B&B Tuesday Update 4/3/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/3/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tries to hide the pills she is taking from Steffy who wants to know why she is taking them.

Amber has a flashback to giving Hope the pills making her think that Stacy gave them to her. Amber thinks that giving the pills to Hope will help her.

Brooke and Rick talk about why Brooke hates Amber. Brooke thinks that Amber is bad for the entire family. Rick explains that Amber will be around no matter what. Brooke thinks someone who does not cause the family so many problems like Caroline would be nice for Rick.

Amber explains that she was looking through her designs. Dayzee wants to know what she is doing. Amber wants to see the engagement ring and says congratulations.

Ridge tells Liam Steffy loves her still. Liam knows this and still loves Steffy not the same way though. Ridge considers Hope his second daughter but that the divorce is several months away and he needs to think.

Steffy wants to know what Hope just took and Steffy wants to make sure Hope is ok. Hope pretends she has a cold. Steffy wants to know if the pills are working.

Liam explains he chose Hope because he wanted to see if they still had a chance. Ridge explains Liam needs to know who he loves because it will hurt the other if he loves both.

Rick shows Brooke the designs from Amber. Brooke thinks she has done too many bad things. Rick thinks that Amber has grown up and he is not dumping her.

Amber asks Dayzee about when they are getting married and how it will happen. Dayzee explains that it will be an amazing wedding and Rick is going to design the wedding. Amber finds out that she may not be invited. Amber explains that if she is invited to Dayzee’s wedding that Amber will invite her to Rick and hers because the two of them are madly in love now. Amber thinks she has found an a friend in Hope.

Steffy thinks it is good that the only thing bothering Hope is a cold. Steffy says she has seen everything happening online. Steffy explains that it must be hard for everyone to turn their backs on Hope. Steffy tells Hope that Liam says that Hope changes her moods very fast and Steffy wants to know how she is able to do it.

Brooke looks at the design Amber made and has a flashback to Brooke throwing Amber out of her house. Ridge finds her and wonders what she is doing. Amber tells Ridge she wants Amber out of the office and back where she was. Brooke can’t see Amber hurt everyone all over again.

Hope says she has not lost her laugh. Hope claims everything is going great with the exception of the press. Hope wonders if Steffy is going to Caroline’s party. Liam is shown listening at the door while Steffy explains that she will not give up on Liam. Hope does not think Liam will ever go back to Liam. Steffy explains that Hope was telling Steffy that she is ok.

Amber thinks that she is being a good friend to Hope right now because of a chat that the two of them had and hopefully the two of them can get Brooke to be friends with her again. Dayzee thinks that Amber wants to much. Amber claims she has changed and that the two of them are a lot alike. Amber claims because they both grew up on the wrong side of the block that they are the same. Brooke hears at the door and wants to talk to her. Dayzee leaves. Brooke explains Amber is not a Forester and she is not welcome and she will just have to accept that.

Hope explains to Steffy that they are fine and that everything will be over in a few months as the two will be married. Hope gets a phone call. Steffy storms out and Liam follows. Steffy wonders what is wrong with Liam. Liam explains it is good to have Steffy back and Steffy tells Liam he knows where to find her and she leaves. Hope gets off the phone and starts to get dizzy. She looks at the pills.

Amber claims to be trying to change her actions and wants to be a better person. She wants to be someone that people can respect. Brooke won’t accept them. Brooke wants Amber to stay away from her children and to go back and stay away from her family because if she does not she will make Amber wish she did.

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