B&B Thursday Update 4/5/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/5/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Rick to look at Caroline and says that she is everything Amber isn’t. Brooke tells Rick to just get Amber out of his life. Rick glances at Amber and then Caroline who is looking at him before he looks back at Brooke wordlessly.

Smiling at Rick for a moment, Caroline turns to Liam and asks if he and Hope are just waiting for the papers to go through. Liam says yes. Katie asks where Hope is and Liam notices she is not there. Hope is shown outside holding her anti-anxiety pills. She tells herself she doesn’t know why she needs these as Steffy isn’t even here, but looks unsure.

Brooke tells Rick she realizes he has some sense of loyalty towards Amber. Rick says they have been through a lot together but Brooke says that was a lot of heartache. She tells Rick that he doesn’t owe Amber anything.

Rick says except a kidney. Brooke asks him if he’s forgetting all the lies and deceit Amber did in the past but Rick say she is a different person now. Amber hears the conversation and comes over. She tells Brooke that her past has nothing to do with what they are trying to accomplish now. She says that Rick and her work well together and asks why that just can’t be okay.

Brooke says that this is her scam, Amber just wants to worm her way into his ,life. Amber gets angry and says that Brooke can have her own opinion but it isn’t true and Rick knows it. Amber says she is going to check on her daughter because unlike Brooke thinks she happens to have other priorities than trying to worm her way into her family. When Amber leaves, Brooke prods Rick again and asks who he’d rather work with- a life-long con artist or Caroline.

Liam spots Hope coming in and asks her where she was. Hope tells Liam she had to take a phone call. Liam asks her if she’s okay and Hope gives him a passionate kiss. Dayzee and Marcus come over and Dayzee tells Hope she is so sorry for what she is going through. Hope says she is handling it calmly. Dayzee asks her how she does and when she says she gets stressed out over a broken coffee mug, Hope breaks out into almost maniacal laughter that leaves them all looking concerned.

Rick talks to Caroline on the porch about Los Angeles. Caroline says that Los Angeles has bad pizza. Rick laughs and eventually offers to show her around LA to get her to see what she’s missing. Caroline smiles and says that she’d like that. As they smile at each other, Amber sees them together and looks very unhappy at them having a private conversation.

Amber asks Caroline if she wants to stay in LA yet. She says that LA has a lot of hot guys but Caroline says she was never into the whole surfer guy thing. She tells Amber that she really doesn’t have a type of guy she likes. Amber says that Caroline has been charmed by Rick. Caroline tries to laugh that off but Amber says that that’s okay, a lot of women have. She catches Caroline’s attention by saying that’s the kind of person Rick is. When Caroline asks what that means Amber makes Rick out to be some kind of playboy who has girlfriends around the globe and many right here in LA. Caroline doesn’t look happy at her words.


Watching Amber make Caroline uncomfortable, Bill, Katie and Liam complain about how bad she is but Hope shocks them by saying she isn’t so bad. Hope shocks them even more by saying she is just a pest you want to swat away and doing swatting actions with her hands.

Stephanie gets rid of Amber and tells Caroline to watch out for her because Amber is damaged goods. She says she loves Amber but she has made some really bad decisions in life and she wouldn’t want to see her caught up in that.

Ridge comes over and tells Caroline how moved he is by her foundation. Stephanie talks about how she and Felicia are both cancer survivors and says that is why she admires Caroline’s work so much. Caroline says she loves doing her work and especially in memory of her aunt. She says being here now makes her want to get to know her aunt better. Ridge says he can help her do that and takes her away to show her something.

Ridge takes Caroline to the guest house where they used to live and where she died. Caroline looks teary as she begins to look around.

Amber comes downstairs and Hope comes over to her. She compliments her daughter and seems very happy to which Amber says she seems to be in really good spirits. Hope says she won’t let a little negative press attention bring her down. Amber says good for you and asks Hope if she ever wants to talk to someone when she is down, if she’ll hang out with her. She says she wants to make up for the past. Hope smiles.

Watching Amber, Brooke looks annoyed and tells Stephanie that Hope is too polite to talk to her. Dayzee asks if this is how it’s going to be at her wedding reception because Amber is coming there too. Brooke tells Dayzee to keep Amber out of her big day. At that moment Hope explodes into loud laughter catching Brooke’s attention. They all think Hope is having a good time and Brooke decides to go over to check on her. She asks if Hope is okay and she says she is having a very good time and does a little dance before bouncing over to Katie.

Amber says she must not all be that bad if she made Hope laugh but Brooke says she just caught Hope at a good time. She tells Amber to leave Hope alone. Rick sees them together and asks if everything is okay. Brooke demands that Rick tell Amber to get out but Amber says she is a member of this family too so like it or not but she isn’t leaving.

Caroline says so this is where it all happened. Ridge says yes, his life with Caroline even though it was short-lived was here. He asks Caroline if she wants to know more about her aunt to which she says yes. Ridge admits that it isn’t easy for him to talk about that time but he says for her he will leaving her to go teary and look at him in awe.

Ridge tells her that his wife didn’t want anyone to know she was sick. Caroline asks if she didn’t even want him to know and Ridge says he found out though and tells her about how he told her he knew. Ridge remembers a flashback about giving Caroline all the charms for her charm bracelet in one day. Caroline says this is how he let her know he knew. Ridge breaks down in tears and tells her not to waste a moment of her life because it can be so short.

He tells her that Caroline was the most special, beautiful soul he knew. Between tears he tells her he loved her so much and she was so beautiful. He tells her that she is so much like her aunt especially with her foundation.

Caroline tells him she wants to show him something and show Ridge the cancer ribbon tattoo she has on the back of her neck. She tells him she got it for her aunt and Ridge bursts into tears and hugs her.. Between crying he says that it’s so beautiful and so Caroline.

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