen named her daughter after her sister even though it’s strange since Karen nor her daughter ever met her even though it doesn’t’ seem so with all the stories. Ridge says that’s just it. He says those are just stories Caroline knows and not memories.

He talks about the guest house and how happy Caroline was in there as it had her aunt’s memories and proceeds into talking about how this was on of his wife’s last places she was in. Ridge talks about how strong she was as she was always thinking about other people and even when she was dying, she could only thing about how he would go on without her. Stephanie says that Caroline seems to have some of the qualities of her aunt and that she seems like a really nice girl. Ridge smiles at that.

Thomas arrives at the pool to find Rick there with Caroline. He goes over and says it looks like everyone is blowing off work today. Thomas tells Rick that his grandmother told him heíd find him by the pool alone. He asks if Rick is going to be leaving but Rick says hardly. Thomas decides to ignore him and takes off his shirt to take a dip in the pool. When Caroline seems to be staring at Thomas, Rick looks annoyed. Thomas asks Caroline if she wants to swim but Rick says she doesnít.

Sensing where this is going Caroline asks them to stop. When Thomas says that they both just want some alone time with her she says that isnít going to happen as they are going to have a party. She takes out her phone and proceeds to call Hope much to Rick and Thomasí annoyance. Hope tells Caroline sheíll be right over as she canít remember the last time she just relaxed by the pool. As she hangs up and moves to go, Hope finds her hand to be numb but she brushes it off, thinking it is nothing.

Stephanie says she should probably leave Ridge to his work. Ridge says she was asking about Hope earlier. Stephanie tells Ridge she was and says she thinks Caroline being here might be good for Hope too. The discussion then moves to Rick and his interest in Caroline and Ridge expresses displeasure at that. HE says that Caroline is a woman who is accomplished and wants to make a difference in the world. He asks Stephanie if she sounds more like Rick or Thomas. Catching his drift, Stephanie says that he doesnít have to convince her that Caroline is good for Thomas. Ridge smiles to himself.

Thomas comes out of the pool after a swim and Rick makes Caroline a drink. When Thomas comes over Rick asks Thomas if he would go give Stephanie company but Thomas says he isnít going to. Rick then ignores Thomas and makes a toast to Caroline. Caroline is touched and tells them both they really made her feel welcome today. Hope arrives and Rick asks her if Ridge was okay with her leaving. Hope says she wasnít in the office which raises eyebrows. Hope says she had an appointment and moves to go change but she keeps repeating how much she needed this over and over again. Once she leaves. Rick and Thomas exchange worried glances.

Dr. Barton asks Brooke if she thinks Hope is making progress. Brooke says she thinks so and the doctor agrees. Brooke asks if she gave Hope any more pills than just there two but the doctor says those were just a temporary measure and she gave her no more. Brooke nods and says that this seemed to have really helped and says if they need her again they will give her a call. Dr. Barton says she can hardly take credit for all of this as Hope only came to see her a few times. She says it looks like Hope has found another way to deal with her anxiety as Brooke smiles.

Hope is shown putting on her swimsuit but as she moves to leave she finds her hands wonít stop shaking. She picks up her purse and grabs the anxiety pills and takes deep breaths as she looks tempted.

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