B&B Wednesday Update 4/4/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/4/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge walks down the stairs and Eric wants to know why Karen is not with them. Ridge explains that she is already back in New York. Katie walks in with Caroline following. Caroline explains that she loves the house and it feels nice to be in a place where her aunt was loved. Stephanie feels that it is like having Caroline back with the presence of her Caroline’s niece.

The people at the party discuss Steffy and why she is not their because it is to soon for her. Hope asks if Caroline is seeing anyone and she confirms she is not. Caroline thinks that Brooke just wants Rick to have a nice life. Hope explains things are going better in her life.

Dayzee and Marcus come in and are introduced to Caroline. Amber then bursts in with her baby and introduces herself to Caroline giving her a hug. Brooke tries to say sorry to Caroline for Amber bursting in and Caroline thinks that Amber is nice. Stephanie explains that Steffy is not here because of Hope and wonders why Amber is still here. Stephanie decides to give a toast to the welcoming of Caroline. She feels that it is wonderful to have Caroline here and they miss her Aunt. Ridge seconds the toast and they drink to it. Hope explains she is glad that Rick and Eric will be showing her some great things. Brooke explains that she is glad to pass the torch to the next generation. Amber is shown walking down the stairs with a glass of wine and decides to welcome Caroline to the family. Amber explains it is a special place to work and says she has a lot of stuff to learn because she is new. She is shown to be taunting Caroline and keeps saying “Rick and I” implying that she wants Rick all to herself.

Caroline explains that she feels welcome and that she does miss her family but that she is very thrilled to be able to work at Forrester. Caroline explains she wants to get to know Katie and Liam better now that she is living with them. Caroline is happy that she will be able to get to know Caroline through the Forrester’s. Caroline explains she feels Caroline’s presence. Caroline is on the board of the Caroline Spencer Cancer foundation. Caroline decides to show a video she made to them of the foundation.

The video features pictures of Caroline and videos of other people with Cancer getting help. She explains in the video that she strives to find a cure for Cancer. Ridge is shown frowning at the video most likely do to the missing of Caroline.

Brooke tells Rick that Caroline and him would be perfect for each other. Brooke thinks that they would also work great together. Ridge explains that Amber is not an employee and she will not become one. Ridge refuses to allow it. Brooke thinks it would not work out and Caroline would do better.

Hope excuses herself to get more water she then goes outside of the house and her hand starts shaking. She looks at Stacy’s note that Amber actually wrote and takes another pill.

Ridge wonders who finds Caroline attractive and Ridge’s son wants him to go and work with him and not with Rick. Ridge thinks that it would be a good idea and that it could work out.

Brooke tries to convince Caroline to go with anyone but Amber but that Caroline would be a great choice. Amber who is only here because her baby is a Forrester is not a good person according to Brooke and she needs to get out of Rick’s life. Rick looks at Caroline.

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