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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/30/12


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Liam and Hope share a kiss. Pulling away, Liam asks if things are any easier on Hope now. Hope says she’s okay as long as she doesn’t go online, answer her phone, or be out in public. Sighing, Liam says for a while he thought she had it together. Hope say she did too and remembers taking anxiety pills when she got upset. Liam asks her what happened now and Hope recalls running out of pills. Pushing that out of her mind she turns to Liam and tells him to tell her something happy. Liam tells her his cousin Caroline is in town.

Rick looks at one of Caroline’s designs as Amber walks in. She says it’s not bad but Rick tells her it’s really good. Amber says she’s sure his mother things Caroline’s work is the best thing there ever was. Rick laughs and says that his mother has her opinions and he has his own. Amber tells him that his mother’s opinion is that she should be out of his life. At that point Brooke walks in and asks Amber why she’s here because she told her to get out.

Katie introduces Caroline to Liam and Hope. Caroline tells Hope she’s a huge fan of her line and her message. Bill says that that message has been under controversy as of late, making reference to how people know Hope is seeing a married man. Caroline says that designers are always controversial as it comes with a territory making Hope and Liam smirk. Bill doesn’t look too pleased.

Bill makes it clear just what kind of controversy he was talking about by saying Hope took a very public stance for abstinence and now is living with a married man. Hope and Liam forcibly change the subject to Forrester. Caroline tells them Brooke offered her a job to work with her brother Rick.

Rick says that Amber and him were having a meeting and Brooke shouldn’t be so rude. He tells his mom he was asking for Amber’s opinion on Caroline’s design. Brooke says why and says Amber is not working with Rick. Rick says he’ll decide for himself but Brooke says not this time, when it comes to Amber she has to draw the line. She says that his line has to be a success. Rick says it will be. Brooke says only if he works with Caroline. Rick tells his mom not to micro-manage his life. Brooke warns him that Amber has hurt him many times before and tells him not to let her do that again.

Hope says she thinks Caroline and Rick will make a great team. Caroline says she hopes so. She says she has seen his work and she likes it. Hope asks if Rick has seen some of her work. Karen tells them Rick said her daughter’s work was very, very Forrester. Katie says that’s great. Bill asks when she’s going to start working over there and Caroline says she’s having a reception at Stephanie and Eric’s so she can meet people.

Hope says that Amber probably won’t be there peaking Caroline’s curiosity. She says that this Amber seems like quite the character. Katie and Bill tell her about Amber’s discretions. Caroline says she thinks Amber is talented though as she saw some of her work. Hope says that his why she is working with Rick. Caroline asks if that is the only reason and learns that Rick has more than a professional attitude towards Amber. Katie says she thinks Rick made quite the impression on her. Caroline says she feels he makes an impression on everyone.

Bill cuts in there and says that Caroline could work at Spencer but his sister says Caroline doesn’t want to be a journalist. He says she could write about fashion but Karen says only if he had someone as good-looking as Rick around. Everyone laughs and Hope says she has to leave. Liam asks her if she’s okay and Caroline says she’s looking forward to working with her as she leaves. Once Hope leaves Caroline asks why Liam was so worried about Hope. Liam says Hope has never been under this kind of pressure before. Bill outright says this is all her fault. Caroline changes the subject by asking to know more about Rick.

Brooke continues to bash Amber and tell her that she’s not fit to work here and that she is nothing compared to Caroline. Getting a clue, Amber tells Rick that this is not about her work. Brooke doesn’t like her so she’s using this method to get rid of her. Turning to Rick she begs him not to let her do this. She pleads with him not to let Brooke end all that they have built together.

A reporter who got into Forrester catches Hope in the hallway and begins to ask Hope all sorts of questions about Liam. Hope gets flustered and calls security. Brooke and Rick arrive to get rid of the reporter but Hope is badly shaken up. Brooke talks to Hope and tells her to calm down. Amber listens with her ear against the door. Hope says she can’t deal with this, everyone is talking about Liam and her. Brooke suggests that Hope call her psychiatrist.

Caroline goes off to meet Rick. Katie tells her to have fun but Bill repeatedly tells her to be way of Rick. Once her daughter leaves, Karen Spencer says she thinks Caroline has taken a liking to Rick. Bill says they’ll see about that. The conversation turns to Liam who is awfully silence. Katie asks him if he is thinking about Hope and is worried about her.

Brooke tells Hope that she is going through a difficult time and what the media is doing to her is so unfair. Amber listens on as Brooke urges Hope to call her doctor. When Brooke leaves, Amber steps aside and keeps watching. Hope is nervous and happens to see her mother’s laptop screen. The page on it is making fun of Hope’s message and asking if Hope has slept with Liam. Panicked, Hope closes it.

Hope looks in her purse for anti-anxiety pills but finds none as they are finished. She calls Dr. Barton for help. The doctor tells her she can make her an appointment next week. Hope says that she needs help right now and pleads with her for some more pills. The doctor says she’s not going to give her medicines without seeing her. She says she’ll see her next week and hangs up. Hope looks upset and worried as she sees Amber in the doorway and realizes she heard her phone call.

The reporter asks Rick why he didn’t just throw her out of the building. Rick says that he though they should have a little chat. She asks about what and Rick says how she needs to cut Hope some slack. Caroline enters and Rick tells her to just wait a minute, it won’t take him long to deal with the reporter. He makes a deal with Erica to give her an exclusive interview on what he is working on now if she leaves Hope alone.

Once she leaves Rick talks to Caroline about the stir she is creating with her designs. He says he is really excited about this arrangement. Caroline asks if he’s being pressured to work with her she knows Brooke wants that but Rick says he always does what he wants to. Caroline says that is the reputation she has heard of him. Rick laughs and says that he didn’t know he had a reputation, He ask her to tell him about it so he can live up to it.

Liam says that Caroline seems really great. Katie says that maybe Hope and her can become friends. Liam says she could use one of those right now. Bill says the simple solution to Hope’s problems is that she move out and Steffy move back in. Karen says isn’t it a little too late for that.

Liam says that it’s not going to happen because he doesn’t want it to happen. He says that he wants to be with Hope and the way she’s handles herself with all the controversy has been amazing. He says one minute she’s down and the next she’s up, he really loves her for that. Bill looks him in the eye and asks him if the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” means anything to him.

Hope asks Amber what she wants. She says Amber was eavesdropping and expresses anger at Amber having heard her private conversation with her psychiatrist. Amber says she was asking for anti-anxiety pills. Hope says that was also very private and turns away from Amber. Amber says it isn’t a big deal. Hope says that she can’t tell anyone about this. Amber figures out that no one else knows about the pills Hope is taking or her doctor but Brooke. She says Hope is keeping this from Liam. Hope says she’s not discussing this with Amber. Amber says that Hope and her both have something in common.

Hope says they don’t but Amber points out how they both have something to lose. Hope says that’s not true. She says Liam loves her and Steffy is gone so there is no longer a threat. Amber says she’s not talking about Steffy. She says that it’s all these secrets Hope is keeping from Liam and reminds her that this kind of thing is just why Liam left Steffy.

Hope says she’s not listening to this and turns away again. Amber says sometimes we are not as honest to the people that we love when we should be. She says that’s when we end up losing them. Hope looks back at her and Amber tells her she doesn’t want to lose Rick. She tells her she doesn’t want her to lose Liam either. She asks her to help her and says she’ll help her with her problem in return.

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