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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/2/12


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Hope and Amber are arguing in Rick’s office. Hope is hysterical because Amber overheard the telephone conversation with Dr. Barton. Amber senses Hope is under major stress about the tabloid stories. Amber promises she has changed her tune, that she is no longer a troublemaker like Brooke claims. Amber knows Hope doesn’t want to lose Liam just as she doesn’t want to lose Rick. Hope figures Amber wants to blackmail her with what she knows. Amber shakes her head, saying she would rather be allies than enemies. Amber thinks Hope needs some more anti-anxiety pills. Hope insists she is fine, then throws the pill container in the garbage. Hope tells Amber to forget what she heard. Amber begs Hope to help her with Rick. Amber goes on about loving Rick. Hope isn’t impressed by Amber’s declarations of love. Hope leaves the office without saying another word.

Amber is on a mission to help Hope. Amber grabs the pill bottle from the trash can and begins brainstorming on how to assist Hope with her anxiety problems. Amber takes out her cell phone and starts making phone calls to different online pharmacies. Frustrated, she continues to search online to help Hope. After a few minutes, Amber comes across a site that will allow her to buy anti-anxiety medication. Amber pays by credit card, then asks the rep to send the pills to Forrester Creations. Amber is thrilled with herself for solving Hope’s problem. Later, there is a knock on Rick’s office door. A deliveryman hands Amber a white paper bag. The man inquires about the prescription. Amber says it’s one for her daughter Rosey. After the deliveryman leaves, Amber changes Hope’s pill bottle quantity from 2 to 12. Amber saves some of the anxiety pills in a separate bottle for future use. Amber smiles, proud of herself for saving the day.

In Steffy’s office, Liam is looking at a photo of himself and his wife when Steffy walks in. Liam’s face lights up; Steffy smiles at Liam. Steffy asks Liam if he missed her. Liam chuckles nervously, staying mum. Steffy says she just arrived in town, then she hasn’t had a chance to go home yet. Steffy tells Liam that she’s happy to see him. Steffy walks up to Liam and nibbles his ear. Liam doesn’t know what to think of Steffy’s flirtations. Liam tells Steffy that she looks good, then acknowledges the hard time she’s going through. Liam inquires about Steffy’s trip to Aspen. Steffy says she will always treasure their time together in Colorado. Steffy makes it a point to show Liam that she’s still wearing her wedding ring. Liam tenses when Steffy reminds him that the divorce isn’t final for another two months. Steffy hopes to stay Liam’s wife.

In Ridge’s office, Caroline and Rick are going over her designs. Rick wishes Caroline would show more skin in one of her sketches. Caroline agrees to compromise on some things. Brooke and Ridge return, happy that Caroline and Rick are already working together. Rick says a party for Caroline is in the works. Brooke says Eric and Stephanie would love to host the event at their home. Brooke thinks everyone at Forrester Creations will love Caroline. Brooke turns to Rick and makes it clear Amber is not welcome in the building. Rick is visibly irritated by his mom’s remarks. After Ridge and Brooke leave, Caroline gets busy sketching some designs while Rick works at Ridge’s desk. Caroline tells Rick that she has done thorough research on the Forresters. Caroline brings up Amber. Rick shows Caroline one of the designs from the Ambrosia line. Caroline senses Rick still cares about his ex. Rick says he understands Amber like no one else does. Rick knows Brooke is looking out for him, but wishes his mother would stay out of his personal life. Rick looks at Caroline and says she is “special”. Rick is thankful Caroline is on board. Caroline smiles at Rick and says she’s looking forward to working with him at Forrester.

In the Forrester Creations courtyard, Hope is staring at her laptop screen, focusing on the tabloid story about herself and Liam. Brooke and Ridge appear, concerned about Hope’s mental state. Ridge says a few words before leaving the two to talk in private. Brooke wishes Hope would stop beating herself up about the tabloids. Hope says she called Dr. Barton but was unsuccessful in getting any more pills. Hope blurts out that the phone chat was overheard by Amber. Hope worries what Amber will do with the information. Brooke tells Hope that she shouldn’t be embarrassed about consulting a shrink. Hope admits she is overwhelmed and frustrated that Dr. Barton won’t prescribe a medication. Hope confides in Brooke that taking the pills help her enjoy her time with Liam. Hope wonders if she should have waited to make love with Liam. Brooke reminds Hope that Steffy is out of the picture, away in Aspen and out of Hope and Liam’s life.

Steffy and Liam continue to talk in her office. Steffy asks about Hope’s state-of-mind through the whole media business. Steffy calls Hope a “basketcase” when it comes to things like this. Liam sticks up for his girlfriend, saying Hope is dealing with the situation as best as she can. Steffy knows that the tabloids won’t stop digging up more dirt on Hope and Liam. Steffy believes Hope is still putting the “Hope For The Future” campaign before Liam. Liam reminds Steffy that he’s in love with Hope. Steffy turns away from Liam. Steffy says that being away from Liam is hard on her. Steffy hugs Liam just as Ridge opens the door and sees the intimate moment. Ridge walks away from Steffy’s office. Steffy looks into Liam’s eyes and says she misses their marriage. Steffy makes a call and tells Liam that she has to go. Steffy makes it clear that she is available if Liam needs her. Steffy departs her office; Liam stares at the photo frame of himself and Steffy. Ridge comes in and closes the door behind him. Ridge confirms that he just witnessed Liam and Steffy hugging.

Amber goes into Ridge’s empty office and leaves the white bag with the words “For Hope Logan” on the desk. Amber hurries out and hides behind a clothes rack just as Hope appears. Hope enters Ridge’s office and answers her cell phone. Hope becomes agitated when a reporter starts asking her questions. Hope yells into the phone, demanding to know how they got her number. Hope stares at her laptop, the word “adulteress” vibrating in her brain. Hope grabs at her head, prays that the anxiety goes away, when she spots the white bag. Hope reads the note inside – “take as needed for anxiety” from Dr. Barton. Hope stares at the bottle, then quickly swallows a pill. Hope panics when she hears Steffy ask her what she’s doing. Hope stares at Steffy, too paralyzed to say anything.

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