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Brooke tells Caroline that they are ready to make an offer to her. Karen Spencer says she thinks this is wonderful but looks at Brooke and says she can’t help but feel that a bigger agenda is at work here for them accepting Caroline into Forrester so soon. She asks Brooke if this hidden agenda is hers.

Amber says that it didn’t even occur to her that Brooke would hire a replacement. She asks Rick if he knew about this but Rick says no. Amber brings up how Rick seems to like Caroline. Rick says she is beautiful leaving Amber to panic. She says this is what Brooke is counting on, him liking Caroline. Heartbroken, she tells Rick that Brooke is trying to push her out of Forrester and out of his life.

Rick tells Amber that she’s making herself crazy for nothing. Amber says it’s not for nothing as Brooke told her she wanted her out and personally went and got her replacement. Rick calms Amber down by saying he has some say in this too and tells her that she got him this far, he won’t abandon her. Amber smiles at him and tells him to go tell that to Ridge and Brooke. Rick nods and goes off after giving Amber a wave. Amber is left alone smiling and looking calm for now.

Thomas and Marcus talk on the roof. Thomas asks Marcus about his wedding plans and Marcus asks Thomas about why he’s so happy. Thomas reveals he is interested in Caroline by saying she’s a woman he’d like to get to know better.

Brooke tells Karen that her agenda is out in the open, she thinks this is a great opportunity for Caroline and Rick. Brooke says that Rick is new to this area of designing and that is where she comes in.

Karen says she doesn’t think she or Caroline would be happy if Caroline was reduced to becoming Rick’s sketch artist. Brooke says that she had an idea for them to work as a team in mind but Caroline asks if anyone has asked Rick what he wants to do. At that point Rick enters and says no but he’d be glad to tell her. He tells Caroline that his collaborator until now, Amber is allegedly being pushed out of Forrester.

Brooke says that Amber has been nothing but trouble in Rick’s life. Rick says that he’s learned to let go of the past and she should do the same. Karen steps in and says that since Brooke plans to use Caroline as a weapon against Amber, where will that leave her once that is over. Brooke says she wants to hire Caroline based on her merits because Forrester and everyone can benefit from that.

Rick says everyone except Amber. To change the subject, Brooke proposes they throw a party in Caroline’s honour where she can meet everyone and see how she feels. Karen agrees and the party is set to happen at Eric and Stephanie’s house. Ridge tells Caroline how this house was very dear to her deceased aunt and Caroline says she wishes to learn as much about her aunt as she can take in. Ridge smiles at her.

As Thomas works out, Marcus says he saw that twinkle in his eye when he saw Caroline Spencer. Marcus asks what ever happened to his feelings for Hope and Thomas says that Hope is hung up over Liam. Marcus asks if he’s not going to wait and Thomas asks for what. He says he’s moving on and he wishes Steffy could do the same. Marcus says she won’t but Thomas says you never know, sometimes all it takes it a new person to change your mind.

Ridge justifies Brooke’s dislike of Amber to Caroline and Karen by telling them how Amber abused her position as Rick’s babysitter and seduced him. Caroline asks if Rick is in love with Amber. Ridge says he has feelings for her that’s for sure but they are not healthy ones. Karen says that she gets where Brooke is coming from. She says if she was her she’d do anything to keep Amber away from her son as well. Caroline looks completely empathetic to Rick’s story with Amber.

Amber hides and listens to Brooke telling Rick to agree to work with Caroline. Rick tells his mother he’s not debating this. He says Amber gets him and knows what he needs and she’s easy to be with. Brooke says she’s not a Caroline Spencer. Brooke says Caroline is a hot, up and coming designer that people respect. She says that is the kind of partner he needs, not some Amber Moore. At that point Amber comes out from the doorway and tells Brooke she’s had it. She says if she is going to attack her like this then she is going to defend herself.

Karen Remarks that Brooke and Ridge seem really happy together. Ridge admits that they are before turning to Caroline. He tells her that she reminds him so much of his once wife, her aunt. He says the way she carries herself with style and grace is just like her aunt. Caroline says she wishes she had known her. Ridge continues complimenting Caroline by saying she was an extraordinary woman like none other. He tells Caroline he hopes she’ll give Forrester a chance because it’ll be nice to have another Caroline around. Caroline smiles brightly.

Amber tells Brooke she should not be mixing her personal feelings against her with her profession. Brooke tells Amber she is the last person who should be lecturing about professionalism. Brooke manages to coax Rick into agreeing to spend time with Caroline. Amber gets upset and calms herself down before asking Rick to please give her a moment alone with Brooke because she really needs to talk to her.

Marcus gives Thomas the idea for him to take Caroline out to town before she goes back home. Thomas says he thinks Caroline is actually here to stay. Thomas figures out Brooke’s plan about using Caroline to get Rick to drop Amber but Marcus and him don’t think Rick will leave her. Thomas says in that case he’ll just have Caroline work with him. Marcus likes the sneaky plan and shakes hands on it with Thomas while he smiles.

Caroline says that no matter what she is really excited that a company like Forester is interested in her work. Rick enters and asks for a moment alone with Caroline. Once Ridge and Karen leave, Caroline asks Rick why she gets the feeling that they are being set up. Rick says it’s because they are and he kind of likes it. Caroline smiles in return.

Amber tells Brooke that she has to get through to her. Amber says that she knows she has done wrongs and hurt Brooke in the past and especially Rick. She says though, that she is no longer that person. She says her only motivation is to help Rick succeed and she says she can do that. She says maybe that will make up for the wrongs she has done and help. She pleads with Brooke to just give her this chance.

As Ridge looks at a photo of Caroline he remembers the old Caroline. Ridge remembers the time when he proposed to his first wife. Coming out of the flashback he goes back to staring at Caroline’s photograph fondly.

Rick and Caroline talk about Brooke before Rick says even if they don’t end up working together there is still lots for Caroline to do at Forrester. Caroline says that sounds tempting, Rick asks if she happens to have brought her workbook. She says she has,. Rick says he’d love to see it and Caroline looks at him playfully and says she’d love to show it to him.

Amber says that having Rosey has changed her. She says her priorities are different and it‘s not just about her anymore. She says she really wants to be someone that Rosey can look up to and be a good role model like she never had.

Brooke says that she agrees that motherhood does shift your perspective. She says she too is a mother but she is really protective of Rick. She says that she is really tired of this little speech that Amber keeps saying that she has changed. Amber asks if what Rick wants doesn’t matter then. Brooke says she can’t keep Amber out of his private life but she can ban her from Forrester creations and she can divert his attention.

Amber says Brooke is sabotaging Rick’s line because he needs her to bring his concepts to life. Brooke disagrees and says that he needs someone to work with that he can get along with and that can bring out his best. Amber says that she doesn’t know if Caroline can do that. Brooke says maybe not but in any case Rick won’t be with her. Brooke tells Amber to just go back to where she came from. She says that all she is after is Rick but she’s not going to have him.

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